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  • What exactly is the Kininigen way? Why do you think that YOUR way is the "right" way?

    You leave the field of play by giving yourself a new name. You put the off, what the system has appropriated and deceives us with, that which was originally as a gift to us from our parents.... and gives itself a new name. Along with documents that when all is said and done the proof darthat the new name, WITH the natural person, with which one dives into the system, belongs to oneself and as an addition, that one remains the master over the values created UNDER the name of the person / resp... it finally becomes! What we have made up to now unknowingly: Everything what we achievetenWe have transferred it to the "state" in the form of a donation. How would it be if from now on everything you create and earn is your property and you also have an unmissyou have understandable proof of this?

    What many people fail at is the following fact: First, everything is transferred to the state as a gift and then you run after the gift and say it is Sone. It's called breach of contract. That's why they regulate so many.

    Turn around and create it anew, the fight is over and the PERSON of the FRG/Vatican loses its value IMMEDIATELY, because it needs the living behind the names. And to get around the inevitable question that comes out here - yes, there is a way to keep the house, the car, the horse that you have worked by the sweat of your brow. But you can't get at the collateral or the taxes (aka license usage fees) you've paid so far. At least not with the Kininigen way used here.

    A conscious and spiritual being, also knows about the power of forgiveness and letting go. For in the earthly death of the body, one cannot take anything of material goods with him anyway. The construct that surrounds us here, the created system, is built up in this way. It has been perfected over thousands of years. Perfidious with that very purpose of never being recognized. One should therefore forgive oneself for being deceived. We cannot undo it. We can only stop playing by their rules, which they never tell us.

    Words and terms... Since everyone knows about the confusion of language in the bibel has heard (at that time it was about much more than "only" different languages, it was also about the confusion of the terminology of words) and at the latest if he had to do once with lawyers, knows around the power of the word twist of this profession... Each Kommerzler knows the famous example of the definition of the word human after the ballentine's Law Dictionary.

    Also words like body, democracy, anarchy, etymological fascinating what they really mean and as what they understand today.

    Words are magic. Every day we use words whose terms we do not really know, or which in their everyday use (on purpose!) Have been assigned wrong. If our mind does not know the true meaning of the word, so it becomes during the use in our brain briefly "dark" - thus the man can be wonderfully manipulated. This is also the answer to the question why legal German, although it sounds like the German language, but you have to read the words listed in it several times (and you still partly did not understand it in the end).

    Aus all the above reasons, we have decided that a definition of certain words should be established in advance must, in order to avoid confusion. These definitions form the exclusive basis for the legal entity Kininigen, the Kininigen level and all its members. Definitions of other jurisdictions and the system outside, are explicitly rejected. This area will inevitably continue to expand.

  • I don't know if there's any point in bothering with it anymore, because if Gesara/Nesara is launched, we'll have enough of everything anyway.
    It will be unpopular what we announce here now, but Gesara/Nesara is the flytrap. By taking this bait, you will have to give up your inalienable rights. Gesara/Nesara sounds beautiful and that is what it is supposed to be, so that people will be persuaded to march to the slaughter. The one way out will not be offered. Listen within yourselves.... Has here in the world really ever been done by the rulers FOR and FOR the good of the people? One will have to pay a very high price for what Gesara/Nesara brings. Therefore I quote Immanuel Kant "Have the courage to help yourself of your own mind!
  • I thought we were sovereign? Then why do we sovereigns need rules?

    Sovereignty is also subject to certain rules, otherwise we are subject to arbitrariness. So that not everyone interprets their truth, we have chosen the highest moral values as a guideline, like a lighthouse on the coast for orientation. These rules as reference points are important to know what is valid for a legal system. Sovereignty for the benefit of all cannot be based on lawlessness. Hence the text that has been established.

  • Must say I find Laurent's videos really intense, I love living, I love nature and it's all supposed to be wrong somehow? Created by an AI? and I have such a deep trust in life itself, feel well guided..but then by whom?
    Loving nature and feeling good in it is the only right thing at the moment and at all to have the connection to the earth. The AI has not really "created" it in the sense everything. The earth and nature was there before, it was very different but it was there. But there was a takeover from a race that came here and brought the AI or the technology with them. Or rather... this race is connected through it and digitized/technical. I can't really grasp that, nor explain it with the words here. I don't agree with him that it originated here - at least I've seen otherwise. Nature was there before, it was hijacked and redesigned. You can think of it like a computer. This has a software. This was hacked and another software played on it which is active until now and works and works in its sense. The deep trust in life itself that you feel is rather your connection to Mother Earth, your highest consciousness and your connection to the Highest Source of All Being. This deep trust, has nothing to do with the matrix surrounding us. It is that which has not been hacked - but with an inoculation and transhumanization through it with the technology in it, the change of [man] that is pending and so desired by the ruling beings here so that it can be fed into their web. This connection to the original and holy and organic, one would lose, one will be completely transferred by it. guided... I would be very careful. One must distinguish exactly, one is led by the highest self, for the own highest well-being or manipulated and led, because a farmer provides also for his cattle well, he has invested in that and a healthy and "happy" animal secures his yield, if he slaughters/milks/shears it... whatever does. Because only one's own highest self really leads one (and of course the Highest Source of All Being), everything else like angels and ascended masters and beings - act here in the matrix according to divide et impera - divide and rule. Both want energy and live from it. The hierarchy is layered and everyone in here, benefits from it. Therefore the whole light forces and other like angels, serves this principle. One weaves manifold layers to keep the beings here in the matrix.
  • You want to overthrow the system!

    No, we don't want that. We simply want to walk sovereignly in freedom a different way than the system wants to offer us. Everything is only an offer and is based on acceptance - even if this seems partly under duress.

    For the interwoven individuals the system has definitely their raison d'être, even if one could say, in freedom and with the consideration of free will, these individuals would never have ended up where they are now. But if the system were gone, many people would not know what to do and how to do it. So, no. We don't want that. This way of struggle is not our intention or aspiration.

  • What are the advantages of an Identity Ownership Certificate?

    An advantage is a subjective concept. For some, the freedom that comes with it is an advantage. For another, it is frightening. It always depends on the inner attitude and personal responsibility.


  • what do I do if...?

    There will always be situations where this question will arise. It is simply important to keep calm. To stay in his midst. Think before you act.

    Use your imagination always knowing WHO YOU ARE. Exchange ideas with like-minded people. Doggedness, anger, annoyance are not good advisors. One should try to look at every situation with love and joy. A healthy play instinct is also important, because those who work for the "slave system" use fear, blackmail and arbitrariness. so their "sheep" in the flock remain.

  • I don't understand about the plane and the space... How do I get there?

    The spiritual and/or spiritually moral embodied being, enters them quite automatically by his declaration of will - not materially, but spiritually and mentally. Planes are like radio stations. All of them are running at the same time - one reaches them by "turning them on". The identity ownership certificate or the mere pure will can be the switch and access to this level, so to speak, if the preconditions are fulfilled by the one who enters.

  • That's a great idea! Will I get money from the state? The HVAC pension?

    Yeah, we like that idea too. Thank you. And no, if you are here to find a way to get money from the "state" that way, then the Kininigen way is the wrong way. For the HLKO pension, so far there is no clear evidence that it is not also such a carrot in front of the "donkey" to keep it going. However, we are happy to be proven wrong.

  • I am the beneficiary of the name. I have the authorship. Which is why I'm entitled to the collateral.

    WIf someone has the authorship of the name you identify yourself with... then it is your producers who registered the name or were YOU fully aware of it when the intellectual property was licensed?zhas been released? How can YOU then be the beneficiary at all? Just because YOU're running around and the license waszdistributor? That YOU identify yourself with it is not the licensor's fault...

    With which administrative act can you prove that you are the author or that Your creators have secured rights to the name when they registered?

    If it is your name, then you could give licenses because the state uses it, since it belongs to you according to your words. Go to the Civic Center and tell them, you know that only the owner may regulate the form, since you will unequivocally agree that the name is me, I hereby instruct you to change the name according to my inalienable rights, in accordance with my dignity, the name from Capitis Deminutio maxima to Capitis sin deminutio. In addition I inform you that §17 HGB does not apply to me because the name is my property. If the name is really your property, the change will be made. Have you ever thought, maybe the "state" regulates you because you use the name illegally? Who has the title document about the name "Anyway"?

    Ask the Civic Center: Who is the owner, who is the possessor and who is the holder of the name WOLFGANG Sowieso and by which administrative act can the ownership, possession and ownership be clearly proven??? Maybe it is clearer now?

    That is why one cannot be the beneficiary. Logic alone should show you that the "authorities" have never done anything in the sense of the spiritual and moral being. Somewhere in this whole system there is surely a beneficiary - presumably behind the walls of the Vatican - where he then passes it on.

  • The Mayan calendar is nice, but why did you take it and not the normal time calculation? It's so complicated.

    Well... Since the calendar used by the system and therefore time belongs to the Vatican - at least he has secured the right to it, we can therefore without going into the admissions process at the same time. Therefore we decided to use a calendar that is known enough (and even more so in his genius the GRegorian and JUlian calendar) but does not belong to the Vatican.

    You can convert this date, if it is necessary for your own understanding using from Apps... If you want to know more about this calendar, since it is sovereign, you can find the appropriate information on the Internet.

  • You have the rights to the identity title deed. It is then the same game as before!

    The rights to the newly given name remain with the sovereign at 100%. The so-called copyright including the right of the Propertys, possessionit and the Ownership remains completely with the respective sovereign.

    We do not want to launch System 2.0. Therefore, we do not presume to acquire intellectual property from someone else. We offer the path including the text of the detachment.

    However, the rights to the identity property deed regarding the content and design and all the trimmings remain with Ama-gi koru-E Kininigen Trust. It's like when you buy a book or even better, diary. You then put your name in it and then you are the owner and proprietor -. it belongs to the Jthe one who bought it. On the one hand, we handle it in such a way that nobody can copy the text and then change, falsify and misuse it, because then he will most probably lack the understanding of some connections, otherwise he'd understand what he's facing.. Because the text remains unaltered must, in order to have the highest possible effect for the benefit of the spiritually moral beings incarnated on this level. Many hatten itself as time goes by felt called upon to change it to the best of their knowledge because they some things in there did not understand and made sense and the effect and thus unconsciously broken. We would like to avoid that. On the other hand, because we do not want it to be copied by others and thus discredit us - these effects would possibly destroy our important project, which is to enable the freedom of spiritually moral beings.

    This is what we want to prevent with this clear demarcation.

  • Why "forever" and on "all levels"? You can't do that! It's binding me forever. Even beyond death! You're crazy! It's too hot for me. It makes my hair stand up.

    Well... I'll let you in on a "secret". You ARE currently tied up forever and on all levels, probably for many lives. Without you knowing it, that's what This is what makes up this level of this matrix.

    You die, you get intercepted, you enter into an implied contract by consent, and you march into the next life where you get tortured again (and no... we're not here to learn - that's a New Age / Eso teaching to increase your acceptance of to what happens to you in life to obtain). The Vatican already bound you beyond death, officially over its regulations. That is why this declaration of intent also applies! In order to achieve this very bondageenthat hardly anyone is aware of to solve! We have millions and millions of contracts and soul contracts of which we have no idea anymore, but which are still active, influencing our lives without us having a clue about them. Especially because they are running with the archontic beings and their accomplices, of which we are not aware. Therefore - on all levels and beyond death!

    Just having a doormat outside your front door with "Welcome" on it has legitimized entities to be welcome in your home. Just food for thought.

    Of course, if there's... Jemanden's goal is to continue to be ready for next lives as an energy producer and not to become completely free - this way is the wrong way. The Kininigen Way is the way for those who are tired of the "game" here and want to be FREE on ALL LEVELS BEYOND DEATH. That is what we are about. You already have a lot of contracts going on beyond death. On all levels of this "matrix" we are in. So that nothing gets in the way, we refer exclusively to the Highest Source of all being, in its perfection and love. No "angels", no beings, no mono- or polytheistic gods. Because that way you can't do anything wrong or harm yourself or anyone else. We thus go back to the source of ourselves - the highest source of all being. No intermediaries. The sovereign and his origin.

    However. We respect and honor the sovereignty of every spiritual-moral being and will not persuade or persuade anyone to take this path. It is for each individual to decide for himself.

  • What do I get if I participate?

    It also depends on the inner attitude...

    But in material terms, you get the proof of the new identity, a certified copy of this document to carry, a passport for the person and one for the new natural person, instructions on how to proceed. If desired. private Trust outside the system.


  • What?? That costs something and it's not free? Isn't that knowledge that belongs to everyone? Why should I have to pay for it?!

    Yes, that's right, everyone is entitled to this knowledge. This is how we see it. also.

    We do not want to enrich ourselves, but since we live in a world in which we also have to clothe our bodies with something and feed them, need a roof over our heads as protection from rain and cold, we can not do it without counterbalance. Even a hairdresser, for example, has a knowledge that belongs to everyone and yet it is not free - you have to compensate this service (his skill, borne of his time). Although his knowledge is also entitled to everyone, there would be no one on the idea to march into the hairdresser's salon purely and to demand his available lifetime for this service, to receive free of charge. "This knowledge is priceless!" was often the statement we received and it is true. The set price is very reasonable considering the pure material value, which is almost a quarter of the amount and based on the value that is given. Our lifetime and knowledge, which is purely ghas flowed and which was also financed before, and not too scarcely, is not at all included. Also the compensation is needed now times unfortunately, in order to be able to spread the knowledge on this level, to be able to build up a structure for the well-being of all without being able to be bought, until sometime this knowledge can spread by itself, without infiltration attempts. Also, the sentence "What costs nothing, is worth nothing" is unfortunately more than true, as we already had to experience ourselves, when we gave a course, which conveyed true commercial knowledge, for free.

    On the other hand it also forms a hurdle - not too high, but an amount that is built up at the absolute limit -. as a nominal charge, to enable us to do our work and thus a definitive confirmation from the participating sovereign that one is serious. From that point of view, yes. It is not free, however the price is ridiculous considering what you get (if you can handle this knowledge internally, because as I said, it requires personal responsibility). We offer a way out. Just that - what in all the other groups so far, ended in the dead end. But nevertheless, one must remain in the consciousness that the sovereign must be willing to go this way. The personal responsibility will not be taken from him, in which we carry him, like nurses.

  • What can I do with the Identity Ownership Certificate?

    That depends on your inner attitude. Either ALL or NOTHING.

    The more correct question would be, what does the identity title deed allow me to do?

    It enables a very clear distinction to be made between the person the system in all your catching ropes and nets has put on us.

    For now the person is a prison from which there is no escape. The identity ownership certificate is the key to freedom from this prison imposed upon us. Because the deed finally gives one a proof, about our own identity. Which was not previously available to the individual. We were only the holder of a registration bond and the holder is usually always liable. The person belongs to the "state" or the structures behind it. Because they have licensed it. These structures will never admit that it does NOT belong to us and also never admit THAT it belongs to us.

    Dthis email Proof gives us back the power over our own name. Because the name of the person was virtually "stolen" from the system during registration.

    Why stolen? Well... the name given to us by our producers as a gift on the life way, was secured by the system with the rights, since with the registration of the name, the addition "ALL rights to the name reserved" is missing completely... Thus we have no more right to it. This did not know and do not know the newborn registering producers, but it happened anyway.

    Thus the only way is to renounce the old and give oneself a New Name with all rights. At the same time one withdraws mit this act, the value generated and given as the person behind the name of the person.

    In short, one becomes free again from the ropes that have been put around us in the course of time.

  • How do I get my collateral account if I have a new name?

    The collateral account does not belong to the living, spiritually moral being of reason. This is in commerce the famous carrot before the donkey, which makes it go on. To get to the collateral account is not possible. It was made on the person. The rights to the bond are not ours, but the one who at that time secured the person, registered it as a company and deposited the unsuspecting person who "voluntarily" identifies himself with it, as a value-giver and pledge (deceiving this unsuspecting person).

  • From how many countries is the card accepted ?

    No one! There are no states!

  • For me it would be enough to get into the 4th to 6th dimension and see the people who are close to you..I don't want to disappear into a whole quantum consciousness...from that side the identity ownership thing is probably not for me after all?
    You don't go there to see your loved ones. You don't really see your loved ones there (by the way, that's a lot after some thousands of incarnations). Who thinks he has there a nice peaceful get-together floating harp-playing on clouds, is mistaken. One is also "prepared" there and processed, the memory erased / fed with false information, temporarily stored whatever. Yes, one has a short resting phase on a level that seems like paradise. But one must not stay there. Even the loved ones one believes to see in death, who receive one so kindly, are not the loved ones one loved. The brain is merely scanned for what is expected and this is then presented to the dying to move the consciousness detaching from the body into implied consent to go along. Everything is contract. Especially this point in time. Going into the light means going into a new incarnation and energy harvest cycle.
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