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The name

Our name is not our name.
It was stolen from us
and we didn't notice.

Who owns the Name?

With many readers or in general in conversations, the problem arises again and again that our counterpart does not understand how we mean it exactly, with the name. The name... What is the name? What do you mean? It's not ours? Why is that? And why do we do what we do?

Here I will try to clarify the whole thing.


The name is what we associate our individuality with from an early age. We are called by the name that our producers give us as a gift on our journey through life. We grow up with this name, by which we are called by friends, family or even enemies, most do not like it as a little boy or girl, some hate it, some like it. But it has one thing in common with all of them - it accompanies us day in and day out in our lives. Our constant faithful companion.

And now we come and say, if you really want to become free, you must take off the name. For it was secretly stolen, its purpose twisted to bind and enslave us with it.

Understandably, this initially provokes disbelief and incomprehension.

epic poem by Homer

The odyssey of the Ulysses

“For no one among mortals remains completely nameless,
Noble or lowly, who once was begotten of men;
But everyone is named as soon as their mother gives birth to them.”

That we
are not

We already explained in the article “That Collateral account is not a credit, but a bond” clarified and described. Here in this article we will talk about the name we have.

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In a nutshell - for those of you in a hurry.

The name we believe is ours is stolen. Immediately afterwards and in parallel, it will be made available to us again as a license.

It runs on hidden contracts and in the background, so that we do not notice anything.

The name is attachment - the lynchpin of the ugly deception to which we are subject and which has been going on for generations. So perfectly planned and implemented that no one would discover it.

Yes, even when we get here and shout it out loud, people will not and cannot believe this fraud. What is happening is too outrageous.

I know, this fact is very difficult to digest. After all, it is our name and how can that be, 95% of the readers will now be wondering. My dad and mom gave ME the name. It belongs to ME! My property... My shaaaatz....

Yes, it is probably true, it was the creation of our [parents], your thought. But they were stolen from. Or rather, they allowed themselves to be stolen from, because they voluntarily registered their offspring or had their offspring registered. They did not secure their rights in the process. (Now here one could also begin to discuss whether slaves, which we have been declared to be according to the appointed ruler/institution - the Vatican, have any rights at all. No. They have no rights, usually their master gave them that name as well. Which is exactly what happens).

Because if it were yours, you could write it however you wanted, sign your name on it however you wanted. Get an I.D. from a public agency that doesn't have capitis deminutio maxima - Loss of all rights, is based. But if you want to change the, supposedly YOUR name, you have to go to the office and get there first the permission, for a process that must then be paid dearly by you. Can he then really be yours?

It's like a story that later becomes a book - a bestseller. Let's say someone writes a fantastic story. He gives it to an acquaintance to read without securing the rights and the latter markets it. The author then no longer has the rights and cannot do anything about the fact that the other person appropriates the story and makes big money with it. Yes, you could say the writer of our story could go to court and sue for his rights, but this acquaintance is a high-ranking lawyer with a world-renowned law firm and the judge who would hear the case in court is his son. The writer doesn't stand a chance in the face of that.
It's exactly the same with our name.

That's why this fight is not worth it, trying to prove to the system that the name our mother and father gave us belongs to us - or rather to the [parents], because they created it and then gave it to their son or daughter as a gift and is a futile endeavor. One is left alone to face the system, a perfectly organized machinery designed to do just that - to confuse and wear us down until we give up.

Winning on their playing field is futile. Their rules of the game are neither known to us nor made for us to win. Their rules are designed to make us lose - because that's what they live on. They just have to keep us busy long enough and we give up, or die first.

And this number of letters is not really worth wasting the precious time we have at our disposal on it, only to lose in the face of superiority. Because the name we carry does not really make us.

It's just a name


Romeo & Juliet

William Shakespeare

“What is a name;
The thing we call a rose would smell just as lovely by any other name.”

One of the most famous parables can be found in Tragedy by William Shakespeare, which is still puzzled over whether it actually existed or not.

The well-known work Romeo and JulietWhen you read these lines, which are famous all over the world, you can't help but wonder if he wasn't aware of the problems that hold the world in their clutches.

Romeo and Juliet
O Romeo, Romeo -
 - Why art thou Romeo?
Deny thy father and renounce thy name
- or if thou wilt not, but swear eternal love to me, and I'll be no more Capulet.
Not thou, but thy name is my enemy; thou wouldst be thyself, if thou wert not a Montague -
 - What's Montague? -
- It is neither hand nor foot, neither arm nor face, nor any other part. What's in a name? The thing we call a rose would smell as sweet under any other name. So would Romeo, if he were not called Romeo, retain all this lovely perfection...
Romeo, give away thy name, and for that name which is no part of thee, take all of me.
I take thee at thy word; call me but thy friend, and I will renounce my baptismal name; I will henceforth be Romeo no more.
By a name I don't know to tell you who I am; My name, dear saint, is hateful to myself because it is an enemy of yours. I wanted to tear it up if I had written it.
These words of the story, which really all of us know, say exactly what is.
A rose is still a rose, even if we would call it a barnacle.
It retains both its beauty and charm, its thorns, and the fragrance it gives off, even under any other name.
It retains all of its inherent qualities. No matter what the name may be.
It's not her name that makes her who she is.
Just as with the rose, the name does not make the person, even with [humans].
Not the name creates things, but the being behind it. No matter what the name is, the property and effect of the being behind it, remains. Even if he would be completely nameless.
It was not the name or the person that was imposed on us that built the house in which the living, spiritually moral being of reason subsequently lives, but this very breathing being.
It was not the name or the person who composed a song into which the living, spiritually moral being of reason put the feeling which afterwards touches us when we hear it.
It is not the name or the person that creates, but always the living, spiritually moral being of reason behind it - no matter what it is about.
The plowing and sowing of a field.
The invention of a device.
Picking a flower.
Nothing, absolutely nothing of this, can make a person which the [human] carries.
The person was supposedly originally created to make the [person] behind it insurable. I maintain that this is not true.
The real reason was to make the living, spiritual, moral being of reason "divide", to split off, it is a building block of the stairs over which we are shooed, so that we forget our true I. Our origin, our power, our perfect, powerful I. Our origin, our power, our perfect, divine, powerful I.
If you asked 100 people today: “Are you that person anyway?” – 99% of those asked would certainly say “yes”.
Also, when [people] introduce themselves somewhere, for the most part they say, "I AM Max Müller." and not "My name is Max Müller."
This path of forgetfulness that [man] has been sent on was laid out a very long time ago and intensely and precisely planned to get us to where we are. Split off from ourselves, fed by beliefs like "to err is human", "human weakness", "we are here to learn", "born human in eternal sin".
Beliefs that are meant to make and keep us small and inferior.
When we remember, when we come into our true power, our strength, our origin, then the system and the rulers of this system can do nothing against us.

Manly P. Hall

"They wander in darkness seeking light, failing to realize that the light is in the heart of the darkness"


What exactly is a name?

The name, in fact, is the combination of different sounds, which in different combinations acoustically represent that we are different from others and what enables us to differentiate ourselves from others or to be perceived by them in this way.

A differentiation of individual beings. The meaning, the image created in the process, is always individual, linked in each case with other sensations, which are based on the different experiences in the lives of these beings.

To stay with the parable of the rose. If someone fell into a rose bush as a child and associates the term “rose” with this pain, they will have different associations with it than someone who, as a child, sniffed the wonderful scent of roses in the garden of their beloved grandmother in the summer.


Mayer's encyclopedia

Name (Proper noun;, Noun proprium); undersignificant name for an individual at contrariety Sync and corrections by n17t01 other of the same Genre, will, such as the
Sync by honeybunny also Animals (namely Pets),
Countries, Mountains, Rivers and other Things atsuperimposed... The naming happened mostly due to the Mother.

Princes changed the Names at their accession to the throne, private individuals entering into an important, especially public, life relationship.”

Name Mayers Konv Lex1 Min
Name Mayers Konv Lex2 Min
Name Mayers Konv Lex3 Min


Mayer's encyclopedia

“In later times the names were even further multiplied and randomly clustered...

Illegitimate children were named after the mother, the names of the freedmen were usually based on the name of the freeing master (Lucipor, Marcipor), but later many names were taken from the slave's homeland or other circumstances or chosen at the discretion of the master .”

“It goes without saying that, because of civil order, the arbitrary changing of names among a cultured people cannot be tolerated. The state must insist on keeping family and personal names and accurately kept civil status registers (formerly church records) are essential in the interest of legal certainty.”


In the last quote you can clearly see the transformation that was already taking place in 1877 to create today's social order, with the aim of personnel management in registers for “legal certainty”.

The following little tale is purely fictional.

All persons involved were fictitious....

41C07B7D Object2

Once upon a time...

Hermann Kaulbach 03 Min Min

...a happy woman and a happy man. In love, they conceived a boy. Already during the pregnancy they thought of a name, which our little hero should carry later.

After the woman, completely separated from her own “body feeling” and trust in her womb, had undergone a traumatic birth for both of them in a HOSPITAL, which is particularly important for generating profit, traumatizing and monitoring the new arrival on earth, The little one's mom and dad had agreed on a name. It should be special and beautiful.

The new name sprang from her creative power and was to accompany the boy throughout his life. He should be called coca cola. No sooner said than done. So the loving producers marched to a company called AMT, which, they were already told in the form embossing school, was very important, otherwise they would be threatened with punishment and they could not afford that - from the little that the company STATE left them from their meager wages.

So they dutifully followed this specification and suspected no evil. Proudly they registered their boy coca cola.

The company AMT issued the two of them a paper - called birth certificate, in the name of Cola, Coca. A little stamp was also on it, collected 20 euros and the boy became a child. Mum and dad became parents. The company AMT, generated on behalf of the company STATE at the same time a company called Coca-Colabecause she also found the name beautiful.

However, one did not need to burden the new parents with such small details. The new parents thus had no idea that they had just ceded their intellectual property and all its rights by registering the fruit of their love. No one had ever taught them this, neither in school, nor did they enlighten their parents - for they did not know it either and could not find it out, because they had been busy all day slaving away to make a living and pay the taxes that were wanted from them.

So the little coca cola grew up and got used to the name, because that's how he was called and written and identified himself with it. But had no idea that in the background the company STAAT was already trading his name on the stock exchange, insuring him and thus reaping great returns, for they had already calculated that little coca cola would become a diligent and clever worker. They had taken into account his place of residence, the education of his parents, his background and the school he was expected to attend later, and calculated how much he was expected to earn for the use of the name - franchising is what it is called in business - with this license. This was all applied to the company Coca-Cola including the planned costs that our little coca cola would generate until it was ready for work.

So our little coca cola grew up. At the age of 16 he got a letter from the company STADT that he was now an adult, that they congratulated him and that he should please get a PERSONAL ID. coca cola was proud and of course went to the company STADT, signed a contract there and now actively confirmed the assignment of rights, which his parents had initiated after his birth, once again implied itself. Thus by coca cola's signature from Cola, Coca now additionally COCA COLA was created.

He had not been shown the contract or told what was connected with it, but he was so proud and so happy that the STADT company, acting on behalf of the STAAT company, which was also only a vicarious and administrative agent of the VATIKAN company, did not want to burden him with such annoying trifles. That way, of course, it is much easier for all parties involved. So coca cola, as a value provider for Coca-Cola and COCA COLA now goes home with proof of its personnel activities.

And so it happened... So if he later bought a house, a car, a horse, and reported it to the AMT company on COCA COLA, this property, created by the sweat of his brow, was transferred to the company of Coca-Cola registered. This rejoiced logically each time, because so her fortune grew and she could the small coca cola/COCA COLA then for the use of the license, for the registered property of the company Coca-Cola charges - motor vehicle tax, property tax and wage tax - because after all our little hero coca cola/COCA COLA also used the company name of Coca-Cola.

So if coca cola ever violated the company regulations by driving 5 km too fast or not wearing his face diaper, which the company STATE had prescribed for him (only for his own protection of course), he got fines sent to COCA COLA, which he then also paid grudgingly, from the 10 % that the company STATE left him from his salary. After all, they came to the name he knew and wore, but which in reality belonged to the company Coca-Cola ...owned it... Because they had officially secured all the rights. Is not the fault of Coca-Colathat coca cola he thought was COCA COLA.

.... and if he has not died, then he is still toiling (in the slave status to which he was assigned) today...

If now the question comes. How is that possible, that's not possible at all, that's wrong.... So we recommend reading the article with the Collateral accountin which it is explained that the Pope, in the name of the Vatican, has secured for himself this earth, with everything that is on it - yes, also the land (therefore please forget the land law, you dear land law fans), together with your body, which has become the body and together with everything that you have earned, worked for and own. And because that is not enough, together with your soul.

Forever, so to speak.

For the Vatican has also made a claim to this. This proclamation has been valid for centuries, unchallenged, and is still valid today! Common law could say the commercialists among you. Since, moreover, your parents and grandparents already fell victim to this game, you are led as slaves anyway. For children of slaves are slaves. Who are led as a CAUSE, can have nothing and are immature. That's why the system that surrounds us doesn't even break the law. Everything is according to the legal, Roman and until today valid law, VALID!

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Otherwise, this short video is recommended as a classic to those who still haven't quite understood what we are trying to say with our little tale.


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Dolz, Johhann Christian - Fashions in the baptismal names

“It was not uncommon for these people to change their names if a change occurred in relation to their age, status, religious belief or where they lived, or if something else strange happened in their lives. Some continued the new adopted name until their death. So the progenitor of the Hebrews no longer called himself Abram, as he had previously been called, but Abraham. Others are now given this name, now that name, now both at the same time. So an apostle of Jesus is sometimes called Peter, sometimes Simon, sometimes Simon Peter. So Paul, Mark and Titus swapped their previous names when they changed their location because they didn't seem to sound appealing enough to the ears of the Greeks and Romans. Even today, this changing of names is common in the Orient.”

Dolz Johhann Christian Moden In The Baptismal Names 1825 1 Min


Dolz, Johhann Christian - Fashions in the baptismal names

“Name swapping occurs even more frequently among women because the names they were given in childhood, which referred to beauty, liveliness, ease of movement, beautiful voice, dancing skills, etc., are affected by later changes that take place in the dear life of the bearers , in which everything is vanity, had occurred, had entered the so-called counter-appearance with the meaning of the name.

Kings of a people often bore one and the same name... Subjects and slaves had to take the names of their masters; - soldiers, those of their generals; and priests, those of their deity.

Among the Greeks, newly born children were usually given their names on the seventh day, but often, as was the case with the Athenians, on the tenth day. .. to preserve souvenirs for posterity, as well as to honor a family, encourage emulation of famous ancestors..”


Dolz, Johhann Christian - Fashions in baptismal names

"Among the Romans, in the earliest times, it was the fashion to give to each child only one or two names, one of which signified the individual or particular person, the other the family of the same (Numa Pompilius). Subsequently the Romans, in order to distinguish the sexes (the whole tribe, gens), and the family (a particular branch of a tribe, familia), used three names: Pre-gender and family names."

“The family name was borrowed from mental or physical characteristics.”

Dolz Johhann Christian Moden In The Baptismal Names 1825 3 Min
Dolz Johhann Christian Moden In The Baptismal Names 1825 4 Min

How do we know this Roman system? Does Mrs. Erika Mustermann know?

Then let someone else say, the Roman legal system is not valid.

By the way, the term "Person" first appeared in scholarly language in the 13th/14th century, and was gradually established and planted in the minds of the [people]. It came insidiously, together with the introduction of Roman law into the land of the Germanic peoples.

Dolz Johhann Christian Moden In The Baptismal Names 1825 5 Min


Dolz, Johhann Christian - Fashions in baptismal names

"Boys received their names on the ninth - girls on the eighth or seventh day, because it was believed that the new-born child was still exposed to many repulsions before the seventh day.

Persons of the male sex received the first name only when they received the male toga - which usually happened in the 16th year, and those of the female sex received this name when they were married.

In the oldest times, slaves were given their master's first name, but later other arbitrary names were given to them. The freedmen had the first name of their previous masters, and those who received citizenship had the first name of those who had helped them achieve it. As a result, the choice of names depended entirely on arbitrariness.”


Dolz, Johhann Christian - Fashions in baptismal names

"Before there were families or gender names in our German fatherland, so-called baptismal names were already common here. Family names, which the nobles used to borrow from their estates, e.g. from Wettin, Wittelsbach, etc., began to appear in Germany, as is well known, only in the 14th century among the bourgeoisie, but became general in the 17th century. The persons who bore such names did not usually give them to themselves, but they received them from the fortunate or less fortunate ideas of their fellow citizens, and also of their fellow citizens' wives, as by-names or surnames, in order to distinguish between several persons living in one place who bore one and the same baptismal name. Subsequently, the persons designated with this or that surname thought it good to retain this name, even if it was perhaps not entirely to their liking, and only initially added to it that which was later dropped. Their children followed the parental example, and so gradually the given byname became the family name, which was inherited by child and child's child.

In the 16th and 17th centuries it was also popular for many scholars to give their German names a Latin ending. So Klassen became Classenius, Krüger became Crugenius..."

Dolz Johhann Christian Moden In The Baptismal Names 1825 6 Min
Dolz Johhann Christian Moden In The Baptismal Names 1825 7 Min

Now that we have realized that the name we bear is not ours and have understood that we are enslaved and exploited by that name, we have only the Kininigen way left. For the loving gift of our [parents] to us, has been taken from us, misused and perverted to harm us through it. So we cast off this slave shackle - the name we were given on life's journey, the one we learned to love and never thought would be used for such cruelty. We choose a new name of our own.

Changing one's name, that is, changing the name one bore, was not only nothing special in earlier times, but it happened frequently and was common practice among all peoples and at all times. The change of the name was a procedure, which happened, in order to mark a new phase of life, to indicate the status or status change, out of the change of the life circumstances, for reasons of the faith or the superstition, the reasons of the honour, the acceptance of an office or other. It's just that nowadays you can only do this on "application" and for a fee. Because then simply the OLD name, at the Person which we carry is changed and one keeps the slave shackle, together with all their attached contracts - only in another color quasi. Just so that the system keeps control and all its sheep/slaves.

Name change Huebner Johann Conversations Lex Min


Johann Hübner - Conversationslexikon

“Change of name, sometimes takes place in adoptions, changes in the faith of one's fathers, elevation of status, crimes of a leader with the same name, etc..”


Johann Heinrich Zedler - Great Patriotic Universal Encyclopedia

“Change of name, or name change, Latin Mutatio nominis, means when someone either takes on a different name instead of the name they used to have or has it changed by others. Changes in names have been common almost from the most ancient times and among most peoples, and for many reasons. God Himself made the following changes to various people when He had special plans for them.

“But similar changes have been made to people, for example Sign 1) of submissiveness and obedience..”

“The Romans gave other servile names to those who were made slaves of free people; Likewise, if someone was adopted as a child by another, he had to confuse his previous name with the name of the adopter..."

“No less, according to the order rules of most monasteries among the Catholics, another name is adopted instead of the baptismal name, which is taken the name of obedience (nomen obendieae), which is the custom of the popes when assuming their dignity…”

Name change Zedler 1 Min
Name change Zedler 2 Min
Name change Zedler 3 Min


Johann Heinrich Zedler - Great Patriotic Universal Encyclopedia

2) The following change of name is also done as a sign of honor. Examples of this are frequently found, both in the Holy Scriptures and in other secular writers of history....

..It also belongs here when different kings and great rulers used to change their names.”


Johann Heinrich Zedler - Great Patriotic Universal Encyclopedia

"3) following name change among the ancients often a sign of office... 4) of disgrace, or to which children of a person punished for committing a serious crime, e.g. insulted majesty, are given another name and the name of such a criminal is completely eradicated. 5) Signs of correction or instructionThe children of the Roman Catholic Church who profess the pagan or Jewish faith and who profess Christianity are to be counted as such when they are confirmed. 6) in the middle ages to which Greeks came a person from a foreign nation and therefore had an unknown name, they put away the foreign name, and gave her a Greek name."

Name change Zedler 4 Min
Name change Zedler 5 Min


Johann Heinrich Zedler - Great Patriotic Universal Encyclopedia

"Finally, the superstitious have also given many reasons for such a change of name, as if the change of name of someone who is seriously ill were so much that God, if he has decided something against his person, will change it then. They also consider it at the same time a kind of penance, the sick person must, as it were, thereby indicate that he also wants to change his evil life with the name...."


Johann Heinrich Zedler - Great Patriotic Universal Encyclopedia

"Yes, from time to time certain considerable circumstances and causes may compel one to assume a different name for the greater security of his person... But if anyone makes such a change of name with fraudulent and deceitful intent, or to deceive other people the better and thereby do them harm, such a deed is never regarded differently in the laws than an otherwise so-called falsehood (Criemen falsi) and is also punished by it."


Name change Zedler 6 Min

This is exactly why we do what we do. We shed the name that was taken from us long ago anyway and, as free sovereigns, choose our own new name. Which is entirely our property, and we can also prove this and to which no hidden contracts are attached.

We lay claim to our creations. Dissolve contracts into which we have been deceived. We say what we are and what we want and also what we don't want. To come into our true power.

We are leaving their playing field, which was never designed for us to win there. This was never intended there and is by no means wanted. Because the system and their beneficiaries live parasitically from it, they live from our energy, our power and our creations. If we remain in their game, on their playing field, we can only lose there. The struggle to try to win there costs one a lifetime. One incarnation cycle, after which we are pushed back into the samsara wheel and start all over again.

That's why... we just turn around and go.... No struggle, no waste of time or energy. Of course we take our creations with us though, because they were not created by the name, but by the living, spiritually moral reasoning being behind them. Us.


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

And when you're all blissed out in the feeling..,
Call it what you want then,
Call it luck! Heart! Love! God!
I have no name
For it! Feeling is everything;
What's in a name?,
Fogging the skies.

Mg 4833 2 Min

It is hereby noted that all rights are reserved to everything found on this site and subject to the order of the Decided Terms of Ama-gi koru-E Kininigen. If someone distributes our knowledge, it would be honourable if he also names the source of this knowledge, which has not been found anywhere else, and does not bring it into the world as his own knowledge in order to enrich his status with it.

Otherwise, we are grateful for the distribution of this knowledge, in the sense of every being.