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Allod Zygote the heresy

Allod movement

The world from another point of view Kininigen Blog Allod or The world of small unicellular This time we turn to a doctrine, which is propagated for some time ever more loudly in the commercial circles. First of all, I would like to say of course, I respect and honor anyone who

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The name we bear

the name we bear

Other views Kininigen Blog The name Our name is not our name. It was stolen from us and we didn't realize it. Who does the name belong to? With many readers or in general conversations, the problem that our counterpart does not understand how

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Final verdict one

Final Verdict-One

Final Judgment One The Sovereign of Kininigen. Trial of 12/21/2020 Final Judgment One On the twenty-first day, of the year two thousand twenty on the winter solstice and the great conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn, the accusation was made by the Prosecutor, representing the legal circle of Ama-gi koru E Kininigen against the

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