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Soul contract termination

As long as the mind is enslaved,
the body can never be free.

Martin Luther King

contracts of Soul?

Yes, these are contracts that are either entered into unconsciously in this life, contracts from previous incarnations, contracts inherited from the ancestral line, vows, oaths, curses - even those of self-cursing...

All of these are contracts that could be summarized under the vague term soul contracts.

These influence our daily lives without us being aware of them or knowing them. If we want to or not. Like a ship on a turbulent sea, we are tossed back and forth by them and are seemingly helpless at their mercy.

Then a soul contract termination can help.

The Soul is understood by most as what distinguishes people. It is supposedly what makes man immortal because he received a soul from “God”., In contrast to the Angels who were then jealous.

However, my knowledge is that it is the other way around. The real, living, spiritually moral rational beings just because of that have a soul because they are immortal.

We are consciousness and the soul is needed as an intermediate link, as a “translation” for this eternal and immortal consciousness in order to be able to immerse ourselves in a matrix (like this one at the moment) on the material levels - for example that of the body. Only the analogue, eternal and therefore immortal consciousness needs a soul for this process. It is simply an expression of who you are.

A digital, artificial being does not need a soul, it can be fed much more easily and directly into the various structures found in the multiverses. So they don't have a soul. It is not our soul that makes us, but our consciousness. By the way, every consciousness has a special, unique and individual energetic signature.

As far as I know, there is no one who teaches or passes on this knowledge or whatever. I cannot offer any “sources” or “reading material” or anything else to prevent questions in this regard.

It is therefore entirely up to you whether you believe it or not, accept it or not. Check it with your own inner compass that is deep within each of those wonderful, perfect, immortal sparks of the Supreme Source of All Being that you are (or not, in the case of the digital readers of this line).

You don't need a teacher or someone from outside. Everything you need is within each of you. Some may just have to dig much deeper than others. This is completely individual.


Learning consists of one thing Remembering information that has lived in the human soul for generations.

Soul Contract Termination Kininigen2 Min

What is a soul contract termination?

As I said, these kinds of unconscious contracts, stored in the soul as a translator of consciousness into matter, captivate us.

Oaths of loyalty, oaths or vows that one made in previous lives to some leader, Ruler, Church, Lodges, entities have achieved, still have an impact today without us being aware of them. Like an active autopilot that we know nothing about and that takes us somewhere different than we want without our knowledge.

Or whether one swore eternal love to someone in a previous life and thus every subsequent life is forced to repeat an unhappy love that has become obsolete.

Or when a mother or father, in the terrible loss of an offspring, may curse themselves never to have a child again and then be plagued by childlessness in later incarnations. Such things can be eliminated or mitigated with a soul contract termination. Because we often take over such circumstances from our ancestors, who pass on their “shit” to us because they have also lost themselves in the downward spiral of madness of this matrix, with their eternal incarnations, and we out of love (which spiritually... moral, rational beings that we are) take on this suffering in order to help.

We fulfill contracts into which we were often manipulated by the beings who controlled this matrix in order to keep us in the cycle of suffering, which they then feed on. The soul contract termination is not the absolute panacea, but it represents a great liberation.

Because with every incarnation, the package that we take with us from the first gets bigger and bigger and at some point becomes a Mount Everest, over the course of the thousands of incarnations that many consciousnesses have now completed here. This is exactly what you want so that you can't get out of this matrix. 

Because this system was never designed or intended for us to ever get out of here again. (I know how my words sound to most people and what effect they have - I have learned over the course of my life that the message of esotericism is much easier to digest with its: "you are here to learn.”) I, however, have always been a friend of the truth and my motto has always been: “Better the ugly truth than the beautiful lie”. That's why I freely say what I know about it, even if it conflicts with almost everything that is taught here.

As I said, this is up to each individual's decision and everyone is free to believe me or not.

If we then surround ourselves with beliefs like:

I'm here to learn.

I have to pay off this karma.

I created this myself, through beliefs, through past lives, etc. and so on.

It's my own fault.

I just haven't tried hard enough yet.

God definitely has a reason (for the shitty situation I was put in).


Then take over WE the consequences of the acts of manipulation of our circumstances of these beings, voluntarily upon us.

(Not to be equated with taking on real personal responsibility for actions that took place without any influence. But if, through manipulation of external circumstances, I end up in situations where, for example, I have to steal bread because my children would otherwise starve so that I do exactly that, then that's it the manipulator and creator of this situation is to blame.)

It's kind of like the raped woman who is told you were raped because you wore a short skirt. If at that moment, in some way, she internalizes this interpretation as truth (whether consciously or unconsciously, because 95% happens unconsciously and less than 5% actually consciously), then SHE takes on the consequences of the act (energetically). 

The beings that rule here know all of this very well and work with it. She stretch the cosmic laws of voluntariness to the point of ignorance. They are the masters of manipulation.

This system at work here is perfidious and ingenious in a sick way. You have to give them that. They had a lot of time to build this system and this planet is not the first where something like this has happened on Earth.

They have constructed this prison, which they themselves maintain through our consent, contract acceptance, ignorance and our power to create.

The system of “governments” on 3D is just another construct based on the same mechanisms with the entry and acceptance of contracts etc., for example Private Commercial shows and teaches parts of it (even if only with partial truths).

Neither our parents nor the schools teach us these elementary things, for good reason... For one thing, they don't know it and besides, we aren't supposed to know it. So that Earth Matrix Farm continues to produce the energy that is needed. The slaves that these beings see us as should please continue to be slaves.

In their beloved system of reversal, the opposite is even taught, that we are here to develop, to learn, to work off “karma” and make amends because we are so inferior as humans, so imperfect.

Each of these versions is a lie and none of them are as true as we are led to believe.

Soul Contract Termination Kininigen3 Min

Soul contract termination
and how I got there

Based on specific individual events in my life, I developed the soul contract resolution that can be found below and I already knew back then that I would make it publicly available to others at some point.

Because the first time I released the soul contract release outside of my inner family circle, I was punished for it by having a car accident immediately afterwards. First, I woke up the next morning with whiplash (which was also confirmed by an osteopath) and the appropriate event on the material level was the car accident.

The user and recipient of the soul contract termination back then became unconscious shortly after the reading and literally “vomited” his soul out of his body for three days after the reading, including chills and other “nice” things.

So I knew that I wasn’t “supposed” or “can” or “may” do it yet and had to wait. Because it was not his intention to free himself from the contracts to which he was subject.


Now the time is ripe for it.


So far only the members of Kininigen in the decoupling process have received the soul contract termination as a part of the entire process Kininigen path and the associated removal from the system. Or individuals who consulted me in some way for other reasons, basically in real life out there.

The Final verdict two and what is connected with it has changed a lot again. We saw in our “journeys” to the other levels that either a “storm” is already raging or will soon be raging.

This tool should now be released to everyone who feels that it could be of help to them. Regardless of whether you are a Kininigen member or not. Because they were not affected by the storm during our travels. We don't know whether it's solely due to the soul contract termination, we think it's more due to the holistic nature of the actions and steps that make up the Kininigen path.

We hope that we can help other living, spiritually moral, rational beings (as humans) through this storm.

The path of Kininigen is still incomprehensible to most people. Supposedly the vibration still needs to rise for more people to grasp it.

The members who are already there are the few who are ahead of the curve. In our travels we have seen that those who will remain in the world freed from the current matrix will be in the sub-1% range at best. Unfortunately.

The “storm” has already begun or is about to begin. This soul contract termination will hopefully help all the living, spiritually moral, rational beings with our release.

The soul contract resolution is quite long, I know.

It has grown over the time it was created, with the problems of different people recorded there over time.

I have also found that the problem has to be stated directly. It has no effect if you shorten it to: “I terminate all contracts that I have concluded in the past and that are harmful to me.”
Unfortunately, the occupiers of this matrix do not recognize this. So that it doesn't become too easy for us to get out of the contracts that we no longer know anything about.

It doesn't hurt to read out all the points. If you discover that something is missing in it that is haunting or burdening you in your life in some way, add it in the same way as the other things are there...

Some things may sound strange, but contracts of this kind exist and must be named. If you don't have a contract of this kind, it simply won't affect you.

The middle part is intended for you to work with and deal with. Think about what things haunt you in life. Adding is easy. However, omissions and possible rewording may reduce effectiveness.
So far, everyone who has tried to improve my “complicated” texts has unintentionally minimized or limited their effectiveness by changing the meaning.
Whom the thing with the angels seems strange, I have a message for him, angels are not your friends. They are entities that steal your energy and manipulate you in a nice way. By inviting them voluntarily. Demons with compulsion, angels with sugar, you could say.
By the way, a “Welcome” doormat or sign on your front door is an invitation to all the entities hanging around. Just think about the vampire. He must first be invited to join you. This uncontrolled “welcome” is understood that way.

If a being truly wants to help you, it will be sent from the Supreme Source of All Being when you ask for help. Never just invite any beings. Never goes over intermediate links. Just always go back to the origins. The motto of Kininigen.

Why bother with something that you don't know what makes it tick or what its intentions are?

WE, here in this matrix, cannot judge it.

Just leave the judgment on this to the Highest Source of All Being. (I ask all esotericists, Christianity and Jesus followers as salvation addicts, confused channelers or other “associations” to spare me their comments in this regard).

Soul Contract Termination Kininigen5 Min

The important thing is that you FEEL from your core that it is the right thing for you.

Also check whether it is really YOUR feeling that says this is not good...

Because we are constantly influenced by entities that push our “buttons” to get us to do actions that are good for us. Or through implants, anchors, ladders, etc. Many of the “voices” we hear in our heads are not ours. Most of them, in fact. This babble of voices is not the norm, but we are so used to it that we think of it as our voice(s).

It could happen that people around you before and after could possibly be used to attack you.

Your inner decision to try this out alone will activate this system. Your partner, your kids, your boss, your dog/cat… whatever. It is the desperate actions of the (perhaps) still active entities that are losing control. They are currently having greater difficulties and sometimes receive immediate consequences for their actions. Therefore, your time to free yourself has never been better than now. So it's also quite possible that most of you will be spared from something like this.

For me, after the first reading of the soul contract termination, it was my mother, among other things, who later reported to me that she had such an inexplicable hatred/anger/aggressiveness as soon as she saw me, without being able to explain it, and who, among other things, attacked me strongly.

It is YOUR decision to do it or NOT to do it. It is entirely in your hands. You are powerful, perfect, great creators (assuming you are of the analog kind), you just have to remember that.

Make the inner decision to want to be free. Wanting to let go of the shackles. Break your chains.


I cannot and will not bear the consequences of this for you. I ask you to be aware of this. You are great creators. Therefore, you also have to be aware of your actions and the consequences of them (although this time they are probably more of a positive kind).

All rights to soul contract termination remain at Kininigen at any time. It is subject to the jurisdiction and level and the Autonomous Land Level of Kininigen.

It is not permitted to copy it and redistribute it, among other things, whether in parts or as a whole, to take parts out of it and/or to rewrite it in order to distribute it as your own work, to generate followers or money with it or to deal with it in any other way to profile.

Please make it available as it is, as a whole, with these explanations here, unadulterated from our side, for those who would like to use this tool for themselves, for their own highest good and for the good of all. So that the analogue, perfect beings of this earth and all the other planets can use this opportunity for liberation. This gift of soul contract dissolution should be given to all of these beings of this Omniverse, the Highest Source of All Being and the Earth, as the wonderful being that it is.

The good thing about it is that you basically can't go wrong if you do Highest source of all being and includes your own, highest consciousness. Should these two insist on your compliance with certain contracts mentioned in the soul contract termination, for whatever reason, and wish these specific contracts to continue to work, this will happen because it is in YOUR OWN, HIGHEST good. Only that which does not serve your highest good will be dissolved. (Nevertheless, check your innermost “gut feeling” beforehand to see whether this is useful to you and decide based on your own feeling.)

No intermediate members, no beings, no beings that disguise themselves as “angels” or other crap like “ascended masters”. Only your own Highest Consciousness and the Highest Source of All Being. They know best what is good for you. Even if you mostly don't know it yourself, here in this maze.

Light a white candle if you would like, ask the Highest Source of All Being to bless it.

Please no “In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit” and such…

Please do not use symbols like Reiki (very bad) or flower of life or anything else. ALL symbols are hacked.

Please no “Dear God” or invocation of other entities, please no “Amen” – this is actually the invocation of the god Amun.

All religions, including esotericism, are instruments of control beyond death.



Here those again Meaning of the term Highest Source of All Being:

The hyperdimensional source of everything, in love. That which was first of all and from which all consciousness and EVERYTHING arose, the most perfect, pure, non-polar or dual force that is the origin of EVERYTHING on all planes and times and beyond. The original source from which everything originated. The highest perfection and completeness and the origin of the spark that we are - the living, spiritually moral beings of reason.

When God is mentioned, it is expressly NOT the monotheistic God of the religions that is meant, not the God of Gnosticism and none of the polytheistic gods.


Again… you only need your own Supreme Consciousness and the Supreme Source of All Being. No symbols, no beings whose background you don't know. Everything is within you. Still.

Don't blow out the candle afterwards. White candles absorb the surrounding energy and essentially “burn” it. When you blow it out, what you have absorbed is released again. When it is extinguished, it is simply extinguished.


Back to the origin.

For the highest good of all.

For the highest good of the earth.

And out of love for all beings and the Highest Source of All Being.

Soul contract termination

I have read, understood and accept the above. The application and the results of the soul contract resolution are my responsibility and I am ready to accept and bear them.

This post is welcome to be distributed. Parts may be published with the source being named. It is not permitted to remove parts of it and change and/or use them for your own purposes. Because monetary or ego-driven enrichment from this is forbidden. The reader of this article will now certainly have understood the power and importance of the principle of cause and effect and what will happen if these requirements are not followed.