Ama-gi koru-E Kininigen - Order

Dedicated contract terms

Our basis for contracts

Order of specific contractual terms and conditions

between the sovereign  (Capitis sin deminutio & S p e r r s c h r i f t ) and his natural person ( Capitis Deminutio minima ). hereinafter Sovereign called.


all men and women in the role of natural and/or legal person, institutions, companies, associations, societies in all equivalents, as well as all their Staff, Officials, Agents, Supervisors and vicarious agents. Nhereafter referred to as the requestor,

comes by agreement and implied action the following contract with the order Decided Contractual Conditions, hereinafter referred to as DVB's, is concluded:

Jus ex injuria non oritur.

Pacta sunt Servanda

What you don't want done to you,

don't do it to anyone else.

Dedicated contract terms - DVBs

A1 Scope, entry into force and start of contract

1. The Sovereign ist keine Person und keine Sache, sondern ein lebendiges, geistig sittliches Vernunftwesen.

(2) The present Regulations of the Decided Terms of Contract and Contract of Indemnity shall apply worldwide from the territory and level of Ama-gi koru-E Kininigen. The claimant automatically submits to the jurisdiction and law of Ama-gi koru-E Kininigen upon conclusion of the contract and claim and recognizes the latter, as the highest jurisdiction, as the Ama-gi koru-E Kininigen Arbitration Court in accordance with the guidelines of the New York Convention of June 10, 1958. All disputes arising in connection with and based upon the DVBs or concerning their validity shall be finally settled by the Ama-gi koru-E Kininigen Arbitral Tribunal to the exclusion of other courts. The content of the dispute shall be governed by Kininigen law.n.

3. The Decided Contractual Conditions shall automatically come into force upon notification of the same to the claimant on the day on which the claimant makes contact with the Sovereign and one, in the table of fees aufgelistete Handlung erkennbar ist. Dieses gilt als konkludente, stillschweigende Annahme der DVBs im vollen Umfang. Als Kontakt- und Kommunikationsmittel gelten Telefon, Brief, Fax, E-Mail, persönliche Besuche und direkte Ansprache. Als Eingangsdatum von Schreiben gilt das Lesedatum des Souveräns.

4. for hidden/not in its entirety disclosed contracts or for hidden parts, details, clauses thereof, no liability is and can be assumed by the Sovereign be adopted. All parts of the contract and facts must be presented in all their clarity to the Sovereign disclosed, otherwise there is an automatic, express exclusion of any hidden parts of the contract.

5. a claim against the sovereign, in the role of its natural person, must be based on a contract that legitimizes the claim. Such a contract has the following essential characteristics:

  • The spelling of the name as determined by the Sovereign shall be adopted. For other derivations of the spelling, which are not in his property, no liability can and will be assumed. Salutation Mr. or Mrs., in the naming of any obligation is to be refrained from, since these represent from the outset a fundamental defect.

  • The claimant must state his own full family name, surname and address in order to exclude a shift in liability. If the claimant insists that he is the person, complete and comprehensible proof is required as to how and when the claimant discarded the living in order to assume the fictitious role, since simultaneity is not possible by natural law.

  • The free and personal signature of the sovereign in wet ink on the contract.

  • Contracts are void ab initio if made under duress, misrepresentation, to the detriment of third parties, Vconcealment of "hidden contracts" or signed under fraud, as it negates the mutual consent required to create an enforceable agreement in the first place. Any claim of "tacit agreement" to terms that were not disclosed will be considered a sham.
  • Clear and unequivocal proof of the concrete existence of the debt, through the disclosure of the private and public sides of the accounts, as well as the disclosure of all the account sheets.

A2. Rights and duties of the claimant

1. the claimant always acts and is liable to the sovereign privately and indefinitely, as the spiritual, moral being behind the person and operating through him.

2. the claimant bears the burden of proving that his claim is a legally valid claim, from which legal circle the claimant is acting and from which the respective claim is clearly and comprehensibly derived.

The hierarchical structure of the legal districts is here:

1. Wahres Recht, mit den unveräußerlichen Rechten eines jeden, geistig sittlichen Wesens.

2. constitutional law

3. commercial law between companies

Only certified copies of founding documents of claimed entities (e.g., federal and state) and certificates of appointment for officials to a specific state with a noun designation are considered evidence of statehood. Statements such as: "This is your understanding of the law and not ours..." or similar, are only taken into account if this statement is based on clear evidence. Scope of application and clear evidence for whom and by which administrative act a participation of the sovereign in the respective invoking law or order is justified, is mandatory and presupposed. Oral agreements, customary laws and mere assertions are not considered as evidence.

In order to be considered a legitimate claim, all the conditions listed here must be met in full. If the conditions are not met in full, the claim is considered defective and will be returned to the claimant.

Illegitimate claims are all claims for which the claimant or his agents, employees, superiors, etc. and vicarious agents, do not provide corresponding proof of genuine legal validity and of the Scope or a proof of contract in accordance with commercial law with a legible signature of the Sovereigns can provide. Both the event triggering the entry into force of the contract and any further contractual performance shall oblige the demanding party and its vicarious agents to pay damages in accordance with the fee table on page 4.

4. the claimant is obliged to disclose this contract and the associated DPOs to all administrations and vicarious agents involved in the claim. Furthermore, he is liable for all activities of his agents and employees.

The claimant shall pay the fees for unlawful claims set out in the invoice in accordance with the fee table from these accepted DVBs, within fourteen days of the invoice date. After invoicing and expiry of a 14-day period, the claimant shall be in default without further reminder and shall submit to immediate execution on all his business and private assets or other property without any plea of limitation.

6. Der Fordernde hat das Recht auf aktiven Widerspruch/Zurückweisung zu dieser Ordnung der Dezidierten Vertragsbedingungen, was automatisch das Nichtzustandekommen des Vertrages bewirkt. Die Zurückweisung mus schriftlich erfolgen.

A3 Rights and duties of the sovereign

1. the Sovereign shall be entitled to invoice the claimant for all fees in accordance with the fee table, which are triggered by him, his agents, employees, superiors, vicarious agents or similar. Several items may be combined in one invoice, whereby the sums stated in the table of fees shall be deemed to be marks, which may be selected downwards by the recipient as desired.

2. the timing of the invoicing is the responsibility of the Sovereign. The claims of the Sovereigns, according to the fee table to the present Decided Contractual Conditions, shall not be subject to a statute of limitations.

3. provided that the claim has been clearly substantiated and fully proven, the sovereign is obliged, in accordance with its word and values, to settle the claim in accordance with its signature and to comply with the contract.

A4. Fees and prices

The bidThe fees and charges under this Agreement, as set out in the fee table on page 4 of these DPOs, shall be in the unit of gold ounce, or in lieu thereof, in a currency valid and traded in the sovereign's place of residence and shall be settled. The conversion rate shall be the exchange rate of the relevant weightunit of gold and silver to the valid local currency from the date of this contract commencement.

The amount of compensation depends on the respective contractual performance or framework action and its conclusion. Jurisdiction is exclusively the arbitration court of Ama-gi koru-E Kininigen. Unless a different provision has been contractually agreed in advance, the following shall apply: The performance shall be in identifiable positions on the basis of the without concrete damage to the sovereign for each individual involved up to the the following amounts are due.

A5. termination of the contractual relationship

If the claimant bindingly and irrevocably withdraws the unlawful claims in question in writing and has informed his agents or similar in writing accordingly, the sovereign shall only be entitled to the handling fees in accordance with item 1 of the table and a final payment of a maximum of 3 ounces of gold, unless the damage has already occurred for the sovereign.
The contract ends on the date on which the claimant has made the final payment. The date of receipt of payment by the sovereign shall apply.

A6. Severability clause and contract amendments

The right of amendment and correction in the event of errors, as well as the right of interpretation and definition, are reserved ex tunc by the Sovereign. The Sovereign can use the present Decided contractconditions may change at any time. The amended new BThe terms and conditions apply retroactively from the start of the contract and replace the old terms and conditions. Decided contractual conditions. Should individual provisions of this contract be or become ineffective or invalid, they shall be replaced by a valid provision. equivalent provision that comes closest to the intended purpose of the contract. The remaining contents of the contract remain unaffected by this.

Begriffsdefinitionen gemäß Ama-gi koru É-Kininigen.

Fee table for 4:

Dishonors are accepted at one hundred times the value.



Per participant


handling fees for letters to Reference to or Access to the Decided Terms of Contract of the Sovereign

1 ounce gold blanket


Threat of coercive measures

5 ounces of gold blanket


Use of the additions Mr. or Mrs. from foreign personhood.

1 ounce of gold each blanket


Missing, not handwritten or unclassifiable Signature

1 ounce of gold each blanket


Disregarding the obligation to identify oneself, with simultaneous demand of this

50 ounces of gold blanket


Obstruction of the free way and/or free travel

100 ounces of gold all-inclusive


Collection/court bailiff, garnishment without proven, original debt instrument

1000 ounces of gold at least


Political persecution, public defamation, slander, libel, character assassination

2000 ounces gold blanket


Ignoring / disregarding an advance directive / declaration of intent

10.000 ounces of gold blanket


Involuntary servitude

1000 ounces of gold blanket


Enforcement and/or imposition of a jurisdiction other than that of the sovereign, by means of Application of statutes (laws) from another jurisdiction.

500 ounces of gold blanket


Obligation and/or exercise of compulsion to undergo a medical and/or psychiatric examination or report, vaccination or compulsion to test

5000 ounces gold blanket


Acceptance / confiscation of identity carddocuments against the will of the publisher (e.g. identity cards or service cards, Fahrberechtigungen, Willenserclarations, documents, etc.)

per item

500 ounces of gold blanket


Intrusion into an area controlled by the Sovereign used means of transport or on his domicile, property/house/apartment used, without his explicit and free consent

1000 ounces of gold blanket


Formation of criminal communities in collaborative cooperation, under the appearance of state violence, to pursue economic interests, through knowledge advantage.

per party

300 ounces of gold blanket


Carrying out measures under duress (e.g. penalties, invoices for contributions, bills, entry in a debtors' register, etc.) without being authorised to act as a public authority or without having legitimised oneself in this respect beyond doubt as a public official.

500 ounces of gold blanket


Enforceung of measures in spite of an implied delay/lien/Private Commercial Obligation Statement.

2000 ounces of gold blanket


robbery/Confiscatione/Retention of objects without prior legitimization.

50 ounces gold per tag and item


Arrest, coercion to go along, coercion, extortion, threat, laying on of hands, physical violence (single actions, pulling, holding, jostling, hitting, shackling, gagging, handcuffing, etc. - action sequences consist of single actions) against the editor

2000 ounces of gold blanket



10 ounces of gold per hour


Physical or mental damage resulting from the above measures.

100 ounces and over of gold


Under the supervision of the Sovereigns against his will or the presupposition of this will for this purpose

2000 ounces of gold blanket


Overriding and ignoring the jurisdiction and arbitration of the sovereign

from 1000 ounces of gold


Bypassing the judgment of the Kininigen Free Arbitration Court

150,000 ounces of gold


Deprivation of custody or removal of natural and/or adopted offspring.

500.000 ounces of gold blanket per Descendants


Identity theft or unauthorized use of a person

2000 ounces of gold


Breach of fiduciary law, breach of patent law

150,000 ounces of gold


Breach of inalienable rights under Ama-gi koru-É Kininigen

from 1,000 ounces of gold

All rights, without exception, reserved in their entirety.

The maxims of law are fundamental. Dhe exposition and explanation of the birthrights of a person. They are derived from the logic of the natural order as a generality.

  • "Fraud destroys every transaction and all contracts." [American Jurisprudence 2nd ,§ 8].

  • "It's Fraud, to conceal fraud (fraus est fraudem celare)." [Bouvier's Maximes of Law 1856].

  • "Fraud and deception shall no man excuse." [Bouvier's Maximes of Law 1856].

  • false in one, wrong in everything. (Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.)

  • "The non-observance of the Form makes the act ineffective." (Forma non observata, inferior adnullatio actus.)

  • "Are God's laws contrary to human law, the former is obeyed." (summa ratio est quae pro Religione facit)[BROOM`s maximes of Law (1845)]

  • A right can >not>/u> arise from a wrong. (Jus ex injuria non oritur.)

  • "A maxim is a proposition of doctrine recognized and approved by all men without proof, argument, or discussion." [Black's, 3]

  • Law and fraud cannot exist together. (Jus et fraus nunquam cohabitant.)

  • The The burden of proof is on the one who asserts, not on the one who denies. (Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat.)

  • Intent is equal to fraud. (Lata culpa dolo aequiparatur.)

Rechtskräftiger und gültiger Vertrag enthält folgende Merkmale, Voraussetzungen und Anforderungen:

1. Gegenseitiges Einverständnis im freien Willen

2. legal consideration

3. Rechtsfähigkeit zum Vertragsabschluss, Angebot und Annahme bei vollem Bewusstsein und klarem Verstand

4. absence of fraud or coercion

5. vollständige Offenlegung aller Faktoren und ohne versteckte Nebenverträge

6. must be realistic and feasible

7. Eine Laufzeit, Datum, Ort

8. the possibility to terminate the contract

9. Schriftform mit Unterschrift, welche eine Signatur darstellt, bei einer Interaktion mehrerer Parteien, von welchen mindestens eine, das lebendige, geistig sittliche Vernunftwesen ist.

There can be no agreement if the matter has not been discussed; therefore, full disclosure of all terms and conditions, is an absolute prerequisite to this condition. Failure to disclose all facts would be a form of fraudulent agreement and would violate the duty of good faith.

Verträge sind nicht einklagbar oder gültig, wenn sie unter Zwang, falscher Darstellung, zu Lasten Dritter, Verschweigen von „Hidden Contracts“ oder unter Betrug unterzeichnet wurden, da es die gegenseitige Zustimmung negiert, die erforderlich ist, um eine durchsetzbare Vereinbarung überhaupt erst zu erzeugen.

Any allegation of "implied consent" to terms not disclosed, wird als Täuschung angesehen. „nemo existimandus est dixisse, quod non mente agitaverit“,- Rechteverzicht darf nicht vermutet werden, solange nicht andere Fakten und begründete und unterschriebene Erklärungen dazu vorgelegt werden.

Vertragsrecht ist ein unveräußerliches Recht. Der Eingriff in die Vertragsgestaltung, kann nur erfolgen, wenn the zwingend notwendige, lückenlose Nachweis hierfür erbracht wurde, Vertragspartei zu sein. Angabe von Gesetzestexten ist kein Nachweis.

Bei Verträgen zwischen lebendigen, geistig sittlichen Vernunftwesen als Souveräne gilt das ehrenvolle, aus freiem Willen gegebene Wort.


Of the living, spiritually moral rational beings and sovereigns of Kininigen, there is at all times referred to the

inalienable right

invoke. These rights are therefore neither assignable, transferable, divisible, diminishable, attachable, disclaimable. They ARE.