Judgment of customary courts

Judgment customary courts

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Judgment of customary courts

“The spark of justice is only kindled into a flame when injustice believes it can smother it.”

Wilhelm Vogel

Excerpt from the judgment of the customary courts

On February 22, 2022, the Kininigen Free Arbitration Court heard the application to determine the jurisdiction and legitimacy of actions carried out and the jurisdiction of customary courts for living, spiritually moral, rational beings.

Judgment of customary courts
Kininigen Free Arbitration Court:

Was found at customary dishes, as the gcommon courts, which are exclusively for People as things are responsible and which are the customary law, the rRoman law (lex and jus res) as a basis use, it is about pure private courts without statehood.

Courts in the Republic of Austria: Higher Regional Court, Regional Court, District Court, Federal Finance Court, Federal Administrative Court, State Court, State Administrative Court, Oberlandcourt, Supreme Court, Constitutional Court, Administrative Court.

Courts in the “Federal Republic of Germany” are labor courts, district courts, federal labor courts, federal social courts, federal constitutional courts, federal administrative courts, regional labor courts, state labor courts, state social courtscourt, Finance and Federal Finance Court, Upper State, Higher Administrative, Social, Administrativecourt, Federal Court of Justice, constitutional courts of the states.

It was established that the pretense of statehood in order to obtain the consent of the other party is fraud. Thus, the jurisdiction of the common courts, as well as all their presumptions, assumptions and assumed jurisdiction, is for the living, spiritually moral rational being, completely rejected.

All were found to be judges or “civil servants” or other employees and employees by customary courts as companies, are always fully and unlimitedly liable privately, even if you don't provide your name. A shift or withdrawal of liability is not possible under any circumstances. Both the person who ordered the work and the person who carried it out are always equally liable.

It was determined The living, spiritually moral rational being is neither a person nor a thing, so common courts have no jurisdiction over it as it is a different jurisdiction.

It has been established that a transgression without the free permission of the living, spiritually moral rational being and without a valid contract is the breach of free will and the breach of the inalienable rights to which living, spiritually moral rational beings are subject at all times, non-negotiable and therefore completely and ex tunc invalid and unlawful. DThe free will and the inalienable rights and faith of living, spiritually moral, rational beings must always, at all times and without exception, be respected, respected, preserved and protected protect.

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Reasons for Decision:

The/the applicant are not a thing, not an object, not fiction, but spiritually moral, living ones Reasonwesen, popularly called [human]. and subject toen no slavery, no right of servitude, no servitude, servitude or involuntary servitude.

The free Sovereigns of Kininigen have full rights to their name and have these in fullh Scope gesecuret. Contracts with the operating system have been duly terminated and are subject through the act of emancipation and theirs free will, no longer subject to the jurisdiction of jus and lex and all the variations that arise from them, such as maritime and commercial law, admiralty law, dem canon law, one “State law” without statehood etc. etc. It is impossible for the living to completely discard the living in order to act as fiction. Fiction is always and exclusively animated by what is alive behind it and not the other way around.

By giving notice to the formerly used Names the person in the spelling capitis deminutio maxima and the associated and adhering contracts, as well as the termination of the identity card and the contracts linked to it, subject to the living, spiritually moral rational beings not the legal circle the fiction and that of the operating system, as a lower onen Legal circle and understanding of law and their legislative, judicial and executive branches and therefore not that one either Jurisdiction of customary courts.

Customary dishes are Courts within the respective borders of a trading zone, under the self-designation “ordinary courts” (Forum ordinarium) - The substantive court under which the defendant stands and is heard as a matter. As a rule, the forum of a process is determined. Divided into forum domicilii – where the defendant resides or the forum contractus.

Common dishes exclusively for people as Things are responsible and who are used to using customary law, Roman law (lex and jus res) after its reception since the 13th century. 

Courts in the Republic of Austria are here: Higher Regional Court, Regional Court, Districtcourt, federal finance, federal administration, state, state administration, Oberlandcourt, Supreme Court, Constitutional Court, Administrative Court. BVG Art. 83 (3) was deleted and exceptional courts were permitted, a management plan and an international company directory number are provided.

Courts of the “Federal Republic of Germany” are; Labor, official, federal labor, federal social, federal constitutional, federal administrative, state, state labor, state socialcourt, Finance and Federal Finance Court, Upper State, Higher Administrative, Social, Administrativecourt, Federal Court of Justice, constitutional courts of the states. Courts that are no longer subject to GVG §15 have rules of procedure and have an international company number necessarily fall under private jurisdiction. The former state requirement was eliminated in 1950.

By the Fehlen of statehood, is therefore of the customary dishes suggests statehood where none exists, but exclusively private jurisdiction, which pursues economic interests and Things and people negotiated and thus exclusively the fiction and not the living. The Assumptions, assumptions and assumed jurisdiction of these private companies as customary dishes, are completely rejected for the living, spiritually moral rational being and not valid.

Private companies are subject to customary jurisdiction due to interrelationships with various organizations and associations and cannot offer any prerequisites of impartiality, justice and truth, which are absolutely necessary for the living, spiritually moral being of reason, and can use their actions for the benefit of [people] and their interests represent. These missing prerequisites, as well as the exclusive jurisdiction over persons and not over living things, are attested by the judges themselves when they are sworn in:

Republic of Austria: “I swear that I will strictly observe the legal system applicable in the Republic of Austria and put all my strength into the service of the Republic.”

Federal Republic of Germany in all its synonyms and equivalents: “I swear to exercise my judicial office faithfully to the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany and faithfully to the law, to judge to the best of my knowledge and belief without regard to the person and to serve only the truth and justice (see above help me God – can be omitted).

Everyone there as judges and clerks, Judicial employees and employees employed under other names are liable for their orders, resolutions, judgments and actions, always completely and unlimitedly private. Because of your actions and instructions living, spiritually moral, rational beings and/or their property come to harm. The Name or a designation, is for the Liability is irrelevant because it is always the living thing behind a name that commits the crime.

Also one evasion or shift or withdrawal of liability thereby, Sync and corrections by n17t01 not possible. It's not the name that commits one Act, but the being behind the name and/or job title located. An Changing a name does not remove responsibility for actions committed, nor can one be aware of the consequences and consequences, from the resulting crime. 

Everyone who orders is liable for his orders, just as the person who executes them is liable for carrying out the act as ordered. Manipulation to carry out an act is just as serious as the act itself himself. The attempt to evade the consequences of liability through an cloak of reprimandit on instructions, is not possible. Dhe [human] behind every name, has as a Vreasongifted Wto act in accordance with the spiritual and moral obligation that each one hasn is peculiar to these beings.

Resulting from the Final judgment number one from December 21, 2020, the Kininigen Free Arbitration Court was created because there was no court in the world before the Kininigen Free Arbitration Court that upheld the high moral and ethical principlesien and values as a default fulfilled, is committed to truth and impartiality in justice and is responsible for the living - the [human being], as the living, spiritually moral, rational being, and is not, like the European Court of Human Rights, designed for the fiction of the person and has this as a prerequisite.

Die inalienable rights, which one Sovereign of Kininigen, as free individual as [human] is subject to at all times, secure his rights to the full extent at all times. As has been proven by the cancellation of contracts and Kininigen's manifesto of faith, these living, spiritually moral rational beings are not people or things. 

Thus, customary courts cannot hear the concerns of living, spiritual, rational beings, since this is a completely different jurisdiction. HabitEstablishments are allowed to negotiate whatever they want, as long as it falls within their jurisdiction, such as Bexample about fictional matters. However, ssoon UIncursion takes place, from their jurisdiction of “dead” things, into the realm of Lequal, a claim for damages of an unlimited amount can be asserted.

Contracts which are based on deception, concealment of parts or fraud, or which are at the expense and disadvantage of others/third parties, are invalid and void from the outset. Manipulation, deception, blackmail, coercion and disregard for the free will of living, spiritually moral, rational beings in contracts with the customary courts are not permitted and therefore do not form a legally valid contractual basis. Everything that arises from this basis as resolutions, orders and judgments is ex tunc invalid and has no legal force whatsoever.

A contract to be considered lawful contains the following features and requires full disclosure:

1. Mutual consent in free will

2. legal consideration

3. Legal capacity to conclude a contract, offer and accept it with full consciousness and a clear mind

4. absence of fraud or coercion

5. full disclosure of all factors and no hidden side contracts

6. must be realistic and feasible

7. A term, date, location

8. the possibility to terminate the contract

9. Written form with a signature, which represents a signature in an interaction between several parties, of which at least one is the living, spiritually moral, rational being.

There can be no agreement if the matter has not been discussed; therefore, full disclosure of all terms and conditions is one absolute requirement for this condition. Failure to disclose all facts Sync and corrections by n17t01 a form of fraudulent collusion and violates against the obligation of good faith.

Contracts are not enforceable or valid if signed under duress, misrepresentation, to the detriment of third parties, concealment of "hidden contracts" or fraud, as it negates the mutual consent required to create an enforceable agreement in the first place . 

Any claim of “tacit agreement” to the Terms that have not been disclosed will be considered a deception. “nemo existimandus est dixisse, quod non mente agitaverit”, - waiver of rights may not be assumed unless other facts and justified and signed declarations are presented. Contract law is an inalienable right. Intervention in the design of the contract can only take place if the absolutely necessary, complete proof of being a party to the contract has been provided. Stating legal texts is not proof.

In contracts between living, spiritually moral, rational beings as sovereigns, the honorable word given of their own free will applies.

Even if If two parties enter into a contract to commit theft or robbery against a third party, this is an illegal and invalid contract because its aim is to violate natural justice and free will.

When two nations or companies enter into a contract with the intent to plunder, enslave, or destroy livelihoods of third parties, the contract is against morality, illegal, void, and without obligation.

As soon as the living has recognized itself as what it is in its origin - the living, eternally endowed with inalienable rights and has left the fiction as a deception, the living also remains in this legal circle of the living. 

Water always remains water, no matter what form it is poured into. A sovereign who, through nature's impulse to survive, applies for an identity card or the system tries to draw him back onto his playing field through deception and/or coercion, is and remains a sovereign and a living, spiritually moral, rational being under the protection of inalienable rights and in the status of the free and alive. He doesn't become a person. As with a video game, the player remains unharmed by the effects on the character. According to the maxim that the lower should conform to the higher and not the higher to the lower, a waiver of rights by the sovereign should not be assumed.

Anything that violates justice and the inalienable rights of living, spiritually moral, rational beings is not valid. At the same time, a contract is illegal and invalid even if the majority of the beings of a country enter into a contract with their government to encourage all kinds of injustice and the destruction of natural rights, even if the majority agrees to it . Because this not only violates the natural rights of those who do not agree to it, but also because it undermines the inalienable rights and therefore there is no longer a reliable legal basis under which a contract could be undermined.

The free will and the inalienable rights and faith of living, spiritually moral, rational beings must always be respected, respected, preserved and protected at all times and without exception.

The arbitral tribunal's decision is final and enforceable.


*see definition of Terms Ama-gi koru-É Kininigen


This court judgment has (so far) been delivered to several courts in Germany, the UN, the representatives of the Vatican/Holy See in Rome, the European Union and to the BUND in Germany, acting as the government of the Federal Republic of Germany.

This judgment is a fundamental judgment and is available to living, spiritually moral, rational beings. The copy of the judgment can be accessed or referred to by members of the Ama-gi koru É Kininigen Trust Association, stating their number, for use and forwarding into the system.

Individuals who continue to be subject to the status of the person (even if you believe you are not, you are, do not use “declarations of life” or other means propagated by the controlled fringe opposition, unless you have taken the steps taken by Kininigen) , becomes urgent It is recommended that you NOT use the content mentioned here for your own safety in order not to get caught in a crossfire. Our judgments are in the system and therefore known. 

Anyone who uses parts or content from it would experience very serious disadvantages without Kininigen's protective shield. This also applies to plagiarists and representatives of the justification “if you don’t want people to steal from you, then don’t put it online”. This knowledge has to work for the benefit of all beings, pursues a larger goal and is not there to be watered down by profit- and ego-driven self-promoters.