Hidden Truth Part 3

hidden truth part 3

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Hidden truth of this world

“A truth can only be effective when the recipient is ready for it.”

Christian Morgenstern

Hidden truth about this world and its rulers

part 3

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The tunnel of light at the end of life and The deception of the light

In the post hidden truth part 1, we have already touched on the principle of karma. That which us here as karma is revealed is the perversion of the sacred cosmic law, the principle of cause and effect, the act and its consequences.

Normally, the person who performs an action must also bear the resulting consequences in order to create a balance and restore balance. By withdrawing liability and shifting the beings that dominate this matrix, this cause/consequence principle was changed. The beings have managed to ensure that the consciousnesses incarnated here take over THEIR consequences for THEIR actions, for them. Through manipulation, lies, deception in many different forms. 

I have to honestly admit that it's sometimes difficult for me not to almost admire the ingenuity of this system. The way they made it possible is truly genius in a sick way. This principle of balance is used to intercept us after physical death and to make us “go with you” into the next incarnation, usually full of suffering and deprivation, in which we then serve as energy producers again. 

The demiurge in the Gnostic texts, his archons, their associated entities as accomplices, are responsible for the fact that the consciousnesses that are trapped here in this matrix have to incarnate here again and again. This represents a clear violation of the sacred cosmic laws, which in turn is circumvented by the rulers of this matrix through the expansion of free will.

In the “Free Universe” outside the corrupt demiurgic enslavement system, a being is free to incarnate on any planet it chooses. And the memories are not necessarily deleted either.

When a being's physical life comes to an end (after hundreds, perhaps thousands of years), He is free to return to our original source, the highest source of all beingto rest and then decide what it wants to do next. Whether, where and what experiences you would like to continue

That is why this process of the light tunnel with subsequent “evaluation”, which is activated here after physical death, is not natural. The transition from the illusion of the 3D level, the frequency change upon death, should not be a possibility oner hierarchical group of controlling, manipulative beings as “Guardians” of Karma, disrupted or even hijacked and used for their own purposes.

AIt's important to realize that we don't owe these entities ANYTHING. They have no added value for us, do not encourage us to develop further or to “learn” or “grow” anything. Without them we would be more effective, successful and essential in all of this more quickly.

They are nothing but manipulators, liars and simply parasites. And we need to start seeing them as exactly that.

A very important one Main tool which these parasites to manipulate a being into accepting almost endless reincarnation is the (false) “light revision” after his death

If the body, the body When a person dies, he moves into the astral realms and begins to shed most of his former identity.

The light that lives within him, as the spark of the highest source of all being that he is, begins to shine on his own. 

This is the actual light after death that you then see. If this process were to occur without interruption, this being's true light would emerge from within him and he would release, layer by layer, the limiting beliefs that arose in this incarnation.

However, in this moment, when all these different impressions and feelings occur after physical death, we are at our most vulnerable and this is the moment that brings these manipulative beings into action. 

At this very moment, they intercept the consciousness that is detaching itself from the body and occupy ITS radiant, shimmering light, which begins to shine out of itself, as its true core. They project this very light onto themselves, into the outside world.

This is why most people with near-death experiences report walking through a tunnel to the light. 

The dazzling, outer Presentation directs that consciousness from the light that arises from its own interior and hypnotizes it through frequency entrainment and activation of all possible religious programs to which the being had been exposed during its incarnation.


The light at the end of the tunnel as a trap

The archontic entities always know exactly which programming will have the most effective effect on the respective consciousness. They scan consciousness at the time of death and know what projection is necessary to get what they want. They know us better than we know ourselves. 

If it was the beloved grandma who will manipulate consciousness most effectively, then the grandma will appear. If it is a deeply believing Christian who awaits Jesus, it will be Jesus. It doesn't matter to these entities which lure they have to use - the 72 willing virgins of the Allah followers, the atheist's beloved dog, an old bearded man of the Christians... It doesn't matter to them, the main thing is that the consciousness comes into the light “voluntarily”. . This light is the reincarnation trap.


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An excellent piece of true disclosure was broadcast in Star Trek Voyager, Season 3 Episode 15, “The Will,” about the Archon Incarnation Trap.

There, Captain Janeway is tricked by an alien into believing she has died. The alien poses as her father and begs her to follow him into the light. She is suspicious of his intentions and refuses to go.


JANEWAY: This is the real me, isn't it? I'm lying on the ground on this planet and dying. And the, is the hallucination. This isn't real.

ALIEN: More denial. You're just making it harder for yourself.

JANEWAY: You're trying really hard to convince me to come with you. Why this? If what you say is true, then why don't you let me make the decision myself?

ALIEN: I'm trying to spare you unnecessary pain.

JANEWAY: My father would never act like that. He always believed I had to learn my own lessons and make my own mistakes. He never tried to protect me from life. Why would he try to protect me from death now? You're not my father. It could be that I'm just imagining you, but I don't think so. You have such a specific agenda. You are determined to make me go somewhere with you. Who are you?

ALIEN: I'm trying to help you. Stop fighting me.

JANEWAY: Are you some alien creature? Is that it?

[planet surface]

CHAKOTAY: Your eyes are open.
EMH: Vital signs responding. The blood pressure is sixty to thirty.
TUVOK: But the creature still inhabits her cerebral cortex and is interfering with your treatment.
CHAKOTAY: Kathryn, wait. We'll bring you back. Just fight a little more.
EMH: Direct synaptic stimulation could drive away the alien presence.

[exhibition hall]

JANEWAY: I was right. I heard Tuvok and Chakotay and the Doctor. You are an alien. You caused all these hallucinations, didn't you?

ALIEN: That's what my species does. Just before death, one of us comes down to help you understand what is happening and to make the transition an occasion of joy.

JANEWAY: And what is that?

ALIEN: This is our matrix in which your consciousness will live. I was honest when I told you it was a place full of wonders. It can be anything you want.

JANEWAY: Then why didn't you tell me that from the start? Why pretend you're my father?

ALIEN: Usually people feel comforted when they see their loved ones. This makes the crossing a much less scary event. I've done this many times, but I've never seen anyone so unruly.

[planet surface]

EMH: Something happened. The extraterrestrial presence is becoming stronger again.
CHAKOTAY: Fight it, Kathryn, just a little more.
EMH: I have to try a Thoron pulse.

[exhibition hall]

JANEWAY: My people tell me to fight. They're trying to save me.

ALIEN: They try it out of desperation. It is hopeless.

JANEWAY: You're the one who sounds desperate. I don't feel like you're trying to make me comfortable. All you care about is that I agree to come with you.

ALIEN: Because it's inevitable.

JANEWAY: And you don't strike me as a good Samaritan. You are more like like a vulture preying on people at the moment of their death, when they are most vulnerable.

ALIEN: I have been waiting for you. I was patient.

JANEWAY: But your patience is wearing thin. What is the real reason you want me in this matrix? Somehow I don't think it has anything to do with eternal joy.

ALIEN: You have to go with me.

JANEWAY: If you could force me to leave, you would have already done so. You need my approval, don't you? I have to go voluntarily.

ALIEN: Wouldn't that be better than standing here in this endless debate?

JANEWAY: Let me tell you this. We can stand here for eternity and I will never choose to go with you.

ALIEN: You have a dangerous job, Captain. You face death every day. It will come another time and I will wait. At some point you will come into my matrix and you will feed me for a long, long time.

JANEWAY: Go back to hell, you coward.

[Captain Janeway then discusses the encounter with one of her crew members.]

CHAKOTAY: I can understand that. I can't help but think about it. This alien, his matrix, he was like the spider that has to lure a fly into its web.

JANEWAY: Do you think it's possible that each of the near-death experiences we've heard about are the result of alien colonization?

When the individual is then filled with a feeling of universal love and connection after projecting their own light outside, they are suggested or told that this feeling comes from the external “light beings” that surround them.

In truth, however, this feeling of universal unity and love comes from INSIDE the consciousness and is reflected back to it by these archontic lying beings as guardians of karma. The individual has no time to think about what is happening because they are then quickly moved into the “review” phase of their life with a “life review”. A short film about his life is shown, focusing on the disappointments, unfulfilled desires, painful experiences and hurtful actions that the consciousness has experienced in his life.

Through this biased and manipulated “life review,” consciousness is made to feel bad about its life, which is exactly what these archontic beings want.

Dem BeKnowledge is then communicated by themthat despite having failed in so many things in his life,
gets the chance to return again and “do everything right” in a new incarnation. The
still very sensitive and vulnerable,
is then of course grateful for this chance for redemption and takes it
Agreements that these entities, who act as guardians of karma, present to him in order to reincarnate.

The love and empathy inherent in consciousness becomes a trap here as it is used against consciousness itself.

If the being was raised with Christian indoctrination, it will encounter “Jesus and the angels,” but may be told that it is not yet “worthy” to “enter the kingdom of heaven.” Of course, the fear of being sent to hell is so strong in their belief system that they take the chance and reincarnate again in order to become “worthy” and for the “kingdom God's ” to be able to enter, which is in reality the realm of the Jaldabaoth and in principle only has a different density than the 3D of the matrix.

On this level of the “heavenly realm”, in the middle to upper astral region, the consciousness then waits for reincarnation, nahdem it her has agreed. This realm is beautifully decorated with nature simulations, beautiful views, and a staff of “guardian angels” who ensure that creatures return to Earth when their time comes. Of course, these “guardians” are actually parasitic shepherds looking after their flock and there is NO permission for them consciousnesses, who are held in this realm, to go somewhere else than back to the 3D level.


The daily and minute manipulation that we experience on the material 3D level is a reflection of the manipulation and deception on the other levels of the “astral realms”. 

In the event that the content of a person's life, his unhealed wounds and unfulfilled desires are not enough to convince him that he needs to reincarnate, he is presented with an even bolder deception. 

He is shown a past life that is supposed to have been his own and in which he allegedly is said to have committed terrible crimes. He is told that for this reason he must reincarnate into a life under severe conditions, to “work off” this bad karma.

In reality, the life that is shown is NOT his own, but rather the actions of a being that is closely related to it archontic hierarchy of lies and has made a pact with them in order not to have to take energetic responsibility for his actions.

Everything is tried and done for this, hauptthing the consciousness comes back into your system. The malevolent energy thisr criminal beings are then projected onto the individual who is led to believe that es was once this terrible criminal who committed all the crimes. 

This consciousness then accepts agreements to "work off" the "bad karma" that he (supposedly) created himself, without realizing that it was all a lie to keep him subjugated and enslaved. 

This is done to obtain the consent of the To steal consciousness, to gain consent in order to regain it force him to reincarnate and make him responsible for crimes he never committed. Through this manipulation, a contractual basis is created, a legitimation for the actions of these beings - at that moment and later during the incarnation, due to which the next life of this consciousness will be filled with unreasonable harshness, in order to be able to squeeze even more energy out of him.

This karmic transference enables the system associated with the archontic beingto avoid the consequences of their own actions, which they norwould have to work through it yourself.

This transmission also occurs on a large scale to the population of the planet through forms of mass mind control through the creation of defining events (9/11 and the subsequent reduction of freedom and rights as an example) and media manipulation. 

It is a similar mechanism to that of individual consciousnesses. It is achieved through subconscious agreements and occurs with the help of television, newspapers, etc., company logos, Vyield all kinds with the operating system, their Jurisdictions and all of hers other “matrix institutions” embedded within it.


What to do after death?

Hidden Truth Part 3 Kininigen

Now that we know what happens after death and what this light trap is, let's turn to the question of what to do to escape it.

As in hidden truth part 1 written, the 3D level is the denser level and what is created here has a much greater weighting, as if from the more subtle levels of this matrix. 

If we truly recognize who we are, what we are and accept our creative power here, in this deeply limited, difficult and manipulated level, it will be almost impossible to manipulate and subjugate us.

It is important to get rid of the programming that has been forced on us here, the brainwashing, no matter what kind it is. No matter whether it is the New Age movement, monotheistic religions with their God, Allah, Jesus, Jaldabaoth as Yahweh/Jehowah, the Indian caste system, etc. 

Step out of them a bit and look at them from the outside.
Look at yourself and the world from outside.
Question EVERYTHING. No matter how firmly anchored it is in you.
Why else have you been given the ability to discern? 

If you, for example, through Part 2 Jesus fans who are made to gasp by this treatise are not allowed to question anything about what you are then obliged to believe, then what are you? Sheep that naturally always have to run after the front ass that is in front of you? Or then, rational beings with a divine spirit? If your mind was never meant to be used, then what was it given to you by “God”?

Recognize that you are just as perfect as your origin. If you are flawed, then your source must be flawed. If your source is perfect, then you must necessarily be as perfect as the source from which you come. 

The truth is, the Supreme Source of All Being is complete and “whole”, perfect, omniscient and since we all (i.e. the real consciousnesses, not the organic portals) have sprung from it as a part, as a spark, you are just like it.

If I draw water from a lake with a vessel, there is exactly the same thing in both the lake and the vessel, separately from each other. So recognize this deception of this separation. 

You are a part of the Highest Source of All Being, in your own vessel. But only in amnesia. 

However, since the Organic Portals have arisen from a source of deficiency, from the Archons who rule here, they are just as imperfect as their source. Originating from entities that came here from the other omniverse, who simply function in a completely different way than we do, confused by the separation from THEIR source of their omniverse, they can only create flawed things here and depend on us to feed them feed.

(Again, I know that what is written in part 2 goes completely against the New Age teaching “Everything is ONE”. Precisely because this teaching is a lie. Because through this teaching they can enslave and enslave and legitimize everything, what they do. Because in their invasion here they would like everything to be ONE.)

Outside the confines of this matrix, we are capable of creating worlds. In fact, most of you reading this now have done this many times before this time. You just forgot. So it is important to remember who we are and that no one, absolutely no one and nothing can impose His will on you against your will and can rise above you unless you consent to it. Voluntarily. Only then is it possible. 

You are so powerful that the only one who can bind your power is you (other than the Supreme Source of All Being, of course). This is exactly what was done, through multiple deceptions. The consciousnesses here have been made to bind themselves. 

However, it is important to stay in the “middle”. Not to tip over into the satanically wrong. A sovereign has no need to rule, nor does he need to be ruled. A sovereign, as an eternal consciousness, respects and respects his counterpart and gives him the space and will that his counterpart has.

If you become aware of all these facts, you will experience physical death differently. As what it is, frequency change, the shedding of the shackles of the material.
Depending on how you realize all of this and internalize it, the entities will most likely not even receive you after your “death”. Because they know that you know who you are and it would be pointless to try. Maybe not, depending.

Otherwise. Go nowhere, go with no one. No matter what they offer you, what they promise you, how they threaten you. 

Arrange with your loved ones that you don't meet here after death, but that each of you goes outside the matrix for yourself, without distraction. That you meet in space outside of this matrix. You know what the light is that begins to shine after death and becomes brighter and brighter. That it doesn't come from outside of you.

Stay focused and solely on yourself. In peace. Your thoughts become instant reality there, which is why these beings always rush to show up after death to intercept it.

All our lives, from childhood, we are afraid of the dark. This is not the case without reason. We are frightened and influenced by them in the darkness, from the beginning of babyhood, because that is their capital at the moment of death.

Because the “darkness” that we see after death is the space of possibilities. It is the stuff from which we can create, it is the everything in nothing. They illuminate this “darkness” with their pale light and suggest to us that they are the “solution”.

Don't let yourself be distracted by anything, by any “beauty trap” that you could use such as music, projections, light, created feelings. It is important to be completely focused. They have technology and know us better than we know ourselves. So this deep knowledge, from the process of knowing who you are, is the key. This internalization of this knowledge needs to be practiced in 3D.

Perhaps the easiest way to do this is to concentrate on going back to the Highest Source of All Being - the original source. From me, perhaps also to YOUR own HIGHEST source, because it will have created you. Himself, emanating from the Highest Source of All Being. (As I said, the so-called eons emerged first in the creation cycle, the first or direct children of the highest source of all being. This “first” is meant apart from any value or hierarchy. Aeons then created themselves over the course of “time”. “Children” who are nevertheless and inevitably a spark of the highest source of all being.)

With this desire to return to the highest source of all being - as the original source, you can't do anything wrong and you can't be deceived. 

There you can then think about what you want to do.

The external border, the border crossing so to speak, is Saturn. There it is important to state firmly and repeatedly to the beings that one is willing to leave this matrix. If you should meet them.
To leave this deception and her world. 

Here too, this arrangement must be repeated three times.



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This short film, “Alma” by Rodrigo Blaas, is also an incredibly good exposure of the truth of being trapped in this matrix. Reflections, free will, luring and deception, the body as a prison... the whole video is a short piece of art, full of elementary and graphically represented meaning.

By the way, Alma means “soul” in Spanish and “eternity” in Aramaic.

Also Disney made a name for itself with its animated film “Soul” such a disclosure film, which is intended to serve our programming “to go into the light and then reincarnate again”. The soul that initially refuses to incarnate again ultimately goes down into the material plane and of course finds it good.

This is how mass manipulation works. About our subconscious, in this case processed in a child-friendly way, since the long-term programming is set in the child's consciousness. 

Disney had also already discussed the generation of energy through the fear of children and the harvesting of this energy Movie Monster AG enlightened. In this trailer, the monsters that come at night to withdraw energy are addressed, the “one-eye symbolism” and Saturn (the symbolism also serves as an identification symbol for those involved in the system, which is why the figures of the controlled opposition usually have one or two such symbols or recognition handles - so that they know within the system that you belong). 

There are also plenty of films for adults that subconsciously feed these topics into our subconscious and program us (for them) as desired. So that at the end of death we can go into the light. That it is the only right thing and that we will experience the perfection that we so desperately seek in our entire earthly life. The series “Ghost Whisperer”, for example, is all about leading the deceased “into the light” after their death and each episode ends with a deceased person going ecstatically joyful into the “light” and there seemingly complete happiness falls on him waits. Later in the series, the faction that keeps consciousnesses from going into the light is introduced as the evil ones. 

In this context, I also find it fascinating that the controlled “Q” movement is defined by this motto: “From Dark, to Light”. 

When “people” become restless, the entities provide a controlled channel for the energy of the turmoil to channel this resulting unrest. Preferably one like “Q” who promises you everything is “under control”, “enjoy the show”, soon we will have saved you and all you have to do is sit quietly on the sofa, eat popcorn and waiting. This is also a contract when you join this movement (also spiritually). 

As with Corona, for the problem created, a counter-opposition was also provided at the same time. Mr. Füll-mich (nomen est omen) who supposedly wanted to go to court, as he did 20 years ago with the junk real estate scandal, when he also cheated many people out of their money through the product “Hope” he offered, and so on, has stalled many. Or the Michael Ball-weg, who himself comes from the Freemason Riga, who founded the lateral thinkers with the demon strations that changed absolutely nothing (except perhaps that people got a little more “fresh” air).

A problem is created, a supposed solution is offered and a rich energy harvest is reaped while the “people” are busy with the solution provided. This will also be the same real Oppositions are nipped in the bud – because something is already “there”.

Entry into the matrix from outside

Another very important aspect dhe us from the ruling beings of this matrix imposed wearth, are the original “entry agreements” that all beings and consciousnesses, which in dThis occupied matrix is coming
have to enter into at all
to be able to be here.

The consciousness is always “scanned”, they read our energetic signature, which contains everything about our true self, and present us with a corresponding contract.

The consciousnesses that are particularly dangerous for these entities are... the corresponding incarnations, which usually completely break the will of the consciousness in the course of his life. So that this consciousness does not get around to the tasks that it has set itself and which it is here to fulfill, Sync and corrections by n17t01 fulfillen.

These entry clauses almost always include: tspatial childhood, physical and psychologicale violence, there abusive parents, traumatizing experiences, cruel lives of all kinds, implants, recruitment as light workers, even circumstances that bring about the death of consciousness so that incarnation does not occur.

They are very creative - thanks to their incredibly long experience in this field. They always know exactly who we are and if you can look back on a particularly difficult life so far, then whiteßt you now what the reason for this is.

Many of us came from the unoccupied rooms from outside here into this matrixto help with this, i.ethis to dismantle the demiurgic system from the inside out to bring down their system of rule. This project has this “frub consciousnesses” imposes an extensive list of coercive agreements to limit their effectiveness and stop them. To the point that after a few incarnations they have completely forgotten who they are and what they came here to do in the first place - while they are busy enduring the blows of life.

The most of Beknew his from the free space outside who came here were quite confident that they will overcome these limitations, for with all their imagination they could not imagine the cruelty of being here, within the Matrix.

There is this different Variations dthis email Entry contracts, but no one comes in here without strict conditions. No matter how many forced entry agreements we have, it is important to dissolve, eliminate, all of these agreements. Hhere is back to the Soul contract termination referred.

Because these creatures don't make it easy for you. It took several years to create this resolution and I was often surprised at the creative ideas they came up with. Such as contracts with the ancestors, about oneself as the content of the contract. (So to speak, the promise made to the devil about the firstborn, which we know from some fairy tales.)

Simply saying “I dissolve all agreements with all beings” doesn’t work. That would be too easy. The more precisely and precisely you can name the agreements, the better. Simply reading a cancellation agreement is not sufficient. You have to WANT it. Deep from within yourself.

It must consciously can be read and visualized. In Bcalling on one's own creative power and one's own free will. No one, no being, can place their will above ours. Your own free will is the highest right (but please don't tip over into satanic behavior. Always remember that every action requires a consequence and a balance.).

So if you decide to do something of your own free will, for example a contract that also took place under duress, manipulation, deception, concealment of parts and consequences, so nothing and no one can stop you from doing it, ouchßit to yourself and at most to the highest source of all being, which, however, would never do anything that does not serve your highest good.

You can't go wrong with soul contract termination. Because anything that doesn't serve your highest good will not be implemented, it's that simple.

Mwith the time is it then always easier to dig deeper to find more agreements once you start reneging on them. Like an onion whose layers you heypeels down.

Often are agreement also split into different fragments to make them harder to find. For example, there may be agreements about difficult love relationships, difficult relationships with parents, siblings, friends, etc., or similar relationships from our ancestors that we have inherited for them. These are all different agreementspuzzle piecesthat specifies must be named be removed to be able to. Kinesiological inquiry helps here. (Always drink a glass of water beforehand, otherwise the result can be distorted and the best possible way to exclude external influences from attachments and/or entities.)

Ain helpful tool is außFirstly, to imagine a vacuum of the highest source of all being and everything that is not useful for one's own highest well-being for the highest good of all beings. 

With this you can remove limiting energies, defend your own sovereign energy boundaries, send alien thought forms, etheric implants, soulless beings and attachments into the vacuum and it will then, from the Highest Source of All Being, deal with it according to their standard. 

So, in our limitations here on the lower level, we don't presume to know everything, understand it and believe we know exactly what the right thing to do is.

It sends a cold shiver down my spine every time I often read how proud many are people other Giving advice on leading/sending/accompanying deceased souls into the light.

I have an acquaintance, who told me, she is always included by an ascended master council and then has to decide who incarnates where in that case. (I can't verify to what extent this was true, but I think it is, because I have seen the beings she worked with myself at one point seen). I was horrified. I tried to make it clear to her at the time that she was being used for karmitechnical consequences for what these beings do and the for them, with this interaction inevitably arise and are thereby postponed. 

In which she agrees to do this because in her possibly what is being called, how important it is, thats she can decide something like that. It is truly sad and indicative of the effectiveness of this systemHow easily conscious minds can be deceived and not see through these parasites.

All these naive actions have consequences of a not too limited nature. Therefore, in this case, it is better to leave the correct action to the Highest Source of All Being itself.

In case of attacks should you warn the creatures that attack you beforehand and announce to themthat this is exactly what you will do to them if they do not stop their attacks or disappear before you suck them in with this “vacuum” and send them to the Highest Source of All Being. In this way we too preserve the sacred cosmic principle of free will.

It may sound more complicated than it is at first, but anyone can do it. We are much, much more powerful than we are taught and told. Yes, it's just too secret and teaches the opposite by saying that we are weak "human beings", that we can't do anything, that "to err is human". 

All of this is a lie and the truth is that the beings who control this matrix are afraid of us awakening and accepting and living our true creative power, who we are. Because if that happens, then they have lost and their system falls.

It is our right to defend our borders, not to be parasitic. We don’t have to “embrace everything” (wink wink at a commercial direction). It is our legitimate and legitimate right to say “NO”. It is even our duty! 

As conscious and thinking rational beings, We have a responsibility to draw boundaries and not have to watch any injustice. To say an inner no to the things that happen outside, which are caused by the ruling system on 3D as governments or institutions like that WHO or something like that, to be decided. 

This inner no deprives them of the energetic legitimacy to do what they do. This is much more effective than half-hearted demonstrations (Demon strategy – according to stretched out, stratiostrātio, ōnis, f. (sterno), covering with blankets (carpets) when organizing a banquet Setting up the dining room = thus the preparation of the dining room for demons). 

We don't have to control, manipulate, use, nor in any way get raped. No one has the right to put their will above mine. Just as I am not given the right to put my will above that of someone else. 

Stop this installed Principle of Christianity for pacification and toleration "“Turn the other cheek too” because it was designed for exactly that reason. So that we, small, powerless and patient, let everything happen to us, with the donkey carrot of reward for our tolerance in the supposed kingdom of heaven. Also stop believing that anyonedwhen the savior comes. 

There are no rescuers in the Außen, the system has taken great care of this and is designed to ensure that this does not happen. All the figures installed outside are there precisely to keep you quiet and inactive. Wait patiently. That's why we are programmed with fairy tales in childhood: wait and see "pretty princess", at some point the prince will come on the white horse who will save you and take you to his kingdom. So that we wait idly for something all our lives and don't take action ourselves.

The hidden truth of this world is, the guardians of this world, the guardians of karma, the guardians of this prison planet, our guardians and oppressors who have elevated themselves to rulers, are parasites. Nothing more than disgusting parasites that have infected this world and are preying on us and feeding on us. All their gods, angels, demons, gurus, masters and all the other names they give themselves like God, YHWH, Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, Yaldabaoth, Satan, Saturn, Baphomet, Azrael, Michael etc... are actually only meant to be in front of us hide who they are. 

Powerless parasites with no creative power that feed on us through deception. Can only feed on us because we feed them with our energy, through our homage, our worship, our fear, our love. Who put themselves above us so that they can oppress us in order to get what they want. They need us. However, we don't need them in any way and that is the truth they keep secret from us. The hidden truth they fear.

Get rid of all this shit all these belief systems, with denen we were stuffed to the point of vomiting and reprogramhed yourselves. You are a part of the Highest Source of All Being that at some point went out to play, create and create.

In a tiny part of themselves, just as perfect as on a large scale – perfect, omniscient and “quite" like the original source yourself. Because from her since you came at some point. Just like the drop of the ocean, it contains the same information like the ocean itself, in the same way we, as sparks of the Supreme Source of All Being, contain all of its attributes.


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The Fountainhead 1949:

Vor thousands of years ago the first human being discovered how to make fire. He probably burned on the pyre he taught his brothers to light. But he left them a gift and took away the darkness from the earth. 

Throughout the centuries there have been people who have taken their first steps into a new world. With your vision as your only tool.
The greatest creators, the thinkers, the artists, the scientists, the inventors, stood alone before their contemporaries. Every new thought was fought. Every new invention was vilified. 

But the people with their own vision continued. They fought, suffered and paid. But they won. No creator was motivated by a desire to please his brothers. His brothers hated his gift. 

His truth was his only motive. His work was his only goal. His work. Not those who took advantage of them. His work, not what others gained from it. His work that gave shape to his truth. 

He placed his truth above everything else and against all people. He continued whether others agreed with him or not. 

With his integrity as his only banner, he was a servant of nothing and no one. He lived for himself and only by living for himself was he able to create the things that contribute to the glory of humanity. This is the essence of human achievement. 

Man is able to survive through his mind alone. He comes into the world unprepared. His brain is his only weapon.
But the mind is a characteristic of the individual. There is no such thing as a collective mind. The person who thinks must think and act independently. 

The creative mind is hindered by any form of coercion. He can never be subjected to the needs, the views, the desires of others and he is not something that can be sacrificed. 

The creative person feels obliged to his own judgment. The parasite agrees with the opinions of others.
The creative person thinks, the parasite imitates.
The creative man produces, the parasite plunders.
The creative human being is concerned with victory over nature, the parasite is concerned with the victory over man.

The creative person needs independence. He is neither a servant nor a ruler. His dealings with other people are characterized by voluntariness.
The parasite strives for power. He wants to dominate all people and chained together as slaves. He claims that Humans are just tools in the service of others. That he has to think like they think, act like they act and that he in joyless slavery, must live for the needs of others, not for His own. 

Look at the story. Everything we have, everything that has advanced people, comes from the voluntary work of an independent spirit. Every atrocity and every destruction comes from the effort to force people into one Herd of soulless robots to transform, without personal rights, without personal desires, without will, without hope or dignity. This is an old conflict. In other words, the individual versus the collective.

Our country, the noblest in the history of humanity was built on individualism. on the principle of inalienable rights the individual. It was a country in which people were free to make their own fortunes and get ahead. Not to give up and do without. To thrive. Not to suffer from lack. To achieve something through performance. Not to be looted.
To consider it as one's highest good, one's personal self-esteem, and one's highest virtue, one's self-respect. Look at the result: the collectivists are now demanding that you destroy these achievements. How so much on earth has already been destroyed.

I am an architect, I recognize what is to come based on the principle after it is built. We are approaching a world in which I cannot allow myself to live. My ideas are something that belongs to me. They were taken from me by force. My contract was broken. It was impossible for me to defend myself. 

Some felt that my work was available to other people. They believed that they had a claim on me and that it was my duty to serve them involuntarily and unpaid. Now you know why I blew up Cortland. 

I designed Cortland. I made it possible. I destroyed it. I designed Cortland because I wanted to see it built the way I wanted. That was the price I asked for it. 

I haven't been paid. My design was distorted at the whim of others who took advantage of my work and gave me nothing in return.

I want to tell them that I don't believe anyone is entitled to even a minute of my life. Not even a fraction of my energy. Not even on an achievement from me. No matter who makes the claim. That's important to me. 

The world is perishing in an orgy of self-sacrifice. I came here to... Name of every independent person, that still exists in the world, to be heard. I wanted to state my terms. I don't recognize others for my work and my life. I am convinced that people have the right to live their lives as individuals.

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Deception of separation

The many layers of deception of the demiurgic beings are based on the BIG LIE that we are told by the eternal highest source All being, the original source of everything in our omniverse, are separated.

this is not true and was also never true. We were never cut off or separated. We just forgot about that connection. It lay fallow, but it did she always was there.

A being can choose to ignore its connection, to believe that it is not there. Yes, even believing that it has severed that connection, but believing a lie does not make it true because truth is not relative. Truth is truth. Whether you believe in it or not is the same as the eternal truth.

The supreme universal law is very simple: All beings are sovereign and have free will to express their creative urges in any way they choose, but no being has the right to hurt and harm others. 

The corollary of this law is also very simple: since all living beings are sovereign, they also have the right to protect themselves from harm, using the amount of force necessary to prevent the harm, even if it results in destruction of the person who caused the damage.

Hidden Truth Part 3

The slave owners in this matrix and their henchmen and deceivers of the spiritual domination of lies are clearly and completely violating universal lawe. The LAST thing this hierarchy of liars wants is for humanity to uuniversal principle Understanding “Law of Attraction” which states that the actions of a being always influence them
fall back.
They circumvent this principle by coercing and manipulating other beings to agree, becoming victims and slaves and by convincing other beings to take responsibility for their crimes through karmic transference.

The moment we declare: “I am sovereign and NO being has the right to take my energy, no matter whether it is material or intangible or to impose his will on me,” this game changes radically. From this
outthat we are sovereign individuals of the Supreme Source of All Being, we can exercise our sovereign rights, including dhe legitimate defense. Because the propagated Eso view that one should then send light and love to the evil one is also misinformationthis lyingsystems.

They don't care whether you love them or hate them. Both are energy that is consumed and utilized. They do not speak the language of love and it is useless to meet them in love if they do not respect our declared will. The fact that we are all one and connected cannot be generalized like that. 

Firstly, they are intruders who are based on completely different rules than we do and we do not share the same origins with them and secondly, they have no right to put their will above ours and force us to do things we don't want. 

Even if we share the same origin with someone or something, down here on 3D, the tiger that would eat you, it doesn't matter that we were originally one. Because different legislation is currently in effect here.





“The masses do not judge at all or judge incorrectly. The judgments that the masses accept are only imposed judgments, never tested.”

These beings fear our self-knowledge, they fear these truths that they keep hidden from us so that we are eternally ignorant and susceptible to manipulation.

They fear this inner awakening because it will herald the end of their rule as it will starve them. These entities are not connected to the Supreme Source of All Being, therefore, they need an alternative source of energy which they have found from humanity in the form of worship, worship, faith, contracts with counterparties, distorted sexuality, delusion, confusion, apathy, struggle, pain, suffering, hatred, death, etc.

Just like above, same here below. The system of governments, so-called offices, authorities, chambers, etc., which also dominates us in matter, is also afraid of the masses that are under the heel of their shoes, that this mass will discover a way out of it. 

That's why all the aspects of our lives are controlled and regulated so much in matter and rebellious people are hunted down with bans on thinking, concepts, peer pressure. So that the apparatus of coercion, which is controlled by the archontic entities, remains at the top. Because the truth is, sovereign, free beings - not what we have been formed into since childhood, into unthinking, unquestioning, authority-believing, spineless shadows of ourselves, need no system and no control. 

Because their being in themselves, in their entirety, their natural ability to judge between right and wrong would serve as navigation for them. The system is also a parasite that feeds on the actions of those it enslaves. Himself and the masses of accomplices who are supposed to control us. Accomplices who cover each other in the criminal acts they commit. accomplices our time that we borrowed, stealing with meaningless conditions and regulations, to which we are subjected in life.

We are given penalties for fictitious damages that we have to fulfill. A whole being, in wholeness and truth, knows that driving through a red light as an example would harm others. But if something like that happens because we have to drive through countless traffic lights, he will be punished because he is supposed to pay for the damage. What damage? Is the traffic light broken? No. Was anyone harmed? No. But where is the damage that this being is supposed to pay for with his time, in the form of work performed, in the form of money? There is no regulation of the system that has been “violated”. Didn't wear a mask and got caught - pay. Who was injured (except the person wearing the mask himself), no one. But that's not the point.


Jules Joseph Lefebvre The Death of Priam 2 Min

Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological condition that a prisoner develops after years of torture at the hands of his tormentor. With all hope lost, they cope with their rape and imprisonment by "falling in love", protecting and even worshiping their tormentor/rapist.

It's for control. Sign of submission. The creature was not obedient and it is important for the system to train it to remain obedient. That is the goal of all the regulations that we are constantly subject to. The extortion of our energy in the form of money and the constant punishment at the slightest incidents of conditioning to keep one constantly in fear and within the allotted small square (which is getting smaller and smaller) of “rights” that are granted. 

So this being never comes up with the “stupid idea” of rebelling on a large scale. This also keeps your attention focused on the thousands upon thousands of useless rules, which is why you never have time to deal with really important things. It is a training to follow meaningless orders and laws, so the brain is programmed not to question things - to protect itself, because otherwise it would crash like a computer due to the blatant senselessness. This circumstance is used for their own purposes.


You servants, be obedient to your physical ones Gentlemen with fear and trembling, in the simplicity of your heart, as Christ; not with service in mind alone, as pleasing men, but as servants of Christ, doing this will of God from your heart, with good will. Let it seem to you that you serve the LORD and not men, knowing that whatever good any one does, that will he receive from the LORD, whether he is a slave or a free man. And you masters, do the same to them and stop threatening them; Know that your LORD also is in heaven, and is with him no respect of persons.

Unnamed 1

Because in return, what we get in return is ridiculous. The same “protection” that is also common in organized crime when extorting protection money - protection from a danger that is created in advance by the “protector” himself and from which one is then “protected”. 

You ask the system in balance for the obedience and submission they commanded us after legal certainty, after assuming liability for their actions in the form of a signature, you will never get it. Why do we need a state then? What would change in visible, external interpersonal life if we made all fictional concepts disappear? – Absolutely nothing would change. 

Every action continues to be carried out by the living being. One sovereign Wesn goes to another. In order for an agreement to be effective, it is necessary none Fiction of the system, of the state, which is kept alive solely by the mental imagination of individuals.

Even the controlled opposition of commerce keeps preaching like a prayer wheel “we need the system” we have to “participate in the system”. This is a misconception. The system needs us. What does a person need? Peace, security, a roof over your head, food (the last two, even only after the genetic modification made to us). And if one were to grant him the truth and all that, he would have no ambitions for “more, more, and more” because he would be aware of the cosmic laws, because then he could live his being.

It is not the people (as these incarnated, eternal consciousnesses) who want war, are guided by greed, envy, hatred, resentment. But it is the archontic beings behind it, their rank and file of the “elite” ruling here and their NPCs, the organic portals, who always call for something like this and incite the true consciousnesses, forcing them to do so through the appearance of the majority.

Never before has a person stood up and shouted: “Today I feel like going to war and killing others, leaving my wife and children at home in insecurity and fear in order to capture more land for my rulers!” Rather, something like this is always forced on people through deception, manipulation, coercion. It is a lie! that “people” are bad. They are those who appear to us as “people” and are not.

We are not destroying the earth, instigating wars, exploiting people, it is the archontic beings through their “elites”. All the very rich, powerful human-appearing representatives of the government, nobility, elite are ALL hybrids and not “humans” like we are. So what “system” do we need? The simulation of states with governments, with their hierarchical and opaque structure? The system of Person? Both serve solely to shift liability and responsibility. Exactly what those in power at all levels love to avoid their responsibilities. An eternal consciousness doesn't need that. A sovereign stands by his actions and takes responsibility. Simply because he doesn't always shape his existence parasitically at the expense of others.

Therefore, it is important to recognize that it is not “we humans” who are destroying the earth and being cruel. It is important to recognize that it is the archontic beings and their accomplices and to leave the consequences of all these actions with them and not to take it upon us as “humans”. No longer be willing to accept liability for their actions. Expressing a clear no internally.

Another heresy, with which we infected was said, theress we are not allowed to judge and that there is no such thing as right and wrong. The it's all just an experience meant to teach us a lesson and let us grow from it

While it's true that we can learn valuable lessons from adverse circumstances, that doesn't mean it
is necessary or desirable, constantly oppressed, manipulated, implanted, deceived, enslaved and
energetic to be emptied. If it was really about learning here, the learning experiences would be balanced. 

People would have to have a 50/50 share of good and bad experiences. How many happy people
do you know? Truly happy ones? I don't know anyone in my area. And when I asked the people around me about it, no one knew anyone who was REALLY happy.

All these Experiences are such, of which humanity already has far too muche has made and everything we learned from it, as I said, we could have done it more easily, faster and more effectively without all the suffering in endless repetition,
be able to learn

We live in a holographic matrix and this life here on earth is an illusion or like a dream.
If Earth is supposed to be a school to which we return again and again until we have learned all our lessons, then why don't we remember this fact? That would be counterproductive. We should at least remember that we are in school to learn, not to have our entire memory erased. At school we also constantly receive a report card as feedback so that we know whether we are making progress or not and where there is room for improvement. 

We have been reincarnated here for thousands of years. How many lives does a COLLECTIVE need to learn? What should a collective even be? We are all unique individuals, so why does everyone have to “stay put”?  Originally, this was intended to serve as a playing field for entertainment, for the sparks of the highest source of all being. For since we arise as part of her, we are just like her, beautiful, perfect, all-knowing.
So how do you pass the time when you are omniscient - you play games, create, experience yourself.

So while we are in the light after death, we either have all knowledge or have full access to all knowledge and still say we are here on earth to learn. Why would we even need to come to earth to learn if knowledge is like this and is easily available there? 

And then, after thousands upon thousands of incarnations, we supposedly still haven't learned enough about love and are implied that the learning never ends.

Jean Delville Justice Of The Past1 Min
Ilya Repin 1885 Ivan the Terrible 1 min
Jean Delville Justice Of Moses2 Min

It's okay to judge. How else are we supposed to differentiate? what is right and wrong. Making decisions is part of our existence. These decisions require judgment.

There's nothing wrong with that. I confess and stand by the fact that I condemn the actions of these beings here and their system. Both the beings of the planesßoutside the material plane of 3D, as well as the accomplices and perpetrators of injustice on 3D. 

I condemn exploitation, I condemn coercion, I condemn the violence and injustice that is the order of the day in the operating system. I condemn what they do WHO does what that WEF what the UN employees do with the children and women in crisis regions, what the so-called elites do with those incarnated as humans and with the earth and all the suffering they cause. 

With such a judgment, I deprive the beings in the background and the people in the foreground of the legitimacy on an energetic level for their actions. This makes their actions much, much more difficult.

They were only able to wreak havoc for so long because they were let. Silence is consent! They have that Jlived for thousands of years. 

YOUR word is important. You are important. And YOU count. If your parents, teachers, etc. taught you the opposite as a child, know that it was wrong and take it as a compliment to your power, which made it necessary for the system to limit, undermine and suppress you.

Most of our consciousnesses incarnated here are essentially unconscious and are being raped. Those who are awake or awake have, by their very existence, the responsibility to condemn injustice. Anyone who “walks past” all of these “rapes” and justifies their passing by saying that they ultimately wanted it that way is actively participating in this injustice system that dominates this matrix and legitimizes it.

There is no growth or “lesson” that a child, no matter what age, can gain from this pull can be violently raped. And also on all of themn other sick thingsn, that the satanic system of the dark side is driving here. No ifs, ands, or buts. Point. (Adrenochrome is the material equivalent of the energetic essence as energy on the higher levels that we supply. The film “Jupiter Ascending” as a continuation and deeper explanation, after the Matrix film series, addresses this wonderfully.)

And everybody, the this whole thing here as oneen Part of the learning experience defended, suffers from cognitive dissonance, is subject to the disorder of Stockholm-Syndromes and urgently needs help because he himself is a victim who protects his perpetrators and their actions.

However, this is not an invitation to start judging in a “personal” environment. Normally we never know what motives and background our counterpart has. Responsibility and sovereignty is a fine line that always requires an alert mind and introspection.



Immanuel Kant

“Lack of judgment is actually what is called stupidity, and there is no remedy for such a defect.”


It's inherently wrong to harm another being who has done nothing to us. Thiss This is a simple concept we should heed to free our minds from the twisted “logic” presented to us in the teachings of the “New Age” that would have us believe that the incredible amount of suffering inflicted on humanity is entirely their own merit and is a wonderful learning experience, which is why we should not do anything to help others alleviate their own suffering.

Even modern parenting guides say that you learn faster through praise. For example, when training a dog, it would be absurd to try to teach the animal something by constantly hitting and kicking it. Dog owners know that it learns better through positive encouragement, praise and good treatment - "treats" than if it were constantly beaten.

One of the main roots for all these problems is the concept of hierarchy. There are hierarchical organizational systems (mostly male-dominated) all over the world. Hierarchy is an insidious, disempowering system of authority, obedience and slavery that must be overcome in order to heal ourselves and our world.

Even alternatively active groups ask us at Kininigen: “What, you don’t have a king?" "No?!? But who should govern then?” We don't need to be GOVERNED. A sovereign and a resting, whole being neither needs to be governed nor does it want to govern.

That's exactly how it is with all these alleged ones “spiritual” hierarchies that demand and promote enslavement, subjugation and blind obedience. Yaldabaoth, Saturn, Yahweh, Satan, among all his many names and his minions of archangels, false ascended masters, ETs, demons, etc., are the ultimate embodiment of a degenerate hierarchy that drains life force and leaves only suffering and destruction in its wake.

Overcoming the metaphysical hierarchy is a process of self-liberation, achieving self-knowledge, gaining knowledge of the universal and earthly Natural laws and the exercise of our sovereign will.

We must remember and recognize that we are a part of the Supreme Source of All Being and complete connected to her are. If we do that internalize, recognize ourselves and it not just on an intellectual, abstract At the level of thinking, we realize that there is NO legitimate authority outside of ourselves. There is only inner authority and self-government that, when guided by the understanding of the uUniversal law prohibits actions to undertake the would harm others.

AIt is important neither to give up personal responsibility nor to fall into the other extreme, which is what we are living now. Dem what the entities teach us with their false teachings. Your shifting of all karma to us, through voluntary acceptance:

Do you have a shitty life? - Then you are himself fault.

Had a traumatic and difficult life? – You are working off karma from previous lives or have chosen to do so in order to learn something.

Or the postponement of liability because one is “not allowed to judge” and has not said “no”. – It’s your own fault.

This is the mindset of our prison guards. This needs to be put away. Urgent. We did not decide or cause everything that happens to us ourselves. Get rid of this misconception.

By controlling and manipulating EVERYTHING around us, down to the smallest details, we are not capable entirely to be able to make objective, free and independent decisions.

In truth is every single, no matter how small, aspect of our lives is manipulated and influenced by them. (The fact that this also applies to our material life does not need to be mentioned here and is certainly known to all readers. School system, health system, government system, Justice system – all their so-called “Systems”

Our food, the things we use and consume, everything is poisoned. From the air we breathe, the things we put on our skin, the food we eat, the clothes we wear - to the houses we live in. Additionally irradiated with frequencies... etc.). 

Our cities are built like a circuit and they serve to collect our spiritual energy through these pathways. They are mostly made of silica-based cement, which is a conductor of energy, just like the Great Pyramid. The moon, this introduced, artificial and foreign object, as the entrance gate of the souls to their incarnation on the 3D level, radiates frequencies down to us that influence, manipulate and disturb us. 

The entire planet Earth is nothing but a gigantic farm. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is not controlled.

Whe can then, after this influence and after the hypnosis, over countless incarnations and this gigantic mind controlsystem at all levels, still think that one really act independentlyt or makes independent decisions?? That what happens to you in life is “your own fault”?

Enlightened self-government, adherence to universal laws and recognition of the truth are the basis for a free society. Only on this Basis out of here, we will be able to control the egofto avoid anything that involves exercising authority over others in order to control and regulate their behavior to want.

Only by enlightened self-government after the inner self-recognition process, we will be able to us completely free Sync and corrections by n17t01 unfold.

In a society as it was always intended to be

Which organizes itself to solve problems and to take into account the needs of the many, as a true expression of the desire to cooperate and create a world that benefits everyone. Without suffering, without pain and without artificially created lack in order to be able to control.

The old models of the system must be dissolved and healed. The old models Centralized, top-down authority must be abandoned because, as we have already seen, all attempts to make the world one “best system” imposing always leads to oppression and ultimately failure. This also applies to all attempts Opposition a new “state system” or to introduce empire or kingdom or something else.

Circuit Cities Min Min
As above, so below.
Img154 Min
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The aggressive, domineering energy of patriarchy seeks to control every facet of every being's existence, taking and consuming everything it can. They use every possible form of manipulation, coercion and naked violence to get their way.

this will on the physicallyen level through corrupt, hierarchical governments, secret societies and corporations accomplished, exploiting people and the environment.

Metaphysical on the aboveren levels, it will be done by the corrupt demiurge and his legions accomplished that the enslaved Control consciousness, among other things through the karma lie and light trap during incarnation, as a division of their control grid here.

We have the potential within us, us to free ourselves from the shackles of enslaving systems of hierarchy and external authority, to collaborate and create solutions to meet the basic needs of food, water, energy, shelter, clothing, transportation and knowledge for EVERYONE on the planet to ensure.

Creating self-generating systems to support all of these needs is entirely achievable, but only if we can work together as sovereign individuals who respect the rights and boundaries of others.

Such Change in our world depends on all of us knowing we are sovereign, accepting and proclaiming our sovereignty, erasing the programming of our slave mindset, and then in cooperation with others sovereign individuals working together with a common goal of maximum empowerment.


Also the illusion of what we are as real consciousnesses in the If there are outnumbered people, they must be recognized and resolved. 

The majority of the “people” around us are fake control units. Organic portals that that is like us look and act, but the truth is are soulless beings. 

Real consciousnesses from the Highest Source of All Being require a soul so that they can be translated into the matrix, which has a certain structure. (Sacred geometry is not at all like this “sacred,” it is simply a blueprint of the hologram that surrounds us. Which is also used completely against us. Other matrix systems are based on a different blueprint and therefore have a different geometry - which then even is “holy” there). 

A soul is nothing other than a translator of the uniqueGen energetic signature that every real consciousness has. It contains information about us, who we are, where we come from, where we were, our experiences and as I said, our energetic signature – our “sound”. 

Organic portals are artificial NPCs of the matrix that were created here and therefore do not require any translation into it as a soul. They are solely for our control.

Estimates range between 2% and a maximum of 30%, the itself here real, real consciousnesses. Depending on region and controlrequirement, more or less of these portals are needed. Through PBy placing these organic portals in our lives, in our families, we are manipulated and controlled. Yes, our parents and/or children can also be such organic portals that were placed in our lives by the rulers of the matrix for our manipulation.

Through the alleged “majority” of others, we are also suggested to be powerless, to be alone, to be different – because they are different than us. Through her numerical superiority, as a majority, We always have the feeling that there is something wrong with “us”.. It is part of the psychological warfare against us in this system.

The process of proclaiming sovereignty and removing the false programming that has been embedded into our psyche from the multidimensional levels of control takes time and consistent effort. Recognizing who you truly are is a fundamental part of it. 

And don't worry, if you have gotten this far, dear reader, it is very clear that you are real consciousness.

It is important to do the self-cleaning work necessary to undo any agreements we have made consciously or unconsciously, to give up our power to external authorities, to experience unnecessary suffering or restrictions, to avoid “karmic” burdens to wear that are NOT our responsibility, etc. 

This is not a quick process and day-to-day work.

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11 Doorofperception.com William Blake Jobs Evil Dreams Min

With this I now conclude this admittedly very long treatise. DThis article serves to lift the veils around us and expose the lies that surround us. Remember who you are. A part of a perfect source. And just as perfect as she is, so is she. You and your needs and concerns are important.
Accept your creative power and your strength. Cast off the false shackles that have been placed on you.

For your highest good and the highest good of all beings. In the spirit and according to the guidelines of the Highest Source of All Being.

Back to the origin.


If you feel an urgent need to leave a comment after the three parts, you can do so here in the post hidden truth comments, the opportunity to do so.

Abraham Lincoln

“Those who deny freedom to others do not deserve it for themselves.”

Marcus Aurelius

“The aim of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to avoid finding yourself in the ranks of the mad.”

Dirck Van Baburen Prometheus Being Chained By Vulcan Klein Min
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This post is welcome to be distributed. Parts may be published with the source being named. It is not permitted to remove parts of it and change and/or use them for your own purposes. Because monetary or ego-driven enrichment from this is forbidden. The reader of this article will now certainly have understood the power and importance of the principle of cause and effect and what will happen if these requirements are not followed.