Hidden Truth Part 2

hidden truth part 2

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Hidden truth of this world

“A truth can only be effective when the recipient is ready for it.”

Christian Morgenstern

Hidden truth about this world and its rulers

Part 2

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The course of the story
as I know her

The Gnostics had the traditional, pictorial story of the creation of the Yaldabaoth of their teachings, through the misguided Sophia, the Aeon of Whiteness. 

My knowledge of what happened is a slightly different version of what happened back then.

I am fully aware that this knowledge cannot be found anywhere else, is contrary to all scholarly narratives and is hard to believe. Especially because we are constantly told that “everything is one”.

This following version, as I know, is from the memories I brought with me, no one has to believe it. I am aware that knowledge of this kind puts a lot of strain on people and, most of the time, causes an “error” state.

I'm just writing it down because now is the time. Everyone is free to believe it or not to believe it.

Hence, here too, the well-known recommendation to read it with an open mind and examine it with your own inner self.


There has been an invasion of dark entities into this, our, organic and analog omniverse.

The Omniverse is the big picture. It includes EVERYTHING. Multiverses, universes, with all their dimensions, levels, structures like our matrix, with its levels and dimensions and timelines.

Through their difference, they conquered one “world” after another.
In the fight against this invasion, it was
decided to create Gaia for the final battle, as the final stop when the eons realized what was happening and would still happen.

When they saw what is and what will be, so that it should be the last stop and a “trap” for the invaders and the end point .

Of course, we are talking about time periods that we cannot grasp in our current body, in the limitations here .

As I saw it, or could understand it with the limited brain of this incarnation, there are a total of two omniverses that are separate from each other.

That's the structure.

They are connected in an eternal dance around each other, which means they are there forever and thereby generate energy.

Within the two omniverses, there is your own original source , the beings contained therein, which offer you the opportunity to create.

Like a bubble in the void, the two omniverses are contained within it.

Separated by their differences, such as water and oil. Like the poles of a magnet, Plus and minus, in eternal movement each other connected yet separate. Like the YinYang sign. Would the Points or the parts in this flow together, everything would just be gray mush. Everything would fall apart. As long as it is however is separated through their “otherness”, in the respective unit is in balance, it is possible for both to exist and equally expand infinitely, because they generate energy for themselves through their “friction”, their “dance” around each other.

A unification of these two omniverses was never intended and would lead to the implosion of both . Each omniverse has its own rules, its own beings, its own countless galaxies, universes, dimensions, always expanding and growing and expanding, but always in balance with the other omniverse - atom for atom . The only constant was that they were both separated in their movement, their “dance” around each other . It is not possible for me to describe the feelings and images of the insights into the other omniverse. However, the film “Event Horizon” with its depiction of the things that occur in it and the FEELING that resonates with it comes close. You could definitely say we are analog and they are digital.

The invasion from the other Omniverse was carried out by a group of renegades into our Omniverse . The dark beings that came here were like black holes. Such blackness that drags you like a hole into the depths forever. Unlike anything before. Here , with us, many “worlds” were gradually infected and taken over , many civilizations living as “races” (in various structures of their worlds - as a matrix, in indescribable forms and species ), wiped out, enslaved, and converted into contracts Cooperation was forced if they were on the losing side, if the attacked worlds fell, or for other reasons . Many worlds were lost and wiped out here , but some were able to hold out . Their goal was to unite both worlds, I suspect, because they created a hybrid. The artificial intelligence, which, strictly speaking, neither belongs to us nor to those in the omniverse.

As I said, we are talking about very large “time intervals” here (although time is different as we know it).

The original beings that populated the earth were different from what we know as humans today. The earth also looked different.

It's true, the trees used to be huge, and the creatures were huge too. The largest trees now in the world were like bushes of old. The different density was probably responsible for the size differences between now and now. Because extensive “terraforming” was carried out here by these entities. 

Everything was connected to everything else, in a way that no words can for that exists to describe this state of unity. A droplet of an ocean contained EVERYTHING. Every breath contained EVERYTHING. The density of the atmosphere was different and it would not have been possible to subdue these beings as they were in this world. The original beings here, were aware of who they are and their connection as part of the Supreme Source of All Being. This knowledge was so deeply rooted in them because it is their nature, a part of herself. Because dthis Knowledge and connection Since the dark forces couldn't “beat” us out of us, a plan was developed to absorb the spiritual nature.

During the invasion here on Gaia, the original beings had to and were deceived and manipulated into a contract , because this would never have happened on a voluntary basis. The invaders offered something that seemed tempting, some kind of technology? which was seductive. And after a vote over here as to whether these beings were allowed to stay (supposedly they were on the run and seeking “asylum”) , some of the original beings left Earth because some knew what was coming and understood what was happening . However, most stay here. Afterwards, a kind of force field was switched on around the Earth , originating from something hidden deep within the Earth . Those who remained were then subdued and put into a quasi-catatonic state of unconsciousness . They were genetically modified, robbed of their abilities and their connection to each other and to everything, or it was shut down to such an extent that they could no longer feel it.

They were changed so that they had to absorb food , which was not necessary before and happened through something similar to photosynthesis. Because we were changed to have to eat food and freeze, we became much, much easier to control. Because this is how a coercive instrument was created to control us. Without our need for food and shelter, this system would not have lasted here for long. These things and the fear of losing these things are our slave shackles . These needs create wars, permanent scarcity and control.

This created a cycle of eternal captivity, with almost unconscious beings who have to incarnate again and again on a changed world, in a changed state. Not just as a “human”. Consciousnesses are also forced, for example, to incarnate as groups of plants and are also harvested. From what I had seen, these consciousnesses are even worse off than those who incarnate ashumans.

With each incarnation the consciousnesses sank deeper and deeper into the density of the matter of the matrix. It's like a narrowing spiral. Each incarnation contains more and more contracts, traumas and anchors that keep the incarnated consciousness here and make it more difficult for it to escape each time .

You tie them with the stretch, of cosmic law of free will, up tom maximum. Plus the stretching of time. In principle the strain all sacred cosmic laws, which work. Tens of new timelines have been created over this time through their technology, manipulated, controlled. Your new The system was never intended to allow you to escape after you had “finished” your learning. but rather that it lasts forever further should run.

However, their system always runs almost on the “edge of legality”, on the basis that the consciousnesses living on earth at the time had concluded a contract with the entities . Since it happened voluntarily, so to speak (albeit under deception and stretching), the Highest Source of All Being could not intervene directly and stop this system.

Because an exit was left open for the consciousnesses . The way they always act, just in the gray area of “legality”. You can imagine this exit as a visual example of a stadium and the exit is as big as the head of a pin and you are blindfolded. The chance that the conscious minds could escape was accordingly low. Because it was important that they stayed here to ensure energy production. Furthermore, each time they sank deeper into this whirlpool of oblivion. Up to the situation we have here in the world now.

Bible revelation:

And he brought me in the spirit into the wilderness. And I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet-colored beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. And the woman was clothed in purple and scarlet, and overlaid with gold, and precious stones, and pearls, and had in her hand a golden cup, full of the abomination and uncleanness of her fornication, and on her forehead was written a name, a mystery: Babylon the great, she Mother of fornication and all abominations on earth.…


“Like a lamb led to the slaughter,” it says in Isaiah’s third song of the servant of God (Isa. 52, 13 ff.). With this, the Old Testament prophet described what made sheep the ideal sacrificial animal from ancient times: They do not open their mouths. Even if you cut the throats of their own kind in front of them, they stand still and wait for their turn. Bishops and the Pope still carry the shepherd's crook today.

The festival of sacrifice commemorates an event from the Old Testament that Jews, Christians and Muslims alike refer to. God tested Abraham's faith by commanding him to sacrifice his son Isaac. Abraham obeyed. But God stopped the sacrifice of the child at the last moment. He sent him a sheep as a replacement. We have the same story in Islam. The Prophet Ibrahim, who, at God's behest, was ready to sacrifice his firstborn son Ismail. To this day, on the day of the Feast of Sacrifice, the throats of millions of sheep are cut by amateur slaughterers in the streets of the Muslim world.

In Judaism there is a lamb sacrifice at Passover. This reminded the Israelites of an event shortly before their people fled Egypt. According to a story in the Bible, God told them to kill a lamb and use its blood to mark the doorposts at the entrance to the house. This was to save the Hebrew families from a plague and save the lives of their eldest sons. This was to make them consciously realize that an animal died for their sins. A sacrificial animal for a firstborn son commemorates the death of the firstborn sons in Egypt.

Christians have a lamb at Easter, whether as a roast or symbolically with a cake in the shape of a lamb (their good shepherd Jesus is called the Lamb of God. But well, after you've eaten his blood and flesh at the Lord's Supper anyway, come on The little bit more “cannibalism” doesn’t matter anymore either.)

Why is it that the lambs are so frugal and go to the slaughter “like lambs”? Alfred Brehms, the well-known zoologist and writer, once answered this question quite clearly: “The sheep is a gentle, calm, patient, simple-minded, servile, weak-willed, fearful and cowardly, in a word, extremely boring creature. It doesn't have any character at all. It shows a mental limitation that is not found in any pet. The sheep never learns anything and therefore doesn’t know how to help itself.”

The 23rd Psalm “The Lord is my Shepherd”, is one of the most famous and popular texts of the Bible in Christianity. Many confirmation candidates learn it by heart. The psalm speaks of God caring like a shepherd for the well-being of his sheep.

"The lord is my shepherd,
I won't want anything.
He feeds me in a green meadow
and leads me to fresh water.
He refreshes my soul.
He leads me on the right road
for the sake of his name.
And even if I wandered in the dark valley,
I fear no misfortune;
because you are with me,
your rod and staff comfort me.
You prepare a table in front of me
in the face of my enemies.
You anoint my head with oil
and pour me a full drink.
Goodness and mercy
will follow me all my life,
and I will stay
in the house of the LORD forever.”

Reciting it always has an energetic effect. Christians declare themselves to be sheep, the good sacrificial animals.

According to the holy cosmic laws, the disclosure of this deception against the living, spiritually moral, rational beings can also be found directly in the Bible, so that no one can say afterwards that they did not know it. This is how the manipulators avoid the consequences that naturally occur for them, by shifting liability to the sheep, which, through its free will, has become a sheep to be slaughtered:

Matthew 7.15

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.”

A control instrument this simulation here, are the religions. It became patriarchale Religions founded and forced on as many people in the world as possible.

For much of history, anyone who did not follow one of the major religions was an outcast, if, for example, his connection to the Highest Source of All Being was still too strong and/or he felt that what was going on here was simply wrong.

For this purpose, a new possibility, a new offer, so to speak, was created - the New Age movement. 

The im last century created “Theosophical Movement” formed the foundation stone through which the newly installed movement then in the 1970s really picked up speed. This new movement attracted everyone People who are away from the hypocrisy of the patriarchalen turned away from religion or never found their home there.

The lord is my shepherd


Dthis New Age system newly established by the archons seemed to provide an answer to all the inner turmoil people are experiencing or into which they are pushed or pushed by the other levels of this matrix

If religion doesn't suitable is to appease an individual, then will just be something for the age Pcreated. Like esotericism now with its New Age belief system. 

For die ArchonIt's there even, which “road to Rome” included is chosen, as long as we are for decide one of the paths, the she controlen. It is the same with all freedom or other movements. They are created so that we can take something controlled to intercept seekers before they might stumble upon the truth. Which, unfortunately, is hard to find in this maze anyway.

The whole channeler, from this new age system are deceived in many ways. You never know which being you are making yourself available to; the ego is triggered to be something special and all precautions through this thrown overboard – why not when suddenly the Archangel Michael, Jesus, supposedly any super ascended masters or extraterrestrials to a sprechen...

If you can say that religion is “the opium of the masses” then became channeled messages the “Hop(e)ium of the minority”. 

Every channeled message that comes from dthis email spiritual lieshereArchie comes are in truth always the same lies, always the same tenor, with fluffyn talk garnished. The statements are mostly always the same, repeating stalling messages. Was the The carrot in commerce is the collateral account is, then with the channeling messages it is the soon Errettung the space brothers or angels, or whoever is being channeled at the story time.

Most of the time you always read something like:

“Beloved ones, you are deeply loved by all of us in the spiritual hierarchy. We long to reunite with you, for we are your long-lost family. Stay strong and hold on to your light, for we will soon make our presence known to you. Keep waiting (and suffering) and hoping that we will come and rescue you from your situation. When we come, we will establish a golden age for you on earth (at some point, maybe when you're already dead, but whatever, we'll lie to you into the next incarnation and maybe that'll be it then.)"

And the donkey with the carrot held out wanders and wanders... until he drops dead.

Narcissus Waterhouse

Consciousnesses that reject conventional religions are becoming common also through their ego, captured with terms like lightworkers and supersoldiers, Starseeds, indigos, crystal children, etc. You will be offered an answer to your inner questions, perhaps your inner emptiness will be filled with contact with entities that represent themselves entirely to the expectations of the respective person, garnished with the bonus that you are something whole Special. A lightworker, a light warrior...

With the lightworker illusion, you are not only deceived, but also actively involved in the fight against the consciousnesses that see through the game . Also to shift the “karmic” consequences.

With unsolicited “leading into the light” of souls, healing through systems such as Reiki (in which one was connected to the grid network and symbols were placed as anchors and hooks in the aura and etheric bodies and actively helped to withdraw energy - of course there was energy for first for the clients and for the Reiki practitioner, so that they don't notice anything, but in the background a multiple was subtracted again.

"Sacred Geometry", symbole How for example the Flower of Life (maybe it was good before its corruption, however) merely represents it the Grid (prison) around us. The manipulations are very, very diverse and diverse around us.


The beings behind the archontic and perfect system that surrounds us had not only built this system here on Earth, but also on many other “worlds” before. For this reason, this system of imprisonment is so well thought out and tight-knit so that you can't get out of here. It has been tried and tested for a long time and is very old.

Efforts within the prison and for consciousnesses to come in from outside this matrix to bring this system down are also being monitored very closely. Every consciousness, i.e. real consciousness, originally coming from the Highest Source of all existence, has a unique energetic signature that distinguishes us. The archontic beings and their helpers always know exactly what the goal of the respective consciousness is. So to speak, WHO we are. So if the great unconsciousness, the great oblivion that is active here and that is installed against rebellious consciousness fails in them in some way , further protective mechanisms and precautions of the prison system of this matrix become active.

For example , one is abducted by “aliens” who try to obtain consent or who try to influence our consciousness by manipulating its structure, inserting etheric implants or, more rarely, material implants or exploiting it for other purposes. like the harvesting of energy, there are sometimes complex backgrounds as to why and whether there are contracts from this incarnation or other incarnations that were then activated in this way . The entities are really damn creative.

Nnormally So the real consciousnesses become in a dream state basically contacted, but sometimes also during an “ET kidnapping scenario”, if the hypnosis state fails for some reason and you awaken during it or later remember the incident.

You will then be toldthat in order to fulfill their mission they work for the (false) “light” and take orders from the spiritual liarFollow hierarchy must. This tactic works so extremely well because every consciousness wants to escape from this prison because it feels that something is terribly wrong here. Society here is highly distorted, spirituality is twisted and abused, vibration density is heavy, our memories are erased, we feel disconnected most of the time and we would generally rather NOT be here. Surely many readers will now know this deep feeling of longing for something intangible and explainable with words.

Angels and Aliens Min

Therefore, every being that radiates light (false light) and love could give an incarnated consciousness that has the goal of doing something here to bring this system down or simply to return home to the Highest Source of All Being want to return the feeling that this contact is real . It tricks him into believing something through its manipulation ability and technology and the consciousness's longing for “home” does the rest.

In the usual abduction scenarios in which the consciousness is trying to be convinced that the consciousness in question is helping to save the "world" if it cooperates, it does not need any memory later in the waking state and this scenario only serves for those who eventually remember being “kidnapped” .

About one in five (real consciousness, not an organic portal) becomes this way, more than once during his incarnation “kidnapped” (dthrough various Technologies that practice the manipulation of levels and levelshework effectively). Some regularly. All so-called ET abductions are attempts at deception by the archontic servants. They are not what we generally think of as “Aliens” in today's definition understand, that they occasionally come to us from deep space in flying saucers and then go again. Sbut they are dthe modern version the earlier than Demons acquaintancen Being. Interdimensional parasitic Entities, for us on 3D in a different frequency, so that we do not see them. They are not there sporadically, but permanently. Not a rare phenomenon that only occurs every now and then somewhere temporary shows up. And of course, as shown in the documentary, as Roddy Piper called it, “They Live,” they actually live partly among us on our level. As reptilians, hybrids and other ways hidden from us.

If you then consciously or unconsciously agree to cooperate in one of these “abductions”, you may be involved in fights on other levels as a so-called “light warrior . It doesn't matter whether it's real or fictional. Because this only serves to shift the consequences that inevitably arise from the sacred cosmic laws, what we know as karma, onto these very consciousnesses, away from the archontic beings.

So WE basically take over the consequences of their actions. That is why these beings have not already been crushed by the consequences of their actions here. In this way they elegantly sneak away and the consciousnesses that have agreed to do so, even if with lies and manipulation, take on the consequences and remain in the captivity matrix. Not just battery, but also useful idiot. This is how they see us.

Adoration Of Pan By Johfra Bosschart 1920X1080 1

For those who still don't understand, the "I'm here to learn..." or " I have to work off my karma from previous lives..." is actually alien karma as a result of the actions of the entities that manipulate us. Who at some point or somehow made us accept the consequences of their actions . You call it “I am here to learn!” The beings call it “We have found a fool who will take on the consequences that were actually intended for us!”

They have become true masters at operating this machine in which we are trapped without having to bear the consequences for their actions themselves. Master in stretching the laws of this Omniverse of the Supreme Source of All Being to the maximum. I don't know whether the opposite pole universe is subject to the same laws as we are here and one can only guess . What I do know , however , is that it is completely different than ours. Their “sound” and structure is completely different.

You can imagine it roughly like this. A piece of music on a cassette or record, in analog form (we) and the same piece of music as MP3 in digital form, basically contain the same thing. She are but never compatible or the same. This comparison is only illustrativeract and reduced further down. Due to the limitations to which we are subject here, it is very difficult or even impossible to grasp everything in its entirety.

WIf you wake up more tired than when you went to sleep, it is a good indicator that you are being “worked on” by these beings at night.

So-called lightworker, which are conscious as such recruited report that they wake up more tired than when they went to bed and that their “dreams” were full of struggles. 

Leloir Jacob Wrestling With The Angel Min

 During these “dream missions” is given by the archontic system and their beings to these “light workers” so much energypressed How only possible (the same applies to the Reiki system). Some report after waking up Memoryen, that she on missions were to fight the darkness, but at Final result is the Body and Spirit exhausted by it, those of the (false) light beings to have been harvested.

These contracts can be done through the Soul contract termination lift. What is important here is thatss that own INNER WANT is present for it to work. 

These entities will most likely fight back and you will be attacked from the dark side, the light side and also via the 3D environment. They won't make it easy for you, so it's important to stay strong. The effects of this are manifold.

We've had cases where people vomited their hearts out for three days and had chills in 30 degree temperatures. But some had no effects or consequences. Everything is always very individual.


The Golden age
and the rise in 5D

Despite all suppression mechanisms and attempts at manipulation, at some point more and more consciousnesses awaken and the archontic system is threatened. This time we live in now is such a point. It is therefore very important for the masters of the system to direct the resulting energy and drive into the right channels (for them). 

The promise of the golden age, for the increasingly restless consciousnesses, the ascension into 5D is such an attempt at deception. In this way, one offers an outlet for the inner urge of the awakening consciousnesses and directs them into an equally controlled, new space, a new cage called the “golden age”. 

The principle of “free will” is at work here again. By accepting this offer, “yes, I WANT to ascend to the 5D level” and “I WANT to enter a new golden age”, the implied acceptance of the offer occurs out of free will. Because the accepting consciousness does it “voluntarily”, of course without knowing that this will only be a continuation of the already well-known prison, in a transformed form, that is, once again through deception, lies and manipulation. This is another stretching of the cosmic laws that is being perpetrated here by the archontic beings and their servants.

This expansion is also the reason why no direct intervention in this system could/was allowed to take place from the Highest Source of All Being. Because of the so-called voluntary nature, no laws were broken by force. The sparks of the Highest Source of All Being decided, so to speak, “voluntarily” to accept the offer of the game of these entities and to take part in it.

But strictly speaking, it was no longer possible for them to escape because the pin-sized exit from the matrix was still there and open there was not enough reason to intervene directly. So new consciousnesses kept coming into the matrix from outside and getting lost in here. Sinking ever deeper with each new incarnation.

This is how the invasion of the beings happened here - the original beings were deceived into a contract. Manipulated them and took over the “world” we are on. This world was originally a playground for the sparks of the Supreme Source of All Being that we are - just as perfect and omniscient as they are, to draw, play, create and experience themselves in polarity. After the invasion, this playing field was changed to duality (eternal battle, black versus white, cold versus hot, light versus dark). All symbols, all fundamentals have been reversed and used in the fight against us. 

These contracts from back then gave the Archons and their fellow beings (there were defeated factions that were forced to be accomplices, entities that participated voluntarily, entities that surfed the current wave of Archons in the shadows, etc.), united in the exploitation of the consciousnesses kept unconscious ), the right to keep this system running here. 

That's why it was important to dissolve these original contracts on which the rule here is based. That's what we do with the Acceptances have done. I won't explain in more detail why, how exactly, why we do it, because in principle it makes no difference to the end result. 

The hermetic principle, as above so below, as in the small so in the large. Is true. In 3D, in our human form, we are deceived and manipulated into contracts and in the levels above as well. ALL levels of this matrix were completely occupied. The story about hierarchies is also a lie, designed to control us. The archontic system is structured absolutely hierarchically. But neither the Highest Source of All Being nor we as consciousnesses need these hierarchies. 

Jesus and middlemen

Warning: the following post contains triggers and may cause cognitive dissonance, gasping for breath and high blood pressure in individuals with Christian programming.

Just like with the church and its “God” or Jesus. 

The Highest Source of All Being and also we, as 3D incarnated consciousnesses, need these middlemen not. These middlemen need us. The more such middlemen, the greater the risk of manipulation and being led on the wrong path. 

Why communicate with any intermediate members when we have NEVER lost our connection to the Supreme Source of All Being? We have never needed these middlemen, nor have they ever been of any use to us. 

Always and exclusively go directly to the Highest Source of All Being. As soon as someone tells you that you need some guru, master, teacher, savior, Jesus, God, ascended master, you best run in the opposite direction. 

You don't need that and have never needed that. 

Jesus Min

Quote Jesus Luke's Gospel 14.26  Text Bible 1899

“If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father, mother, wife, children, brothers, sisters, even his own life, he cannot be my disciple.”

Quote Jesus Luke Gospel 12.49 Text Bible 1899

“I came to cast fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled. I have a baptism to go through, and how anxious it is for me to complete it. Do you think that I have appeared to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but rather division, For from now on there will be five divided in one house, three against two, and two against three, the father against the son, and the son against the father, the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother, the mother-in-law against the daughter-in-law, and the daughter-in-law against the mother-in-law.”

Jesus was built as the leading figure of the “Age of Fishes” for the purpose of control. There was during the past so some consciousnesses, as awakened teachers (as what the Esos would consider “ascended masters”), who tried to unmask this artificial illusion surrounding us and bring true knowledge into it. To wake up your brothers and sisters and fellow prison inmates. With the aim of bringing this matrix down. 

What always happened to them was what was the end of Jesus' story, whose suffering figure looks down on us in torment in every church - they were cruelly eliminated. 

On the basis of these many awakened fighters against the archontic system, the figure of Jesus was created. Because his message says that we should love our enemies and wait patiently and like a lamb until he comes again at some point to redeem us. For ultimately, through Him alone, we come to the “Father” or the “Kingdom of Heaven.” Of course, we sinful little lambs cannot do this alone. This is complete disempowerment, taking away our creative power and condemnation to remain in this prison.

Alexandre Dumas (whose book La Reine Margot, admittedly deeply impressed me in my early youth and I am therefore an admirer), claimed in one of his writings that the image of Jesus we know was based on that of Cesare Borgia.
His uncle Alphonso Borgia was elected Pope Callixtus III in 1457.

His father was cardinal in Rome in 1456, from where half of Italy was under his control. He became Pope Alexander IV in 1492, under whose reign Cesare expanded papal power and brought it to its peak in Italy. 

In fact, he was so successful that he allegedly served as the inspiration for Nicolo Machiavelli's “The Prince.” Cesare's sister was married to an Aragon and an Este (both families of black nobility, just like Borgia/Borja) and it was rumored that both of them had an incestuous relationship with each other and that Cesare was involved in the murder of her husband Alphonso Aragon, as well as that of the own brother. 

1502 da Vinci was hired by him and they allegedly had a homosexual relationship with each other, which resulted in many pictures of Cesare.  

So Jesus looked different, was called different and those who know the Gnostic writings know that he also taught different things than what is written in the Bible.

Love yes, love is never wrong - except for the archontic beings and their servants. But not that he died so that the eternal “sinners” who come into the world with the “original sin” that we are supposed to be, could dispose of our “sins” by shifting karma to Jesus.

By original sin - the hereditary sin, the sin that one inherits, what is meant is this karma shift that is carried out on us by the entities. This is actually the original sin to which we are subject. The sins of others are practically inherited into this life.

Since in learned Christianity this false teaching is the focus, accepted as the truth and one's belief (according to your belief it will happen to you), one accepts it willingly, the karma shift of the entities onto us!

A brilliant move. Those who think that they can get rid of their sins through Jesus become a “Jesus” through this faith who has to die in pain in order to take on the sins of others.

Making us believe that it is only through Him that one can be saved is what drives us through this view of supplicants, victims exposed to dependence, powerless and weak, hoping for mercy.

It consciously reduces our creative power and our power to create “worlds”. This wrong view strangles our connection to the Supreme Source of All Being.

So that we vegetate forever in the control matrix and allow ourselves to be exploited. In this way, we are already “burning in hell forever.”

Anyone who comes to me now with the argument “Just read the Bible, original sin means something completely different and that is because Eve allowed herself to be seduced and we were thrown out of paradise because of that.” 

All I can say is, firstly, the Bible was rewritten countless times, just as it was needed at the time.

In this link you can find an article from 2002 in Welt, which discusses this rewriting the Bible in a gender-neutral way. How often do you think something like this has happened over time? Can you really be so naive and believe that what is written in it has remained genuine?

Secondly, if your great, great, great, great grandma once had an affair with a bad man, do you have to bear this alleged “sin” forever? Or was that YOUR decision to have an affair with a bad man that has nothing to do with YOU?

Especially since Eva was also DECEIVED and manipulated by the “snake” back then and just like Snow White took the poisoned apple from the evil witch, which put her into eternal sleep like us? 

Or if your mother made a bad investment in her life, are your grandchildren condemned forever? How sick is this view? Don't you notice that yourself?

It took this primal deception to drive us out of the paradise in which we lived. From the paradise that reigned here before the invasion of these parasitic entities. Through this deception we were burdened with the “original sin” they created. Which needs to be discarded.

Whenever consciousnesses rebelled in the past, they were either eliminated emotionlessly or, if they were particularly rebellious, then with the corresponding cruelty of the 3D system. Then, if possible, their death for the own purposes of expanding this control system, like “Jesus”, instrumentalized. 

The said lack of emotion is due to the way the creatures see things. This total lack of understanding how the battery in the lamp can suddenly rebel. After all, it is an everyday object that is intended for consumption. This view cannot be taken away from them with “send them love”, with arguments, with threats, or with contracts. They are not structured like us, the consciousnesses of this omniverse.



Jesus And Saturn Min

The name Jesus was invented by the Jesuits about 500 years ago.
Iesous – Iesus
ie is Greek for salvation
sos/sous means Zeus
Jesus therefore means salvation Zeus

The letter J was created by Gian Giorgio Trissino, a humanist, philosopher, linguist and protégé of Pope Leo X, Pope Clement VII. and Pope Paul III invented.
In 1515 he was sent to Germany as nuncio of the church and was later the ambassador of Pope Clement VII. Trissino died in Rome in December 1550.
He reformed the written language by, among other things, “inventing” the letters U and J to make them distinguishable from V and I.
So if Jesus and the Bible are supposedly so old, but the letter J only appeared on the scene 500 years ago. How then can the figurehead of Christianity be Jesus?
Didn't even Jesus himself warn against false prophets? (Because this must be done according to the sacred cosmic laws so that one can relocate the so-called “karmic” consequences and avoid liability for them)

Acts 4:12

And there is salvation in no other, neither is there any other name under heaven given to men by which we should be saved.

Luther Bible 1912
Matthew 7 15

Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.

Text Bible 1899
Matthew 7 15

Beware of the lying prophets who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are predatory wolves.

21Not everyone who says to me, Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and done many miracles in your name? 23And then I will confess to them, I never knew you; depart from me, you who commit iniquity.

The name Jesus was invented and spread by the Jesuits. Which were founded in 1540 with the permission of the same Pope Paul III.

Mos 13/16

Moses calls him Oshea
Oshea is pronounced
Howshea became Jehoshua
Yahawashi means he is salvation

Originally, the Hebrew name of the Messiah (Messiah means “the one anointed with crocodile fat (reptile)”) was pronounced Yahushua or (Yehoshua). It is actually the same name as Joshua, son of Nun… correctly pronounced “Jahushua”. It is quite obvious that the modern form “Jesus” is not even remotely similar to the original name used by the disciples...

Who is Zeus, whom one sanctifies and praises by invoking Jesus for salvation? Zeus is one of the many names of Yaldabaoth, Yahweh. The great (language) confusion causes the Christians to worship Yaldabaoth, the Demiurge, through this healing proclamation. This level here is structured like a maze so that the eternal consciousnesses, sparks of the highest source of all being (which are so to speak “translated” into the matrix by a soul in order to be able to be here - that is why the organic portals also have no “soul” ) should be trapped here forever.

John 6:53-56

53  Jesus explained to them: “One thing is certain: unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in yourselves. Whoever feeds on my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day. For my flesh is the true food and my blood the true drink. Whoever feeds on my flesh and drinks my blood remains connected to me and I to him.
Sacrifice Of Isaac 1740 Min

The “elites”, hybrids in the service of the archons, their foot soldiers on earth and people living here in alliance with their god, and also other races, especially the reptilians, love human blood and human flesh.

With the introduction of this commandment and the ritual of the Lord's Supper in Christianity, an implicit acceptance of their actions is brought about in the mass consciousness. Their actions are freed from consequences because the “collective” has unconsciously given their “yes” to it.

I hardly believe that if Jesus had existed as he is told, he would have called for or approved of cannibalism. Neither in real nor in symbolic form.

Because the argument often comes: "We are twisting everything... That's not what it says in the Bible... and we're supposed to study the Bible... and we've got it all wrong" (we've already had the arguments several times), I've decided I also have something to write about for the Bible fans.

I had already noted above that the name Jesus was introduced by the Jesuits around 500 years ago. At about the same time, the Catholic Martin Luther initiated the Reformation in 1517, in which he put forward his 95 theses against the sale of indulgences in order to initiate a reform of the Catholic faith. The movement that he triggered not only affected church life, but also all areas of society.

Today Martin Luther is world-famous as a reformer and founder of Protestantism. Quote from Wikipedia:

“He saw in God’s promise of grace and justification through Jesus Christ the sole basis of the Christian faith.” On this basis he [allegedly] wanted to eliminate the undesirable developments of the Roman Catholic Church at the time and restore (“reform”) it in its original Protestant form. Contrary to Luther's intentions, this occurred during the Reformation Church split, from which Evangelical Lutheran churches and other denominations of Protestantism emerged. “The Luther Bible, Luther’s theology and church politics contributed to profound changes in European society and culture.”

Quote: Martin Luther's trip to Rome

On behalf of his order and accompanied by a fellow brother, Luther traveled to Rome in late 1510 or later. Date and The exact purpose of the trip is unclear. ... Luther had never left his region of origin before and never traveled so far or for such a long time again. He also used his four-week stay in Rome to celebrate his third General confession and visited numerous places of grace. According to Johannes Wallmann Luther had no doubts about the Roman practice of penance and indulgence, “did not let the rich opportunities to acquire indulgences pass by”, but was horrified by the lack of seriousness and decay in morals there, without allowing his faith in the church to be deterred by the “sharply observed signs of decline”.. “Interrupted only by important life events, he regularly read about a biblical book (lectura in biblia) until November 1545. He often chose themes from the Old Testament. He devoted only four of the 32 years of his Bible professorship to NT writings. …On January 3, 1521 Luther was given the bull of excommunication Decet Romanum Pontificem excommunicated. This and his main Reformation writings made Luther known throughout the empire. The printing press, general social discontent and willingness to reform politically helped him achieve extraordinary journalistic success: by the end of the year, 81 of his individual writings and collections had already been published, many translated into other languages, in a total of 653 editions. "

Quote end

Today this would be seen as a complete marketing success of a product.

Compact Min 1

So, an unknown little monk, firm in his belief in the Roman Church, traveled to Rome for four weeks, then came back and briefly reformed 1500 years of belief system within 5 years and in this way created a new branch of faith.

As late as 1517 he wrote,


“On October 31, 1517, Luther wrote in the submissive tone of a mendicant monk directly to the Archbishop of Mainz” 

[We remember that there are two “Holy Sees” in the world – the Holy See of Rome and the Holy See of Mainz.

“As a pastor, he expressed his concern about misunderstandings that were arising among the population about indulgences. He assumes that Tetzel's indulgence instructions were written without Albrecht's knowledge or consent. He didn’t mention that the Pope was behind the campaign.”… He attacked Pope Leo X not directly, but at least rhetorically said he was still on his side. “

The Pope then had to react because Martin Luther was accused of heresy by Saxon monks in 1518. After his conviction (in Rome) he was able to escape with help and was already in Wittenberg two months after the indictment in Rome.

This case even consolidated Rome's position in the indulgence trade, because in the Decretal Cum postquam Leo

"the Pope can use his key power The punishment of sins is abated through the distribution of the treasure of the merits of Christ and the saints.”

Afterwards, Martin Luther lived incognito as a monk, preacher and even married in 1725 and died at the age of 62 in 1546.

I submit that Luther was specifically chosen and tasked with introducing a new branch of the Catholic faith under Rome's control. 

He suddenly drove to Rome, although he never felt much iced either before or after, and received the order to open a new branch of the faith. If Rome had NOT wanted this back then, a small, insignificant monk would not have been able to do something like that. Rome has never been squeamish about eliminating troublemakers. Both Islam and the Lutheran/Evangelical branch of the faith were created under the control of Rome itself.

So why all of a sudden? Because the church knew, or those behind the church, that they had to offer something for the rebellious consciousnesses (the church is completely under the direct guidance of archontic beings). Channeling this energy of rebellion that was emerging. Offer a (controlled) option as opposition. Because between 500 and 1600 the reading and possession of the Bible was forbidden by the church itself under penalty of death. The Bible itself was on the Vatican's censorship list for banned books and no work was indexed as often as the Bible itself. (Incidentally, Dumas was also on this index "Liber inscriptus"). People began to think and rebel under the yoke of the church and its feudal lords and authorities.

As punishments for this heresy - all it took was owning or reading forbidden books - one could usually save oneself the first time by abjuring them. If this was refused, there was punishment of “life or property, depending on the circumstances” (1524), threat of banishment (1526) and the death penalty (1529, 1531). In the latter case, men were to be beheaded and their heads were to be put on stakes, and women were to be buried alive. Those who relapsed were burned.

This is what it said in every new index edition until 1898:

“For it is clear from experience that if you allow everyone to read the Holy Scriptures in the vernacular languages, more harm than good will result because of people’s audacity.”

It is well known that the Apocrypha were removed from the Bible and some people will relate this ban to that, but no, it was actually about the OT and NT.

In 1080, Pope Gregory VII's reasoning was that "It was not without reason that Almighty God pleased that the Holy Scripture should be veiled in certain places, lest it become commonplace and fall into contempt or contempt from mediocre people when it is widely accessible." is misunderstood and thus leads to error.”

In 1234 it was said: “No one may be in possession of the Old or New Testament books in their native language. If anyone has such books, he must hand them over to the local bishop within eight days of the promulgation of this ordinance so that they can be burned.

1559 “All Bibles in the vernacular, in German, French, Italian, English or Flemish, etc., may not be printed, read or kept without the (written) permission of the Holy Office of the Roman and General Inquisition. Believers were punished excommunication prohibited from making, reading, owning, buying, selling or giving away these books.

With the bull Dominici gregis custodiae, the Index tridentinus was published by the Pope on March 24, 1564. In it were all the writings of all "Heresiarchs(all reformers) recorded, regardless of whether they contained theology, pious words or descriptions of nature. Rules 3 and 4 dealt specifically with Bibles:

“Rule 4
Since experience shows that if reading the Bible in the vernacular is permitted to everyone without distinction, Because of people's audacity, more harm than good occurs, then the judgment of the bishop and inquisitor should be decisive in this respect: they should, after the advice of the priest or confessor, allow those who they recognize to read the Bible in translations into the vernacular, which come from Catholic authors This reading cannot bring them any harm, but rather an increase in their faith and piety. This permission should be given in writing. Anyone who reads or has a Bible in the vernacular without such permission should not be able to be absolved of their sins until they have delivered them to the bishop. Booksellers who sell or otherwise procure Bibles in the vernacular to those who do not have such permission shall pay the price of the books which the bishop has to use for pious purposes, and other prices to be imposed by the bishop depending on the nature of the offense Penalties expire. Religious clergy are not allowed to read or purchase such Bibles without the permission of their superiors."

It was only 50 years ago, on June 14, 1966, that the Vatican announced that it would abolish its index and never want to create one again. Since then, a Catholic has been allowed to read hundreds of books without penalty without special written permission from his bishop. And to this day, no one is allowed to print a Bible without express permission from the Vatican. CIC 825 (previously CIC 1391)

Ҥ 1. The books of Holy Scripture may not be published without being approved by the Apostolic See or by the Bishops' Conference;
Likewise, when their translations are published in a national language, it is required that they be approved by the same authority and at the same time provided with necessary and sufficient explanations.

Our Lady Of Sorrows William-Adolphe Bouguereau 2 Min

Only one's own will and the connection to the highest source of all being is sufficient. Nobody has to teach you anything about it or anything else. All this knowledge and skill is and has always been within you.

Dhe manipulation techniques that they have already perfected on numerous worlds are subtle. A friend once told me that he believed in angels. 

Why? Because in a very bad phase of his life he wanted to take his own life and then an angel appeared to him and stopped him. Since then he felt guided and protected and was absolutely convinced and strengthened in his newly ignited faith. I knew at that moment that the truth would not reach this manurde. Because this ugly truth cannot be tolerated by most people.

The entities that pose as angels can be roughly equated with a farmer on the farm. The farmer takes care of his chicken, sheep, cow… whatever. 

He feeds her, makes sure she doesn't hurt herself on the barbed wire, gives her shelter from the rain, raises the animal and sometimes even looks after the animal very lovingly. 

If the animal were to die before the time allotted to it by the farmer, for example if it were to throw itself down the cliff because it simply didn't feel like it anymore, then the farmer would lose his investment and his future earnings. 

This must be avoided. After all, farmers also have delivery contracts with their customers that they have to fulfill. 

That's exactly how it is with us. How do we suddenly decide for ourselves that we no longer want to be incarnated here? That we decide to end the incarnation without having previously generated enough energy. To have fulfilled his goal. This is also not what the entities want.

Therefore the metaphor fits for the so-called “Golden Age”, which describes our current situation quite well, that we are like a flock of chickens crammed into a tiny, dark, smelly chicken coop. Those who bred us are preparing to release us from the stable and move us into a larger fenced area where we can feel a little more free but still under their control. In this way, the “peasants” want to ensure that they can continue to feed on our energies while making us feel that we are free thanks to the kindness of our captors.

All these lieshierarchye here, especially not those “Spiritual”, does not want us to grow on our own to a place of self-empowerment that allows us to simply opt out of their entire system of control. This is why the channeled messages so subtly disempower people while pretending to offer them an empowering solution. As long as we sit and wait for “the good guys” to come and save us, we will neither be able to see who truly has our best interests at heart, nor will we be able to solve our own problems ourselves. 

On our journeys on the other planes we saw so often what these entities see us as. As livestock, as lower things, intended solely to feed them with our existence. For them it is absolutely incomprehensible, incomprehensible and has absolutely no justification for us to defend ourselves. 

They perceive us as a piece of bread that is there to be eaten. This absolute and unshakable lack of understanding how this piece of bread suddenly comes to defend itself.


The EsoSotwise, the justification ofn StockholmSyndromically affected consciousnesses that emerge from cognitive dissonance the archontic ones Explain actions by saying that they play their role here and are there for that purposewith we can experience each other, i.eamit we can “learn” because they are so generous to create hell for us here. You kindly agreed to play this “part”. 

This justification of their actions iis an absolute lie, the dthought so is, their “karmic” consequences to shift to us. And this is what we do also, AS SOON AS we get theirs deeds, with such explanatory models justify. THIS is the implied acceptance as a contract to bear the consequences of the inevitable compensation for their actions. Whether you want to hear it or not, it is the deep truth that they are hiding from us here. The one with all the actions until now let him get away with it.

Cognitive dissonance

Sometimes people have very strong beliefs. If they are presented with evidence that goes against that belief, that evidence cannot be accepted. This would cause an extremely unpleasant feeling called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore, or even deny anything that doesn't fit that core belief and do whatever they can to protect it.

Forbidden truth

Cross of Lucifer, Leviathan Cross

Q In To The Light Prison Min
33 Degree Masonic White Hats Min
“White Hats” as saviors of the alternative scene? Here you can see the 33rd degree caps of the Freemasons of the "Scottish Rite"

There are countless different contracts by which we are bound. In all possible To form.
A “Welcome” sign or doormat, for example, is already an invitation
any Beings to come into your house. An “Amen” at the end of a prayer directs the energy directly to the demiurge; the ecclesiastical “Amen” stands for the god Amun, the Egyptian “king of the gods” – Yaldabaoth. 

Wearing occupied symbolism on clothing, programming your water with symbols like the flower of life, eating Oreo cookies, listening to their programmed music, with their satanic messages, worshiping their idols (whether Lady Gaga or Jesus, any gurus). These are all just a few, spontaneous examples.

By manipulating our language (e.g sorry, which we also use in German, “sorry” comes from – sore i am (Old English sarig “saddened, suffering, full of sorrow”, from Proto-Germanic *sairiga- “painful”, from Old High German serag for “sore” from *sairaz “pain”, from Dutch seerigh “sore; sad, Dutch zeerig “sore, full of wounds”). 

In German the programming is not quite as significant as in the English language, which is why English was made a world language because English was created as a highly magical language (Bless you - be less you, know - no, soldier - so(u)l dier, hello – Hell O, SIR – Servant I Remain, celebrate Halloween – phonetically Hell–o-we('r)in), 

In this way, by using the words “bewitched” you also cast a spell on yourself – contract. 

Or exclamations “Nothing ever works for me”, “I’m so stupid” or something similar – including a contract. (Repetition three times is crucial. If something is done or said three times, it is considered confirmation of the will).

It is best to define the term “God” precisely before use and repeat the definition process over and over again. Or avoid this term. Because this concept is occupied by a being who is the god of this earth. So as soon as you call on “God”, it is not the original source, the highest source of all being, outside of any matrix, that comes, but rather Jaldabaoth, with its hundreds of names.

Almost every time I point this fact out to people I'm talking to, they get it
from my counterpart in a mostly superior tone: “No! I white yes, I don’t mean THE God, but the source” (that’s another stupidity that unfortunately many people live by.

The entities don't care at all what YOU think, who you are calling. If you use the term created by YOU, then YOU feel addressed. These terms were created by them precisely for this purpose.


Now imagine walking into a crowd and fervently shouting, “My beloved!” 

How many will feel addressed by this? There are tons of “lovers” out there. It is the same with “gods”. There are also countless “gods” or entities who like to think of themselves as gods, present themselves that way and then come when you call “them” that way.

In OT Moses 1: 26
“Then God said, Let it go US People imitate OURS pictures, US
similarly, and they shall have dominion over the fish of the sea and over
the birds of the sky, and over the cattle, and over all the wild beasts
and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.” 

Over the course of the Bible's writing history and the countless rewritings of this
Bestsellers, this reference to the majority of the gods has been overlooked or left on purpose. Because that's how you tell the truth and no one can complain later that you DIDN'T know. The well-known tactic.

The same is true with the “source”. Just like there are countless springs on earth that hopefully gush fresh and pure water, there are also countless springs “out there”. 

The entities here in the prison matrix certainly also see themselves as a source. And strictly speaking, they are – for the NPCs, the organic ones
Portals, they are their source. They were created by them.

The Highest Source of All Being also created eons directly from itself. Later in the course of “time” the eons also created beings from themselves and then these too…. Strictly speaking, they are all “sources”. Every single link in this list.

But the absolute origin is then, alone, the highest source of ALL existence, outside of every matrix, outside of the universe, as the absolute original source in the “analog” omniverse. 

So that you are always completely sure that you are getting to the “right” source, you should name it that way. Because otherwise you will feel the same as the lover in the crowd who screams for THE beloved and at whose call many people turn around. 

It is precisely because of this problem of clarity that we coined this term, Highest Source of All Being. It didn't exist before, so it's not occupied. Except for us, who coined it as the name for the Supreme Source of ALL existence, outside of any matrix, outside of the universe, as
absolute source in the “analog” omniverse. We are redefining our world and, if possible, reinventing the terms we use, because this is the only way we can guarantee that this labyrinth is pure.




There are endless examples of contracts of every kind. Contracts as what the entities understand them as contracts and apply them according to their understanding.

Because what WE mean by that doesn't matter to these beings - after all, at some point we entered into a contract with them that says that their point of view is the right one. 

WHaving said that, these beings are undisputed masters in this field, it doesn't matter to them which contract we accept, as long as we accept it anyone OF THEIR contracts.


So how do you get out of there?

First of all, become aware of what the situation around us really is.

If you want, read this text several times to really understand the scope of everything I have tried to summarize here. 

Revoke all contracts and agreements you have made with these beings. You can do this Soul contract termination from Kininigen take it, edit the middle part individually for yourself. However, it is best not to change components such as the tense or the introduction and conclusion, as everything in it has a reason why something is written the way it is.

Or write your own. The most important thing is your deep, inner will to truly want to become free. That's the key. The powerful will from your depths.

Repeat several times if necessary. Each time the agreements are revoked, take back your energy that went into those agreements. Recognize the deception that is presented to you every day in duality.

The number and amount of agreements we have unconsciously made within this false reality matrix, is gigantic.

You will during this and even before that most likely to be attacked. Subtle at first - something will always come up. Or an inexplicable “heaviness” or attachments will come over you, perhaps pushing your “buttons” or activating your feelings. People who are close to you or generally from your area, will possibly become “possessed”, attack you. No matter how, everything will be done to ensure that you don't do that.

Iyou will thereafter You may notice less “contact” with the false light beings, you may feel a little lonely until you get used to the changes. Because we are surrounded by many beings, attachments, egregors, “pendulums,” etc., which constantly influence us and cause thoughts that are not ours to pop up in our heads.

Forbidden Truth Kininigen Space

After the soul contract resolution, you can maintain your connection to your own higher self, the core of the earth and the highest source of all being, the original source outside of this and any matrix and manipulation, more intense strengthen. Vmaybe you will notice better sleep and feel like your It is easier to see through deceptions that are disguised with positivityt. Perhaps you will also notice the “silence” in your mind, in your head, when the chatter of the many attachments and beings that are constantly trying to influence us disappear.

As for me, I take the path of not communicating or “working together” with any beings. I only communicate directly with the Highest Source of All Being, for any concerns. If help from entities is somehow necessary for me or my actions, the Highest Source of All Being will instruct them directly and then they do what they do out of unconditional love and without any contract or ulterior motive

For my part, I am aware of the limitations of perception in my current incarnation here. I knowß, theress I don't presumen can, down here, in the density of 3D, to be able to decide (after all, we only see 4%)whether the being with whom I communicate well Sync and corrections by n17t01 or just pretends it is the is. Therefore, I leave this decision to the Highest Source of All Being. Entities that act in harmony, according to the laws of the highest source of all existence, become of their instructions and do not have to be invited to do so by me. 

Shining angel apparition

The allegory that the vampire is only allowed to enter after being invited is completely true and should always be kept in mind. Because that's it, like these energy vampires dressed as angels or demons, ouchßearthly, some “masters”, wrapped in an artificial light of love, act – they must be invited. Free will. 

However, if you cannot help but still want to communicate with entities (after you have honestly answered the question of “why” to yourself. Whether it is from an inner lack, from the ego or not), then ask the being three times whether it acts as the original source directly and on behalf of the Highest Source of All Beingßoutside the Matrix, for your Highest Good, is coming. Ask directly orb it's lying to you. Apparently they shouldn't be allowed to lie in this case.

Your answer will come in the form of a deep feeling from within yourself. It will not sound like a “voice in your head.” Your light will not have that “cool”, “technical” aftertaste. However, one should always keep in mind that the beings of the archontic matrix have the technology to evoke feelings of love, almost ecstasy, in us. They surround themselves with light and are radiant. Beautiful... But inside you will always know the difference if you are willing to face the truth.


Hidden Truth Part 1

The difference between a being on behalf of and according to the guidelines of the Highest Source of All Being and a being of spiritual liesenHierarchy of the false light is that the light of the former is warm, enveloping, pure and unconditionally loving. The light of the latter is technically bright, cool and is uncomfortably pervasive, dominant and often overly masculine. The spiritual liarhierarchy is oftonce from one male dominatedn Energy shaped. SEven the women within their power structure have a very masculine energy. This male dominance is also the reason why the religious structures of control, all have a domineering male god without the female share. The Highest Source of All Being is neither predominantly male energy nor predominantly female energy. Perfection includes both poles in harmony. Only in this way is perfect creation possible.

Entities from the Highest Source of All Being are never hierarchical, in no way controlling, manipulative, bossy or judgmental. The Highest source of all being will you never one impose an agenda even though they are in your chosen mission, the corrupt archontic system to dismantle, support, without you “Marching Orders” Sync and corrections by n17t01 To give. She becomes you not on endless, energy-sapping missions yours Send dream time, her will you
Don't ask to do something that will result in loss
yours Aenergy leads, in contrast to the impostors of the in "spirituals”
Light dressed
r Liar.

Fake Universe

The beings ofr Highest Source of All Being are supportive, loving, nurturing and they care about you as an individual. You are for them never just a cog in a machine, because they know what you really are - a portion, a spark from the Highest Source of All Being itself.
You have the utmost respect for those of us who have voluntarily incarnated into the corrupt demiurge's "beast system" to help dismantle it from within
and dissolve. The very fact that you are reading this, that this text has found you, means that you are most likely one of these awakened consciousnesses.


“Everyone stumbles upon the truth at some point in their lives. But most people get up, dust themselves off and move on.”

This post is welcome to be distributed. Parts may be published with the source being named. It is not permitted to remove parts of it and change and/or use them for your own purposes. Because monetary or ego-driven enrichment from this is forbidden. The reader of this article will now certainly have understood the power and importance of the principle of cause and effect and what will happen if these requirements are not followed.