Hidden Truth Part 1

hidden truth part 1

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Hidden truth of this world

“A truth can only be effective when the recipient is ready for it.”

Christian Morgenstern

Hidden truth about this world and its rulers

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Based on the announcement of “Full Acceptances,” we have decided that it is now time to write about the background of the whole system and its deception.

These are the backgrounds of how the world works in the invisible and WHY our structure at Kininigen is the way it is.

Why we care about “holism”.

The following, admittedly very long article, discusses why the world around us is the way it is and why it was important to remove the contractual basis from the beings at work here. It is intended to reveal the veils that are placed on us and the lies that bind us.

I don't know how many individuals will be able to read and understand it. It is not the “light, quick and short diet” of our society, which is geared towards these things. 

What is written here will challenge all faiths and shake their constructs. It will activate cognitive dissonance and many will give up before the end of this article. 

The ego and the programs that keep us going will shine through too much. 

Nevertheless, we hope that there are some who will recognize the truth. Because as the saying goes: “and the truth will set you free.”

Everything is contract.

As above, so below.

What is visible around us captivates us to such an extent that the spark of the highest source of all being, incarnated here, on this level as a “human being,” only in the rarest of cases becomes aware of itself at some point in its life that it is there for us the invisible levels and the beings found there that control us and direct “our” destinies.

Caught in the world turned from polarity to duality, we drift around like a rudderless boat in stormy waters, hoping to survive this journey unscathed. We get busy so that we don't look and don't notice who is actually holding the “rudder” of our lives.

For this purpose, all sorts of distractions, activities and not to forget the perfectly coordinated system from the cradle to the grave were created.

Even before birth, nothing is left to chance. Even in the womb, the worries of mother and father influence the unborn child, who is not yet completely absorbed by the incarnating consciousness. Ultrasound, which is popular in industrialized countries, always has a very negative effect on the fetus. The unborn child in its peaceful surroundings is suddenly startled by something that sounds comparatively like an express train in a tunnel, while the naive parents are happy that the fetus suddenly “dances” and fidgets. 

This is followed by birth medicine designed to traumatize, which perverts and deliberately affects both the mother (for further traumatization later) and the newborn. From the first breath onwards, everything that can only be done "wrongly" is deliberately done "wrong" in order to get the most out of it (here's to brave midwives who take a different approach). From that moment of birth, the whole of life is about breaking, traumatizing and turning the perfect spark of the Supreme Source of All Being into a good energy producing battery.

There is a system to all of this and is not the product of chance or ignorance. 

Why? The hidden truth is because we are prisoners. Possessed by entities that see us as their food. Manipulated and deceived by all the lies around us: that we are here “to learn”, “to have experiences”, that we choose our own incarnations in order to make up for “something” that we know nothing about , that God loves us and “his ways are unfathomable”, that the reward for suffering comes after death because we have done bad things in previous lives and this is now the karma for it. 

All these lies are designed to hide the truth. The truth that the world around us is a prison and we are kept here like chickens on a farm... or sheep... Bred to harvest. 

It's a prison planet and we are slaves.

There is a lid for every potty, this is the structure of this matrix when it comes to offering us a suitable belief system, an explanatory model for everything around us, which is intended to calm the seeker or the non-seeker while they are rudderless in that drifts in stormy waters and should never notice where the journey is going. 

The beings that we do not see and that work permanently in the background, in every area of our lives, know us better than we know ourselves. Our psyche, our biology, our past, our “buttons” that they press when necessary to close emotions (which is then explained by eso believers as the “mirror law”).


We only see about 4% of what surrounds us. The remaining 96% is said to be dark matter and dark energy, the nature of which no one knows – at least according to the so-called scientists. Translated it means: we have no idea what is actually going on around us.

We are lied to, manipulated and cheated all the time during and after the end of the incarnation.

About the purpose of why we are here, who we are, how long we have been here and most importantly, how we can escape all of this. Because this is one of the greatest secrets, in which everything is done to ensure that it remains a secret forever and is repeated here, incarnation after incarnation.

We are here to serve as an energy producing battery. In 3D in the form of manpower, money and, above all, time! The time that we are allowed to be here on 3D and the time that we “buy” beforehand. On the other levels, we deliver the energy of emotions, such as hate and love, sexual energy - whether through porn, in a brothel and even in a loving relationship, if you do not specifically and consciously claim your own claim to the energy that arises harvested this energy.

Everything around us is designed and used to harvest the energy we generate: football stadiums, concerts, churches, schools, amusement parks...

Planet Earth and much of the universe have been under a spell for a long time, which made us forget that at some point we came from the original sourceeataround thisr Matrix, the highest source of all existence and are eternally connected to it - because we just a part of her are.

T his spell under which we are placed leaves us feeling alone, vulnerable and isolated - cast out from the "heavenly realms into a cruel world" where everyone devours everyone else. This spell that we have been placed under is a deception of the highest order, but one that has become deeply anchored in this and other worlds .

Humans have actually been conditioned to worship the holographic illusion and the agents that guard and maintain it. We accept the so-called security organs of this system, their leaders, the figures of the elite.

This hologram was called Maya by the Hindus - the great illusion, magic , which keeps the Samsara Wheel - the wheel of the eternal and everlasting cycle of being running, the cycle of becoming and passing away or the cycle of rebirth in the Indian religions of Buddhism. Maya is, on the one hand, the veiling force that hides the truth under a veil and, on the other hand, it is the projecting force that makes the truth appear to people as a different reality. A hologram that we believe to be reality our whole lives and that continues to work even after death. Because this illusion does not end with death, but continues afterwards .

What is karma?

We all know the principle of karma. Whether it comes from unfair, difficult situations in which we console ourselves or are consoled by the fact that karma will eventually bring about compensation, or in general, as in Christianity, Hinduism or something like that, we are put off that we will receive the reward received later, or that our most likely difficult life serves to compensate for karma.

UIn order to understand how things work in this world and, above all, why they have been going for so long, in view of the fact that almost everything around us seems to be unfair, it is necessary to clarify what karma is. 

If karma exists, then why is the world the way it is? Why are those in power seemingly free from consequences, no matter how evil they are? I am sure that almost every reader will have pondered this fact to a greater or lesser extent.

Again, wikipedia (no, I'm not a fan of it, I'm happy to use it because it's a recognized source even among the sheep and werewolves of this system.) in his explanation of karma:


karma (n., Sanskrit: tribe: कर्मन् karman, nominative: कर्म karma, Pali: kamma “work, deed”) refers to a spiritual concept according to which every action – physical and mental – inevitably has a consequence. This consequence does not necessarily have to take effect in the present life, but it may only manifest itself in a future life.

In Indian religions, the doctrine of karma is closely linked to the belief in samsara, the cycle of rebirth, and thus to the validity of the cause-effect principle on a spiritual level, even over several life spans. In Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism, the term describes the consequence of every deed, the effects of actions and thoughts in every respect, especially the repercussions on the actor himself. Karma therefore arises through a law and not because of a judgment by a world judge or God : It is not about “Divine Grace” or “Punishment”. Karma and rebirth are linked differently in different teachings. Contrary to popular belief, the goal of all of these teachings is not to accumulate karma.

In Central European spiritual teachings, the term occurs in Rudolf Steiner's anthroposophy, there also in connection with reincarnation.

One of the significant controversies of the doctrine of karma is whether it always implies fate and what implications this has for free will. The free will controversy can be outlined in three parts: (1) A person who kills, rapes, or commits other crimes can claim that all of his bad actions were a product of his karma: he has no free will, he can make no choice, she is an agent of karma, and she merely carries out the necessary punishments that her “bad” victims deserved for their own karma in previous lives. 

Are crimes and unjust actions due to free will or the forces of karma? (2) Does a person suffering from the unnatural death of a loved one or rape or other unjust act assume that a moral agent is responsible and therefore seek justice? Or should one blame oneself for bad karma in past lives and assume that the unjust suffering is fate? (3) Does the doctrine of karma undermine the incentive for moral education - because all suffering is deserved and the result of past lives?

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky writes in “The Secret Doctrine”: “Only karma can explain to us the mysterious problem of good and evil and reconcile people with the terrible apparent injustice of life. Because if someone who does not know the noble teaching looks around and observes the inequalities of birth and wealth, of intellect and abilities, [...] then only that blessed knowledge of karma protects him from life and people and their presumed creator to curse.”

Quote end.

Here you can see wonderfully the inversion of the sacred cosmic law of cause and effect into a manipulation tool (in the last paragraph, that of the New Age movement concerning). 

In truth, karma is the neutral principle of balance throughout the universes. Normally. Every cause (action) has an effect (consequence). What you create is what you get. What you give is what you get back.
No more and no less.
This cosmic law of nature ensures balance everywhere
and naturally.

However, here on our world it has been perverted into a tool of the archontic beings that dominate us. This sacred principle is abused by the entities that hold us captive here and is perverted by the maximum stretching and exhaustion of the limits in order to shift its consequences onto us and to evade the “punishment” .

Strictly speaking, this is possible if the other person decides to do so of their own free will. Just as a mother or father, in their infinite love for their children, has often voluntarily taken on consequences from their children's actions. Of your own free will.

Free will is also a sacred cosmic law. No one can place themselves above the free will of the other. However, no one would be so stupid as to constantly take on the consequences of others and work through them. So it is necessary to manipulate us into doing this “voluntarily”.

So , through ignorance and manipulation, we constantly take on the “karmic” consequences, from the manipulation and deception of beings, THEIR consequences . Consequences that YOU would have to bear through YOUR actions. This is basically the equivalent of shifting the liability of the acting “authorities” or “government”, which we know in 3D.


At 3D, through our signatures on contracts of all kinds, we also assume full liability for the “authorities” - both our own and third parties, who become our own liability by signing contracts unknown to us : ID card, passport, registration with the residents' office, pension insurance, etc. etc .

Here, too, we are deceived into contracts or coerced (no ID card/no passport – no pension, no travel). We constantly sign contracts that we don't understand, with attached contracts that are not disclosed to us. In return, we are always refused a legally valid signature on the letters of coercion about their injustice - because then they would have to be liable and don't want to. We should be responsible for everything, always.

As above, so below. This is exactly how it happens in the etheric spheres that are invisible to us.

Pakt Urbain Grenadir Signed By Several Demons
Alleged contract between Satan and the priest Urbain Grandier, read from right to left, Loudun 1634.

The shift in liability occurs in different ways.

Through an election , the government commits liability shifting through “voting,” the term clearly stating to everyone what this process is. After you have given up your voice, which you could use to speak for yourself, you no longer have a voice that could be heard. Nobody can blame the political actors for anything, because what is the wonderful quote from Angela on February 25, 2008, when she spoke the truth for a change:

"You cannot rely on what is said before the elections to actually apply after the elections. And we have to expect that this can happen again in different ways.”

Such announcements are no coincidences, no slip-ups, no errors in or of the system. This is a consciously intended action by the system and serves to shift liability, both for the material and for the higher-level area. For it has been told to you and you have accepted it.

In a war, for example, the highest commanders only give orders to kill. They usually don't kill themselves. It is the soldier, the recipient of orders from the lower Riga, who then carries out the act and bears the full consequences, not the person giving the order. Nobody forced the soldier to do it, unless he was threatened with a gun at the moment of killing, then it's different again.

Another example is the current vaccination. No one was forced, so to speak: captured, taken away, detained and vaccinated. Everything was basically voluntary. The pressure that builds up doesn't count. The person being vaccinated did it himself, made the decision himself.

That's how it works with everything. This is how the system works. 

Through the system structure and the indoctrination since childhood, they press the existing buttons of fear that they have set themselves through their system, of non-questioning, of obedience to authority and we do what they want and bear the consequences for them .

WBut how does a shift in liability or a withdrawal of liability take place on other levels?

It is the installed forms of belief, beliefs, the way the world works that we are taught, through which we are taught that what happens to us in the currents of life is right, because we supposedly have the rudder in our own hands and go there, where we are, rowing ourselves and independently, of our own free will .

By WE CHOOSING to willingly embrace something, like the concepts presented to us in schools or churches and the like. Almost a confession of faith. Your will be done - that's what it says in the Bible, the best-selling book in the world.

The supposedly spiritual teachings always say that we choose our lives and our parents ourselves. This is also one of their lies and manipulation. Of course you get a choice that goes something like this: 

You have three options, choose whether you want plague, cholera or Ebola. Then, of course, you chose “yourself”.
Do you want a father who rapes you as a child? Or should it be the uncle? Or maybe it should be your grandpa or your brother? And after you have made this choice, it means that it was you who wanted it that way and that it is your fault if you experience it.

So by taking on this corrupted concept presented to you and then marching through the world with YOUR inner conviction for YOU, that YOU deserve it so much and it is so RIGHT, YOU take on the consequences and the karma of your own free will, what these beings would actually have to bear themselves by using this trick to place you in a life that is permanently dominated by pain and suffering. 

A life that will lead to you having many painful experiences that will generate a lot of pain energy and that will affect your entire incarnation. You may not complete the task you may have had.

An option for a healthy, nourishing and strengthening family is not offered when choosing the example above. For a reason that is good for the creatures. Because a good environment would make us strong and independent, we wouldn't have any traumas that we would spend most of our lives, if not all of our lives, trying to heal and get some sort of control over. 

So we, the time given to us here, which has been massively artificially shortened by these beings anyway through genetic modification, are only wasting our time on healing and cannot concentrate on our actual task of improving the world. By the time we have identified ourselves as incarnated consciousnesses, our lifespan (shortened by the entities) is over and we are pushed into a new incarnation cycle.


Isaiah 45 5-7

I am Yahweh and no one else, and apart from me there is no God! I girded you without you knowing me, so that they should know that there is no one but me: I am Yahweh and no other, He who creates light and creates darkness, who works for salvation and creates evil, I, Yahweh, am the one who brings about all these things.

Also delete this belief that you hear again and again that you have grown from the suffering you have gone through. This was the only way you could become the good and strong “person” you are now. 

This is a ridiculous justification of the circumstances. No! The truth is that you remained the good and strong person DESPITE all the crap they put you through. How much better and stronger would you be WITHOUT this crap that the entities have loaded onto you? With an environment, parents, teachers who would have encouraged and supported you in your uniqueness and love. Such strongly adult individuals are dangerous for the operating system and should be avoided urgently.

Stopping to justify the traumas or bad experiences in life that have been placed on you is a very important step towards your own freedom. Because the justification, acceptance and approval (because you supposedly have grown so much from it) causes you to take on the resulting consequences, the “karma”, for this manipulation of the spiritual parasites that control and manipulate us from the background beings themselves would have to carry.

Energy Subtracted Min
Prison planet Earth

The monotheistic religions work somewhat differently. They sell a different concept, where you are full of original sin from birth and must first spend your earthly life in suffering so that you can then receive the reward after a life full of atonement, followed by death. And if you don't do what we, the church, tell you, you will go to hell, where your God, who loves you, will unfortunately let you burn for eternity. Here too, the decision to accept this belief shifts the karmic consequences that the beings themselves would have to bear.

Concerts are also exclusively there to harvest the mass energies. This is where these energies are channeled, especially those of mainstream artists, with their openly displayed homage to Satan these days. 

In sporting events, the games of different sports, with their already planned results, where the fans of one side always provide the energy of disappointment and the fans of the other side, the energy of triumph.

A group meditation is actually one Consent to energy transfer and takes the form of participating in a “We Save the World” meditationn or “we sstrengthen that GRID network of Earth” or something else. She are usually “hacked”, if the initiator is not “occupied”, then other loopholes are found.

Invoking “angels,” asking for salvation from extraterrestrials, “ascended masters,” etc., etc. is actually consent to this own To have energy withdrawn in exchange for a measly equivalent. Most of the time they help you in a situation that you brought about yourself and collect energy for the help you are then asked for.

Brothels are highly occupied energy factories for the production, occupation and displacement of energies for these entities that rule in the background and milk us, so to speak. 

The exchange of negative attachments and energies also takes place there. If you are purer and brighter, the prostitute will pass on the energies that were previously dumped on her by someone darker to the next person as an energetic piggyback. 

The john who goes there thinks he is paying for the physical interaction. The payment is viewed as an active declaration of intent to occupy and accept karma. The fact that the john doesn't know about it is just his bad luck, after all, nowadays everyone knows that this line of business is based on human trafficking and coercion. 

By paying, he not only actively expressed his free will to be energetically infected and milked, but also declared that he would accept the karmic consequences of this. Establishments of this kind are a mecca for etheric parasites and visitors to these establishments pay a much higher price than they realize.

The same applies to normal sexual interaction . The one who is purer and brighter will take on the dirt of his partner because it is nature to strive to find balance.

Interactions that are based on purely physical satisfaction, whose “needs” are also controlled from outside, and which happen without love between those involved, always have a negative impact in the energetic area.


Hidden Truth Of The World
Hidden truth

Who are the creatures?
who rule the world and us?

Dhe Gnostics, who were completely exterminated by the church because they held the truth in their teachings, called this knowledge deception and the masters of this world. The Gnostics gave the name archons to the false rulers of our reality. 

Archons are shape-shifting entities that have taken over this matrix and all of its levels. They have access to the Akashic Records, they can manipulate all consciousnesses that are incarnated and also those that are not incarnated and are on the higher levels.

They named the god of this earth as Yaldabaoth/Jaldabaoth/ Ialdabaoth , the freak that emerged from the creation of Sophia without her male counterpart Christos.

The Gnostics recognized him as the creator the material world, partly depicted as a lion-headed deity. He was considered the demiurge who held people captive in this world. The name is derived from the Aramaic jaldā bahôt ( ילדא בהות ), "descendant of chaos" or "son of chaos".

Yaldabaoth has many names such as Yahweh, Jehovah, Abrasax/Abraxas, Zeus, Kronos, Saturn, Samael, Satan etc., he is the great architect of the Freemasons whom they serve , the Demiurge ( craftsman, builder, creator ), the supreme of Archons. The many Saturn symbols are based on this worship and homage.

The worship of Saturn is evident throughout businesses, religions, education, and the system that controls us for those who walk the world with clear and open eyes. Banking is ruled astrologically by Saturn, politics and all educational institutions energetically. 

The black cube of Mecca, the Jews' tefillin directly above the pineal gland, the cross as an opened cube in Christianity, they all represent Saturn. The Jesuits (incidentally founded by the black nobility, the Borgias/Borjas in this case) have the symbol of Saturn in their logo, the Freemasons call their god “The Architect of the Universe” and by this mean Saturn, the ancient sun, who dominates our reality and the Satanists Satan, who is the epitome of Saturn. The one eye symbol of the Illuminati stands for Saturn/Jaldabaoth.

Saturn sends and controls time and time is used against us. The rings of Saturn are not made of ice, but of crystals that manipulate time and a massive information system that radiates a fake reality within our frequency coding.

That is why we perceive this illusion as a reality.
Saturn is represented by the figure of Chronos, Chronos stands for “time”. Chronos is depicted with a white beard holding a sickle. Saturn is known as “Father Time” or the Grim Reaper or Death. All the energy we use in worship, in business, in politics, and in societal norms is energy that goes to Saturn, the battery.

Saturn radiates a vibration that influences the consciousness of humanity here on Earth. He sends and controls time and time is used against us.

The lucky ones who were able to escape the incarnation trap had to go past Saturn in order to leave this matrix.

The beings “inhabiting” Saturn are comparable to the elite as seen in “Jupiter Ascending” or “Hunger Games”. Far from any suffering, arrogant, fat and fat, nourished by the energy, the loosh of those sucked out of their farms, of which the earth was one.

That's why it was so important for the Pauline Church to completely wipe the Gnostics and their teachings off the face of the world. Because there was still too much truth to be found in their teachings about the Archons, their nature and the god of this plane, the supreme Archon, the Demiurge.

  He is the son of Sophia , the personification of wisdom in the Gnosis, with whom he contends. By turning creatively to matter with kindness and simplicity, Sophia, unbeknownst to the other Aeons, created the imperfect Yaldabaoth, the son of Chaos.

He received the powers of light from his mother, but he used them for evil. Sophia rules over the Ogdoas, the Demiurge over the Hebdomas. Jaldabaoth spawned six additional archons and other comrades-in-arms. The angels he created rebelled against Yaldabaoth. To keep the angels in subservience, Jaldabaoth created the world. In the act of creation, however, Jaldabaoth emptied himself of his highest power. When Yaldabaoth breathed the soul into man, Sophia infused him with the divine spark of spirit.

After matter, Jaldabaoth created the serpent spirit (Ophiomorphos), which is the origin of all evil. The light being Sophia caused man's fall into sin through the serpent. By eating the forbidden fruit, they became enlightened and turned away from Yaldabaoth. As punishment, he expelled them from the ethereal region, paradise.

Jaldabaoth tried to take away the gift of the spark of light from people, which he unknowingly lost to them, or to keep them in bondage. He tried to force people to recognize him as God through punishments. Because of their lack of worship, he brought the flood on the people , from which Sophia saved Noah.

Yaldabaoth made a covenant with Abraham. He should serve him with his descendants. The prophets were supposed to proclaim Yaldabaoth's glory, but at the same time, through Sophia's influence, they reminded people of their higher origins and prepared the arrival of Christ. At Sophia's instigation , Yaldabaoth caused Jesus to be produced in the virgin .

He used John the Baptist to proclaim it. At the moment of the baptism organized by Yaldabaoth, Sophia received the body of Jesus and through him taught people that their destiny was the kingdom of light. Only after his baptism did Jesus have divine powers and could perform miracles. But because Jesus destroyed his kingdom instead of promoting it, Yaldabaoth had him crucified . Before his martyrdom, Christ emerged from his physical covering.

Jaldabaoth is identified with the god Saturnus .

The creation story in the Gnostics begins before the heavens and the earth were created. 

According to this, from the nature (physis) of the immortals, “an image from the Pistis, which was called Sophia” arose first. It became a work that resembled the light that first existed. After this, matter arose and then a male-female Archon (Demiurge), lion-like in appearance, called Jaldabaoth or Ariael. 

This Archon created a residence for himself out of matter and called it “Heaven” and also made a footstool and called it “Earth”

The Demiurge then created six powers: Jao (whose “feminine name” is “Dominion”), Sabaoth (“the Divinity”), Adonaios (“the Kingdom”), Eloaios (“the Envy”), Oraios (“the Wealth” ), Astaphaeus (“wisdom” = Sophia); they too are male-female. 

Yaldabaoth also created six heavens for each of his sons to live in. These are the seven levels in the structure of the matrix, the lowest level being the 3D level, the earth level on which we are incarnated.


NHC 11.5 100.29-101.2

“When the Archon saw his (own) greatness - and only himself alone he saw, (other than) nothing but water and darkness - he thought that [he] alone existed. His [thought] was completed through the Word, and appeared (p. 101) as a spirit moving back and forth on the waters.

Then Yaldabaoth's work of creation begins with the separation of the waters from the dry land (cf. Gen 1:6-10) and the creation of his children and their heavens."


After the establishment of the seven archon heavens, the shaker, which would otherwise no longer appear, destroys them lowest heaven and its earth, shakes the remaining six heavens and is then bound by Pistis' breath and thrown into Tartarus. This is followed by the restoration of heaven and earth by Sophia of Yaldabaoth.


NHC 11.5 103.4-32

“When the heavens had established themselves together with their powers, the Archigenetor exalted himself and received veneration from the entire host of angels. And all and their angels praised and glorified him. But he rejoiced greatly and continually boasted, saying to them, “I have no need of anyone.” And he said, “I am God, and there is none other than me.”

But then, when Pistis saw the great Archon's impiety, she was filled with anger and said, "You are wrong, Samael." That means: the blind god. “An immortal light-person exists before you. This will reveal itself in your creations. He will crush you like a potter's clay is crushed. And you will go down with your family to your mother, the abyss. For at the end of your works all the deficiency revealed by the truth will be removed. And he will pass away and be as if he never existed.”

Orcagna 1265 1312 Inferno By Dante Alighieri Small Min

Jaldabaoth dominates this world with all its levels. 

He and his entourage transformed the polarity, which is part of the creation cycle and part of this matrix, into the duality of today with which he rules over us . Polarity and duality are not the same thing.

In order to enable a long and successful rule, different layers are needed within this structure . Like the saying "All roads lead to Rome", numerous possibilities were created by him and his archons and the beings who worked with them (reptiloids, draconians, mantids, grays in many variations , etc. ) .

Each potty has its own lid, so that all paths only end at a destination that he controls, in order to be able to capture, hold and control as wide a spectrum as possible of the consciousnesses held captive here.

So the demiurge also has his agents in two apparently opposite ones camp divided up:
Darkness against (false) light.
Demons versus angels.
This ensures that ALL consciousnesses located here are captured and remain trapped. Because Earth is a prison planet.

It is unimportant in which form we worship him, whether it is as Satan or as the monotheistic God of the church or Allah or whoever.

According to the Gnostics, the supreme archon created himself , another twelve archons, including, for example:

the sixth Cain, whom the families of men call 'the sun'. And the seventh was named Abel.”

This is where you realize that many of the stories and lessons we are taught have a common origin, but in reality they are just part of the labyrinth in which we are trapped. All we really know is that all teachings put out are manipulated and lies. There are absolutely nothing publicly available out there that hasn't been corrupted.

The Demiurge always has help in exercising control over the earth from the archangels. These were created by him after the creation of his 12 archons, together with them. The prefix Erz- goes back to the Greek word ἀρχή archē , German for ' beginning, leadership' , which expresses priority. In the English language the truth of what they are is much more recognizable than ARCHangel and ARCHon.

“Archangels” are like the Archons, not with that Highest source of all being, the ufinite Urqual of all creation outside of any matrix connected, but serve Yaldabaoth, the pretends to be the creator. Generally are Angels are not what we are expect angels to be like that. They are also just liars and manipulators and just plain parasites in pretty clothes.

Regardless of whether Gabriel, MichaEL, UriEL, AzraEL, etc. almost all of the archangels' names end in -el, which refers to the Semitic divine name El (their chosen god Yahweh). El was the name of the supreme god of the Ugarites in the 2nd millennium BC, meaning “builder of the built,” “father of humanity,” or “creator of creation.” His name was adopted by the Israelites and identified with YHWH ( יהוה ), their only God in the Tanach. More commonly than the similar-sounding Hebrew plural of Eloah ( אֱלֹהַ ), Elohim , used as an alternative name for YHWH.


Quote from the Apocrypha of John:

 "And he set up seven kings, according to the firmament of heaven, over the seven heavensmel and five over the depths of hell to rule. And he shared his fire with them, but he sent none of the light power which he had received from his mother; for he is an ignorant darkness. But when the light mingled with the darkness, it caused the darkness to shine. But when the darkness mingled with the light, it made the light dark. And there was neither light nor darkness, but it became dim.

Now the Archon, who is sick, has three names. The first is Yaldabaoth, the second is Saklas, and the third is Samael. And he is wicked in the ignorance that is within him. For he said, 'I am God, and there is no other god before me.'

For he was ignorant of his strength, of the place from which he came. And the archons created for themselves seven powers, and the powers created for themselves six angels for each one, until they became 365 angels.

But these are the bodies corresponding to the names: The first is Athoth, he has the face of a sheep. The second is Eloaiou, he is a donkey face. The third is Astaphaios, he is a [Hyena Face]. The fourth is Jao, he is a [dragon] face with seven heads. The fifth is Sabaoth, he is a dragon face. The sixth is Adonin, he is a monkey face. The seventh is Sabbede, he is a face of fire that shines. This is the seventh of the week.

But Yaldabaoth has a multitude of faces, more than all of them, so that in one face he resembles them all, according to his desire, being in the midst of the seraphs. He distributed his fire among them; therefore he became master over them. Because of the power of glory he possessed his mother's light; that's why he called himself 'God'."

Many Faces of Jaldabaoth
the many faces of Egyptian gods

This is essentially the great mystery of the Archons: not only are they the “evil, demonic beings,” but they are also the ones who claim to be angels and ascended masters… some of these beings play for the team darkness and some for the team (false) light but ultimately everyone, just for a single gentlemanwho controls them – the evil being who presents himself as the only god and allows himself to be worshiped. 

DThese beings, the Supreme Archon and his subordinates, are not like us, connected to the Supreme Source of All Being, from where we draw our infinite creative energy. That's why they need another form of energy, namely us, which they harvest in order to exist. 

To dIn order to harvest the greatest possible amount of soul energy, the paradigm of dark-light duality was created to ensure that every being incarnated on a world serves as a battery for this. The for the "good" striving consciousnesses In this scenario, they would then look for the (wrong) light and of the dobscure powers included be fueled and supported. Fallen consciousnesses that have strayed into the system of Satanism then actively support the dark forces there and are also harvested there. You're there not aware that they all serve the same system and supply it with the energy they produce should.

HThis resulted in a complicated system of different levels. Different densities were created, through which “initiates” can ascend on the dark and light paths. This gives the consciousnesses, moving through these densities, the Feeling of completion even though in reality only through a never ending archontic Move labyrinth of illusion. The actors at the higher levels of the hierarchies know that they are in one parasitic system, but they are either okay with this because they wield power (reptiloids, etc.) and can receive the energy of worship from beings further down the ladder or are bound by contracts themselves.

Soul contracts represent a fairly important component of your control system. In truth, they have no real power over us, because we ssovereign beings are. So they would have to convince us and make sure that they receive approval from us in some way for what they do

If this happens, will so-called Soul contracts concluded. As sovereign beings, we are able to dissolve the contract here and now as non-binding because it under deception and Lies was created. No matter how dense and heavy the 3D layer may be, it has a decisive advantage. What we decide here in the incarnated form has a much stronger and more powerful effect than from the other levels and also into the “higher” levels.

No matter how dense and heavy the 3D layer may be, it has a decisive advantage.
What we decide here in the incarnated form has a much stronger and more powerful effect than from the other levels and also into the “higher” levels.

Angel Little Min
Damon Klein Min

It is well known that conventional religions are used for control and as more and more of the incarnation inmates saw through this, a new honey trap was created for these same individuals - the alternative scene of esotericism, New Age.

Blinded by the blinding false light, these “people” communicate and channel with all kinds of beings. The “spiritual world” is consulted about everything and is guided accordingly, angels are called in for everything possible.

Most channeled beings claim to belong to the (false) light-based “spiritual hierarchy,” which includes “archangels,” “ascended masters,” and “positive ets.” like Ashtar Sheran, Pleiadians etc. belong. 

There are thousands of these channeled messages. Their dirty little secret is that ALL of these beings are beholden to the corrupt demiurge and are waging a psychological war against people, whether they belong to mainstream religious structures such as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism , or the modern versions of them .

Angels and demons
are two sides of a coin

Even the “new age” is in reality just a multidimensional psychological operation aimed at transferring the soul energy of the “believers” of these teachings, to the “ascended” ones. Master to steer. The beings in control knew that the previous system had worn out and something new has to come, as a successor to the current one matrix.

This has happened several times in the past, then everything was reset. The story of Noah is one of those. 

Noah wasn't that one Hero of the story, as we are told, but became only because of that chosen because he is a particularly obedientr servant was

The other consciousnesses were also not the degenerate sinners as depicted in the Bible , but began to awaken and realize what the system is and who its rulers are .

Noah Klein Min

They no longer wanted to take part and were therefore wiped off the face of the earth. A new slave society, with more modifications to its DNA, was created. The animals recovered from the DNA database. Not all animals really had to come on the ship.

After the death of the rebelling consciousnesses , they were then manipulated back into the new, modified and even more limited bodies , still confused and traumatized by the mass murder that had just occurred, and the game started again .

All in all, a new slave society was created that prevented impending rebellion and the archontic beings reaped a good harvest of life and pain energy by wiping out the awakening, incarnated consciousnesses.

There have already been several such reset events. Sporadically, there are periods of time where awakening is easier. Maybe it is hidden in the blueprint of the matrix, maybe it is impulses from the central sun that affect us, maybe it is something else. However, the beings that rule here know about these regularities and take action against them. Just as it is happening now in our time. This time the plan is to create a transhumanist society that will no longer be subject to these regular wake-up calls of awakening.

Another of their secrets is that most of the so-called channeled “ascended masters” this "Hierarchyn“, in truth never had a human incarnation themselves. Because they know what this system is and are not stupid enough to willingly go into the game. They are incredibly deceptive beings who will do anything to gain the energy of worship. 

In the real universe of non-deception, no one would worship them, but in the illusory sub-universe of the corrupt demiurge matrix, they are capable of being kind-hearted consciousnesses as To get people to give them energies of love, devotion and praise.

In order for this system to work credibly and to reap the greatest possible harvest of energy from the inmates, die Dark side and light side factions play their roles convincingly. The dark side has the role as nastier Scum ready to murder, to torture, to rape, to torture. She is designed to be incredibly repulsive to be, so that the consciousnesses run to the other end of the duality, directly into the “loving” embrace, one of the patriarchalen Religions of false light or too one New age religion with hern legionen more channeled "Master".




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Here is the correct representation of the biblical angels. 

These, and not the beautiful angels of Bouguereau or the sweet putti of the Renaissance and Baroque, are the angels around us.

This and

Angels Of The Bible Min

not that, are angels.

Bouguereau Song Of The Angels 2


Luc de Clapiers Vauvenargues

“Few people are strong enough to speak the truth and hear the truth.”

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