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“A truth can only be effective when the recipient is ready for it.”

Christian Morgenstern

Hidden truth

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to parts 1, 2, 3

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Opportunity for comments

This page is intended to provide an opportunity to comment on the contents of the three parts of the article Hidden Truth. In case there are important questions about this. 

It's not about getting confirmation, because as an absolute fringe group that does everything differently and new than everyone else, we are far away from this need and used to being away from the herd none to get encouragement.

We are tasked with manifesting and doing certain things and that includes publishing that content. Because that's how they get into the field. Into the field that has been manipulated to twist and hide truth. 

The publication has an energetic effect on the mass consciousness - just like the other side does, so we beat them with our own weapons and at the same time we also offer one or two answers that perhaps they have always been looking for. 

This publication is a labor of love to the Supreme Source of All Being, its creation, to all true consciousnesses, to Truth itself and serves the highest good of ALL beings. 

We are not interested in converting or convincing anyone, but rather we published it (although we have already received messages: “You can't do that!!” - Of course we can and how! We even did it. Simple like this) because it had to be published.

As I said, everyone is already “great” in their own right and, like us, is subject to the reason given to us, which imposes on us the DUTY to use it. So everyone can decide for themselves what they do or don't do with this knowledge.

Since we have already received some comments whose core statements we would like to answer publicly in order to perhaps provide more clarity, we have decided to open the comments here.

We reserve the right to respond or not respond to questions. Because we are not financed like most influencers of the controlled opposition and the time and financial commitment that is put into all of this is based entirely on voluntariness, in our service out of love to our fellow inmates of this planet. 

Therefore we are not obliged to anyone except the Highest Source of All Being.


Hidden Truth Comments

We allow ourselves the luxury of being able to simply leave other people's opinions as they are. This can also mean that some things may not be answered. It is not our intention or task to change differing opinions.

You have your inner compass which is responsible for showing you the truth and you are responsible for ensuring that this compass is functioning correctly. You have to clean it, maintain it and protect it from external influences that steer the compass needle in the wrong direction. You can do this with inner cleansing, spiritual hygiene, the dissolution of contracts of other levels or whatever.

We are aware that most readers were triggered by the content of this post. 

The content therein “irritates the demons” of most people. This hurts and you then try to defend your world view. That is also okay and legitimate.

Many people told us again that you didn't understand the Bible correctly, that you were interpreting it incorrectly. This led us to make an addition to this in Part 2. Because the Bible topic seems to really concern many people and they refer to this book as if it were a holy grail set in stone.

Did you know that around 500 years ago people were burned for reading and/or owning the Bible? Because that was forbidden by the church, even for the infantry. It should simply believe what was imposed on it. 

According to the Bible itself Colossians 3:22

“You servants, be obedient in all things to your natural masters.” 

and Deuteronomy 13.4

“For you shall follow the LORD your God, and fear him, and keep his commandments, and obey his voice, and serve him, and cleave to him.”

and precise instructions for slavery are given in Exodus 21:

“2If you buy a slave of Hebrew stock, he shall serve as a slave for six years; 7If someone sells his daughter as a slave, she cannot be released like slaves. 20If anyone beats his male or female slave with a stick so that he dies in his hands, he shall be punished. 21On the other hand, if he lives for another day or two, he shall not be punished; for it is his property, bought with money.

Did you know that the Bible has been reformulated and rewritten countless times?

The the King James Bible, which is still used in English-speaking countries today, was commissioned by King James VI after he published the book "Demonology" a few years earlier, in which he affirmed his beliefs in magic, witchcraft, necromancy, sorcery and ghosts ?

That's why, really now? Seriously? How can someone rely on something like that as a serious source?

So no, we are not the ones who “didn’t understand the Bible correctly”.


Stockholm Syndrome Min
Orazio Borgianni The Vision of Saint Jerome Min
First edition Daemonology
First edition, limited to 500 copies, published by the Rosicrucian King James VI
Van Dyckscene Of The Martyrdom Of A Saint In The Presence Of Saint Anthony Min

The task would now be for those to ask themselves if what is hidden in the posts is not true - why “does it hurt so much”, “why does it irritate me so much”?

Because the arguments that have already come in the comments and may come here will have the goal of convincing us that we are wrong.

Then ask yourself, why is it so important to you to convince us that we are wrong about the things we write? If it is wrong or “nonsense,” then why the emotional reaction?

Is it perhaps because your belief systems are disrupted? Maybe because deep down you feel the truth and your programming is panicking and trying to get you back on track?

Back to the comfortable nest of the belief system that was planted in you? Because the familiar (mental) prison seems safer than the great freedom and opportunity that awaits you if you emerge from it? 

Because then you would have to take complete responsibility for yourself instead of putting yourself at the mercy of others? Because it is more comfortable to remain in the nest of the belief constructs that you have established, because only individuals with strong characters can withstand the constant questioning of their own constructs.

In particular, the supposedly “woke” people from the alternative sector often can't stand to see that, after they have supposedly found the end of the rabbit hole, it wasn't like that after all. That they have ALREADY been deceived again. 

But I can say that it doesn't matter that you may have been deceived again, this is not a flaw in yourself. Because this system is the perfect deceptor. There is nothing wrong with being deceived here. The system essentially offers a catch basin for everyone to catch EVERYONE. 

And if you now think, OK, then maybe you are one too, that's okay too. The main thing is that you finally start to put aside all your programming and think for yourself. Check EVERYTHING with your perfectly (!) adjusted inner compass.


Hidden Truth Comments

Signs of an abusive relationship

1.) Play games to “test” the relationship.
2.) Claims that he hurts you because he loves you.
3.) He asks you to do what he says without asking.
4.) If you behave or think in a way,
those he disapproves of, you will be punished.
5.) Isolates yourself from everyone who disagrees.
6.) Tells you that this is true love.
7.) Blames you for his shortcomings.

Energetically we have seen that the contents of the post hidden truthMost people think it looks like a human in a cage. The content in the article now shakes the bars of the prison box, while the prisoner tries to hold on to the shaken bars so that they don't come loose and you have to step out of your cage, out into the unknown freedom that is big and wide and strange , in contrast to the well-known and loved cage.

We are not there to please or collect followers, because we have absolutely nothing from that. 

We are driven to publish the truth, which is objective in our eyes (which of course is subjective). Driven by the task of doing the things we do, publishing this content is just one of them. Take it or leave it.

Almighty God decides not to use his almighty power to simply forgive humanity for creating man himself with original sin. 

Instead, he decides on a complicated option that requires him to impregnate a young girl in order to give birth to himself, so that he can then have himself slaughtered in order to save people from the hell he created and them from the hell he created to forgive the sins imposed. 

He then decides to communicate his plan to the people through contradictory descriptions written decades later by anonymous authors and subjectively transmitted by flawed translators who cannot even agree on the subject of impregnating a virgin.


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My feeling is that a lot of different things were lumped together


Since I don’t know what topics you mean by “were lumped together,” I can’t answer that. Yes, it is an all-rounder with widespread “evidence” for the contents. I can't provide thousands of proofs for everything, that would go beyond the scope. You then have to do that yourself. But as a modern person who only consumes and is used to having everything pre-chewed, it is of course completely absurd to go looking for it yourself. 

Of course I could have explained everything in more detail, but then it would have been even longer than it is now.

These topics are all related and BELONG in “one pot”. You can't separate them either, otherwise you wouldn't get the big picture. This is exactly what we are taught in school from an early age. NOT to put things in context. So that you don't see the big picture. What is required is just stupid learning by heart without making connections and throwing up what you have learned by heart at the push of a button. Where would we get if the little cogs suddenly began to recognize the machine in which they are worn as a wearing part and perhaps decide that they no longer want to be a little cog in a gear. The most important quality for navigating the world is the ability to recognize connections. Without possessing this quality, any discussion of the subject is in vain and all “evidence” is useless.

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Comment: e.g. B. Topic “Judgement”. Isn't rejection or rejection enough, along the lines of: "No thanks! You can keep it."? I evaluate something through a judgment.


When it comes to “judging” the point is that the false teaching “Thou shalt not judge” was put in place precisely to get us to accept the whole shifting of liability here. Accept without question, filled with the teaching “there is no right or wrong, everything is experience” or “everything has a “God-given” reason”. 

Without non-judgment and unconditional acceptance, shifting liability from karma through forced rebellion would not be possible if everyone listened to their inner compass. But because everyone thinks that they are not allowed to judge things on the outside, because judging is evil, all these things on the outside are made possible. I have had the experience again and again that for many people, this indoctrination makes the topic of “judgment” like a hot potato that they immediately drop in a panic.

If you "condemn" the actions (remove the programming that it is "wrong" - you always say there is no right and wrong), what happens on the outside becomes those who do things that are not in harmony with the cosmic laws, the ability to do these things is taken away. Neutral. You recognize it for what it is and say “no”. As a rejection you could say, then you have already “made your judgment”.

We shouldn't judge because of this so that we are burdened with the consequences. Because if we recognize it as wrong and “condemn” it, then they won’t be able to get away with it anymore. In this existence you can't help but NOT judge. Because you have to judge in the first waking moment - am I going to get up now or a few seconds later. etc. etc.

First we judge something and based on this judgment a decision is made.

– Judgment: A judgment object is assigned a value on a judgment dimension (we evaluate when we judge / judgment is also a probability assumption)
– Decide: Choice between at least two alternatives
Every decision contains a judgment

For example, you are walking through a city and you see a child being raped, then you HAVE to judge - is what is happening right or wrong, because this means you are in a position to help the child because it is too weak itself to free yourself from it. But if you now say: “phhuu.. yes, it is what it is, I don’t want to judge whether what’s happening is good. There’s definitely something to be learned from it.” If you then pass by, you legitimize the act by doing nothing.

You, as a rational being, have the obligation to help through this reason given to you, because another (possibly) rational being is doing something wrong and the other rational being is suffering as a result, but is inferior, as in this case, to yourself help. In the ideal world, you would go and say to the perpetrator: “What you are doing with rape is wrong because you are also harming yourself by doing it.” 

The perpetrator would understand and ideally be grateful for your clarification. The physically inferior child was not able to free himself and perhaps YOU were sent to this place to help at that moment for exactly this reason. But since you then say: “Oh no, I don’t judge and I allow everything that happens and what comes at me, no matter what it is,” then you have not fulfilled your duty to use the reason given to you. If you weren't allowed to use your reason, you wouldn't have gotten it. But like an animal, only following instincts.
Furthermore, we are not in an “ideal world” but in a “hacked” simulation, full of false teachings. One of which is that we must not judge.

It is true that we cannot judge. Are two different things.
You do something and I make my own judgment as to whether I think it's good or not.

If you slap me, I don't think it's good, I condemn the act and ask you why you did it.
You may then say that it is because you condemn my act of bringing everything that is uncomfortable to the surface of your consciousness through what I have written. And then I might say that I understand you and don't condemn you, but your actions. But I draw the line by condemning your actions, because I am not prepared to accept the pain that you have as a result of being confronted with what you have written. This then has an energetic effect.

This is all purely hypothetical.

If you don't "evaluate" yourself and your actions, "judge" them, watch over your actions in a judgmental way, then you are at the mercy of an artificially created current, drifting and being passively pushed in all sorts of directions, which is entirely due to the artificial manipulation certainly serves neither my nor the general good.

Since I myself always strive to act according to the highest cosmic laws, in striving to achieve the higher, which is our very own goal, I always monitor and evaluate my actions and the motives for them. Why, is it really MY desires that guided me to do this, was it good, was it useful, was it helpful? Because I don't want to hand myself over to anyone or anything. If we do not live our sovereignty then we are nothing but victims and the food they see us as.

But as I said, my intention is not to convince anyone of anything, to change their views or whatever.

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Comment: Who gives you the right to "make a diagnosis"


I'll answer with quotes from men who were most likely smarter than me.

George Orwell once said: “Freedom is the right to tell others what they don’t want to hear” and Marcus Aurelius coined the phrase: “Often he does too injustice, who does nothing. He who does not forbid injustice, if he can, commands it.” So I combine both.

If I waited for someone to give me the “right” to make a “diagnosis” of the outside world, then I wouldn’t be me and wouldn’t be doing the things I do. This right to speak in truth has been given to each of us by the Supreme Source of All Being. Non-negotiable. I don't need any outside permission. Otherwise I wouldn't be sovereign. A sovereign assumes the inalienable rights to which he is entitled, and these include the ability to speak freely. Slaves wait until they are given a “right”.

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Comment: I don't understand the duality and polarity thing


Polarity is two poles – complementary.

Duality is two poles – against each other.

In polarity, two poles complement each other in and through their differences. In the past, male and female beings were able to create through their connection in love. Allowing great energies to arise and creating creations from them. The feminine was taking and the masculine was giving. This has been perverted by patriarchy. The man forcibly took the woman's energy and she was forced to give it. She was the giver and he was the taker. This resulted in a permanent energetic deficit for both and the strength of the male/female connection was taken away.
It became the duality of the male VS the female always in battle. What previously complemented each other for the benefit of both, now fought with each other for the remaining energy left to us through inversion. Light versus dark, white versus black, good versus evil. Plus versus minus. Duality always involves fighting something out of a lack and desire for domination over the other. Polarity connects and creates something new from this connection.


Update October 04, 2023

Many thanks to all those who wrote comments, to each and every one of them, whether here or by contacting us. We are very pleased that we have received so much positive response to our contribution. 

It's nice to know that we were able to reach some people and we would like to thank everyone for passing on and spreading the knowledge, in a time when every contribution, no matter how useless, is shared hundreds of thousands of times, but truly important knowledge is not. This “bringing into the field” allows the time of the ruling system to run much faster, which benefits all of us and the earth itself. The energetic effects have a much greater power in this “game” than we realize.

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Comment from a reader about Saturn:

“Because Saturn keeps coming up, including in recent great articles, I wanted to share some of my thoughts on it. You write that in order to escape the wheel you have to go past Saturn. The director (in my opinion, the most extraordinary person in the world), whom I greatly admire, Stanley Kubrick, called the final chapter of his masterpiece '2001 A Space Odyssey' “Jupiter and beyond that, infinity”; In addition to the origin of “intelligent” humans and the human-AI relationship, the film is about the circle of life. 

Those familiar with the work know that the original book was about Saturn, but he swapped it for Jupiter - the reason being: the animation technology couldn't have shown its rings properly... you can only smile about that, because the film is full of stuff Special effects that were considered impossible at the time, and portraying the rings would certainly have been relatively easy. Now the question naturally arises as to why he really did or had to do that. Probably because “infinity” actually lies behind Saturn?! 

I also did a lot of research into ancient Egypt and once came across an interpretation of mummification that stuck with me...it is commonly said that the elite were mummified in order to be resurrected in the afterlife in a big way...but you can also interpret it like this, that an earthly rebirth should be made impossible because the physical body still exists and the soul therefore cannot come back/reincarnate... accordingly they did not WANT to be reborn, quite the opposite. 

Therefore, in the burial chambers you will find detailed instructions posted on the walls about what exactly to do after the Ba leaves the body and how to survive before Osiris; Osiris was/is the god of the West, i.e. the underworld. These instructions are now called the “Book of the Dead”, where the literal translation means “From emerging into the daylight” (!) – i.e. leaving the underworld. 

According to this view, one could assume that the elite (high priests and pharaohs) desperately wanted to avoid an earthly rebirth and never return to the Malkuth plane, which is why they had to pass Osiris/Saturn - because beyond that lies infinity, i.e. the highest source all being...is of course speculative, but no more so than the “official” versions. 😉 Kind regards, Eschaton”


Thank you for your comment and the effort you put into it.

Stanley Kubrick was an initiate who was allowed to film the moon landing because of his degree. He was not forgiven for his last revealing film “Eyes Wide Shut” and died four days after its release. So he always knew exactly what he was putting on the screen. Clockwork Orange was also an incredibly early milestone in raising awareness about MK Ultra, when the whole thing wasn't yet a public topic. However, I have never seen 2001, so this is a very interesting comment from you.

What I could see about the beings of Saturn is actually that they are essentially the master of the house or the seat of power in this matrix. Similar to how the elite are portrayed in “Jupiter Ascending” and “Hunger Games”. Decadent, arrogant, as I said, they see us as their livestock or radishes in their garden, very technological and also connected to AI.

This post is welcome to be distributed. Parts may be published with the source being named. It is not permitted to remove parts of it and change and/or use them for your own purposes. Because monetary or ego-driven enrichment from this is forbidden. The reader of this article will now certainly have understood the power and importance of the principle of cause and effect and what will happen if these requirements are not followed.