Why "forever" and on "all levels"? You can't do that! It's binding me forever. Even beyond death! You're crazy! It's too hot for me. It makes my hair stand up.

Well... I'll let you in on a "secret". You ARE currently tied up forever and on all levels, probably for many lives. Without you knowing it, that's what This is what makes up this level of this matrix.

You die, you get intercepted, you enter into an implied contract by consent, and you march into the next life where you get tortured again (and no... we're not here to learn - that's a New Age / Eso teaching to increase your acceptance of to what happens to you in life to obtain). The Vatican already bound you beyond death, officially over its regulations. That is why this declaration of intent also applies! In order to achieve this very bondageenthat hardly anyone is aware of to solve! We have millions and millions of contracts and soul contracts of which we have no idea anymore, but which are still active, influencing our lives without us having a clue about them. Especially because they are running with the archontic beings and their accomplices, of which we are not aware. Therefore - on all levels and beyond death!

Just having a doormat outside your front door with "Welcome" on it has legitimized entities to be welcome in your home. Just food for thought.

Of course, if there's... Jemanden's goal is to continue to be ready for next lives as an energy producer and not to become completely free - this way is the wrong way. The Kininigen Way is the way for those who are tired of the "game" here and want to be FREE on ALL LEVELS BEYOND DEATH. That is what we are about. You already have a lot of contracts going on beyond death. On all levels of this "matrix" we are in. So that nothing gets in the way, we refer exclusively to the Highest Source of all being, in its perfection and love. No "angels", no beings, no mono- or polytheistic gods. Because that way you can't do anything wrong or harm yourself or anyone else. We thus go back to the source of ourselves - the highest source of all being. No intermediaries. The sovereign and his origin.

However. We respect and honor the sovereignty of every spiritual-moral being and will not persuade or persuade anyone to take this path. It is for each individual to decide for himself.