What?? That costs something and it's not free? Isn't that knowledge that belongs to everyone? Why should I have to pay for it?!

Yes, that's right, everyone is entitled to this knowledge. This is how we see it. also.

We do not want to enrich ourselves, but since we live in a world in which we also have to clothe our bodies with something and feed them, need a roof over our heads as protection against rain and cold, we cannot do it without counterbalancing.
Also a hairdresser for example, has a knowledge what everybody is entitled to and nevertheless it is not free - one must compensate this service (his ability, carried by his time). Although his knowledge is also entitled to everyone, no one would get the idea to march into the hairdresser's salon and demand to receive his available lifetime for this service, for free.
"This knowledge is priceless!" was often the statement we received and it is true. The price set is very reasonable considering the pure material value, which is just under a quarter of the amount and based on the value that is given. Our life time and knowledge, which is pure g
has flowed and which was also financed before, and not too tightly, is not included at all. Also the compensation is unfortunately needed to be able to spread knowledge on this level, to build a structure for the benefit of all without being able to be bought, until at some point this knowledge can spread by itself, without infiltration attempts.
Also the sentence "What costs nothing is worth nothing" is unfortunately more than true, as we already had to experience ourselves, when we gave a course, which imparted true commercial knowledge, for free.

On the other hand it also forms a hurdle - not too high, but an amount that is built up at the absolute limit -. as a nominal charge, to enable us to do our work and thus a definitive confirmation of the participating sovereign that you are serious.
From there, yes. It's not free, however the price is ridiculous considering what you get (if you can handle that knowledge internally, because as I said, it requires personal responsibility). We offer a way out. Just that - what in all the other groups so far, ended in the dead end. But nevertheless, one must remain conscious that the sovereign must be willing to go this way. We will not take away his personal responsibility by carrying him like nurses.