What can I do with the Identity Ownership Certificate?

That depends on your inner attitude. Either ALL or NOTHING.

The more correct question would be, what does the identity title deed allow me to do?

It enables a very clear distinction to be made between the person the system in all your catching ropes and nets has put on us.

For now the person is a prison from which there is no escape. The identity ownership certificate is the key to freedom from this prison imposed upon us. Because the deed finally gives one a proof, about our own identity. Which was not previously available to the individual. We were only the holder of a registration bond and the holder is usually always liable. The person belongs to the "state" or the structures behind it. Because they have licensed it. These structures will never admit that it does NOT belong to us and also never admit THAT it belongs to us.

Dthis email Proof gives us back the power over our own name. Because the name of the person was virtually "stolen" from the system during registration.

Why stolen? Well... the name given to us by our producers as a gift on the life way, was secured by the system with the rights, since with the registration of the name, the addition "ALL rights to the name reserved" is missing completely... Thus we have no more right to it. This did not know and do not know the newborn registering producers, but it happened anyway.

Thus the only way is to renounce the old and give oneself a New Name with all rights. At the same time one withdraws mit this act, the value generated and given as the person behind the name of the person.

In short, one becomes free again from the ropes that have been put around us in the course of time.