What exactly is the Kininigen way? Why do you think that YOUR way is the "right" way?

You leave the field of play by giving yourself a new name. You put the off, what the system has appropriated and cheats us with, that which was originally a gift to us from our parents... and gives itself a new name. Along with documents that when all is said and done the proof darthat the New Name, WITH the associated natural person, with which one dives into the system, belongs to oneself and as an addition, that one remains/becomes the master over the values created UNDER the name of the person!
What we've been doing unknowingly up to now: Everything we have earned
ten, we have transferred to the “state” in the form of a donation. How would it be if from now on everything you create and earn is your property and you also have an immediatessyou have understandable proof of this?

What many people fail at is the following fact: First, everything is transferred to the state as a gift and then you run after the gift and say it is Sone. It's called breach of contract. That's why they regulate so many.

Turn around and create it anew, the fight is over and the PERSON of the FRG/Vatican loses its value IMMEDIATELY, because it needs the living behind the names. And to get around the inevitable question that comes out here - yes, there is a way to keep the house, the car, the horse that you have worked by the sweat of your brow. But you can't get at the collateral or the taxes (aka license usage fees) you've paid so far. At least not with the Kininigen way used here.

A conscious and spiritual being, also knows about the power of forgiveness and letting go. For in the earthly death of the body, one cannot take anything of material goods with him anyway. The construct that surrounds us here, the created system, is built up in this way. It has been perfected over thousands of years. Perfidious with that very purpose of never being recognized. One should therefore forgive oneself for being deceived. We cannot undo it. We can only stop playing by their rules, which they never tell us.

Words and terms... Since everyone knows about the confusion of language in the bibel has heard (at that time it was about much more than "only" different languages, it was also about the confusion of the terminology of words) and at the latest if he had to do once with lawyers, knows around the power of the word twist of this profession... Each Kommerzler knows the famous example of the definition of the word human after the ballentine's Law Dictionary.

Also words like body, democracy, anarchy, etymological fascinating what they really mean and as what they understand today.

Words are magic. Every day we use words whose terms we do not really know, or which in their everyday use (on purpose!) Have been assigned wrong. If our mind does not know the true meaning of the word, so it becomes during the use in our brain briefly "dark" - thus the man can be wonderfully manipulated. This is also the answer to the question why legal German, although it sounds like the German language, but you have to read the words listed in it several times (and you still partly did not understand it in the end).

Aus all the above reasons, we have decided that a definition of certain words should be established in advance must, in order to avoid confusion. These definitions form the exclusive basis for the legal entity Kininigen, the Kininigen level and all its members. Definitions of other jurisdictions and the system outside, are explicitly rejected. This area will inevitably continue to expand.