It would be enough for me to get into the 4th to 6th dimensions and see the people who are close to you...I don't want to disappear into a whole quantum consciousness...from this point of view, the identity property deed is probably not for me?

You don't go there to see your loved ones. You don't really see your loved ones there (by the way, that's a lot after some thousands of incarnations). Who thinks he has there a nice peaceful get-together floating harp-playing on clouds, is mistaken.

One is also "prepared" there and processed, the memory erased / fed with false information, temporarily stored whatever. Yes, one has a short resting phase on a level that seems like paradise. But one must not stay there.

Even the loved ones one believes to see in death, who receive one so kindly, are not the loved ones one loved. The brain is merely scanned for what is expected and this is then presented to the dying to move the consciousness detaching from the body into implied consent to go along. Everything is contract. Especially this point in time. Going into the light means going into a new incarnation and energy harvest cycle.