You have the rights to the identity title deed. It is then the same game as before!

The rights to the newly given name remain with the sovereign at 100%. The so-called copyright including the right of the Propertys, possessionit and the Ownership remains completely with the respective sovereign.

We do not want to launch System 2.0. Therefore, we do not presume to acquire intellectual property from someone else. We offer the path including the text of the detachment.

However, the rights to the identity property deed regarding the content and design and all the trimmings remain with Ama-gi koru-E Kininigen Trust. It's like when you buy a book or even better, diary. You then put your name in it and then you are the owner and proprietor -. it belongs to the Jthe one who bought it. On the one hand, we handle it in such a way that nobody can copy the text and then change, falsify and misuse it, because then he will most probably lack the understanding of some connections, otherwise he'd understand what he's facing.. Because the text remains unaltered must, in order to have the highest possible effect for the benefit of the spiritually moral beings incarnated on this level. Many hatten itself as time goes by felt called upon to change it to the best of their knowledge because they some things in there did not understand and made sense and the effect and thus unconsciously broken. We would like to avoid that. On the other hand, because we do not want it to be copied by others and thus discredit us - these effects would possibly destroy our important project, which is to enable the freedom of spiritually moral beings.

This is what we want to prevent with this clear demarcation.