Must say I find Laurent's videos really intense, I love living, I love nature and it's all supposed to be wrong somehow? Created by an AI? and I have such a deep trust in life itself, feel well guided..but then by whom?

Loving nature and being comfortable in it is the only thing right now, and ever, to have connection to the earth. The AI didn't really "create" it all in the sense. The earth and nature was there before, it was very different but it was there. But there was a takeover from a race that came here and brought the AI or technology with them. Or rather... this race is connected through it and digitized/technical. I can't really grasp that, nor explain it with the words here. I disagree with him that it originated here - at least I've seen otherwise.

Nature was there before, it was hijacked and redesigned. You can think of it like a computer. This has a software. This was hacked and another software played on it which is active until now and works and works in its sense.

The deep trust in life itself that you feel is rather your connection to Mother Earth, your highest consciousness and your connection to the Highest Source of All Being. This deep trust has nothing to do with the matrix that surrounds us. It is that which has not been hacked - but with an inoculation and transhumanization through it with the technology in it, the change of [human] that is pending and so desired by the ruling beings here so that it can be fed into their web. This connection to the primal and the whole and the organic, one would lose, one will be completely transferred by it.

guided... I would be very careful about that. You have to distinguish between being led by the highest self, for your own highest good or being manipulated and led, because a farmer also takes good care of his livestock, he has invested in it and a healthy and "happy" animal secures his yield when he slaughters/milks/shears it... whatever he does.

Because only one's own highest self really guides one (and of course the Highest Source of All Being), everything else like angels and ascended masters and beings - act here in the matrix according to divide et impera - divide and rule. Both want energy and live on it. The hierarchy is layered and everyone in here, benefits from it. That's why all the light forces and other things like angels serve this principle. You weave multiple layers to keep the beings that are here in the matrix.