I am the beneficiary of the name. I have the authorship. Which is why I'm entitled to the collateral.

WIf someone has the authorship of the name you identify yourself with... then it is your producers who registered the name or were YOU fully aware of it at the time when the intellectual property was licensed?zhas been released? How can YOU then be the beneficiary at all? Just because YOU're running around and the license waszdistributor? That YOU identify yourself with it is not the licensor's fault...

With which administrative act can you prove that you are the author or that Your creators have secured rights to the name when they registered?

If it is your name, then you could grant licenses because the state is using it, because according to you, it belongs to you.
Go to the Civic Centre and tell them that you are aware that only the owner may regulate the form, since you will unambiguously agree with me that the name is mine, I hereby instruct you to change the name according to my inalienable rights, in accordance with my dignity, from Capitis Deminutio maxima to Capitis sin deminutio. In addition I inform you that §17 HGB does not apply to me because the name is my property.

If the name is really your property, the change will be made. Have you ever thought that maybe the “state” is regulating you because you are using the name illegally? Who has the title document about the name “Anyway"?

Ask the community centre: Who is the owner, who is the owner and who is the holder of the name WOLFGANG Anyway and by which administrative act can the ownership, possession and proprietorship be clearly proven?
Maybe it's clearer now?

That is why one cannot be the beneficiary. Logic alone should show you that the "authorities" have never done anything in the sense of the spiritual and moral being. Somewhere in this whole system there is surely a beneficiary - presumably behind the walls of the Vatican - where he then passes it on.