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Words and terms... As everybody has heard about the confusion of languages in the bible (at that time it was about much more than "only" different languages, it was also about the confusion of the terms of words) and at the latest if he ever had to do with lawyers, knows about the power of the word-twisting of this profession... Every commercialist knows the famous example of the definition of the word human according to the Ballentine's Law Dictionary. Hence an explicit definition of words.

known words and the unknown,

true meaning

Also words like Body (from lat. corpus 'body, womb' and eventually displaces the older native ahd. līh, mhd. līch to designate the human and animal body, which is only used in nhd.Body (s. d.) is preserved)

Anarchy (that of Greek. ánarchos (ἄναρχος) 'without head, leaderless'), etymologically fascinating as to what they really mean and what we understand them to mean nowadays.

We recommend everyone to look up the definition of the term for words. Some people will be surprised.

Words are magic. Every day we use words whose terms we do not really know, or which in their everyday use (on purpose!) have been wrongly assigned. If our mind does not know the true meaning of the word, it briefly "darkens" in our brain during use - thus man can be wonderfully manipulated.

This is also the answer to the question, why the legalese sounds like the German language, but you have to read some of the words several times (and you still don't understand it in the end).

For all of the above reasons, we have decided that a definition of certain words must be established beforehand in order to avoid confusion. The words to be found below and their definition, form the exclusive basis for the legal circle Kininigen, the Kininigen level and all its members.

Definitions of other jurisdictions and the system outside, are explicitly rejected. This area will inevitably become increasingly wider.

The secret of happiness is freedom, and the secret of freedom is courage.


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Free sovereigns who have abandoned contracts for foreign bonds.

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"Consider what you are:
Above all, a “human being”, that means a being who has no more essential task than his free will.”

We are pleased that some "commercial grandmasters" are inspired by our knowledge and then let it flow into their teachings. However, it would be honorable if you name the source for this and do not sell it as your own work, because otherwise it gives the appearance of unauthorized appropriation of other people's ideas. This has nothing to do with honor, dignity, truth, of which you speak in your courses.