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Words and terms... As everybody has heard about the confusion of languages in the bible (at that time it was about much more than "only" different languages, it was also about the confusion of the terms of words) and at the latest if he ever had to do with lawyers, knows about the power of the word-twisting of this profession... Every commercialist knows the famous example of the definition of the word human according to the Ballentine's Law Dictionary. Hence an explicit definition of words.

familiar words and the unknown

True meaning

Also words like Body (from lat. corpus 'body, womb' and eventually displaces the older native ahd. līh, mhd. līch to designate the human and animal body, which is only used in nhd.Body (s. d.) is preserved)

Anarchy (that of Greek. ánarchos (ἄναρχος) 'without head, leaderless'), etymologically fascinating as to what they really mean and what we understand them to mean nowadays.

We recommend everyone to look up the definition of the term for words. Some people will be surprised.

Words are magic. Every day we use words whose terms we do not really know, or which in their everyday use (on purpose!) have been wrongly assigned. If our mind does not know the true meaning of the word, it briefly "darkens" in our brain during use - thus man can be wonderfully manipulated.

This is also the answer to the question, why the legalese sounds like the German language, but you have to read some of the words several times (and you still don't understand it in the end).

For all of the above reasons, we have decided that a definition of certain words must be established beforehand in order to avoid confusion. The words to be found below and their definition, form the exclusive basis for the legal circle Kininigen, the Kininigen level and all its members.

Definitions of other jurisdictions and the system outside, are explicitly rejected. This area will inevitably become increasingly wider.

The secret of happiness is freedom, and the secret of freedom is courage.


Important terms to know

Kininigen definition

Total securing of all the rights that the Sovereign has. The inalienable rights and the rights that the Sovereign would like to secure, which he has previously expressed in his Declaration of Will (Will, Identity Property Deed, Decided Contractual Terms).

Organic, not converted into numbers or made into the numerical form. Nature always works analogically.

The opposite of digital and usually preceding the digital state. Analog signals are continuously variable and theoretically provide infinitely accurate information.

The writing of something by the author's own hand. (from ancient Greek αὐτός autós "self" and γραφή graphē "written", "writing").

A banknote is a document that serves as a means of payment (usually legal tender, guaranteed by the state as pure credit money) in a particular country, is issued by an authorised institution (central bank, central bank) and is denominated in a round nominal value of a currency unit.

Colloquially, banknotes are referred to as paper money or banknotes due to their nature. Along with coins, banknotes count as cash.

The owner exercises actual dominion over something. He sits on something. When I used to own land, I sat on it and it was mine.

If I print a work of art that I have made then I am the owner, proprietor and holder of rights. If I give it to m ü l l e r, max without transferring the rights m ü l l e r, max is the owner but NOT the proprietor / holder.

If I sell the picture to m ü l l e r, max, he becomes the new owner and proprietor and I become ownerless and propertyless, but still have the rights to the intellectual property of the picture. If I transfer all rights to m ü l l e r, max, he becomes the new owner, proprietor and holder of rights. Proprietor is, to whom the thing legally belongs, owner, who actually holds it (e.g. also the thief).

What is the value of a €100 digital accounting record versus €10 digital?

Example: 100€ digital as 10110101 compared to 10€ digital 10011010.

a) 10110101 is of higher value

(b) 10011010 is of higher value


c) 10110101 = 10011010 , has the same digital value = 0!

See also Section 14 of the Bundesbank Act.

Banknotes denominated in euro are the only unrestricted legal tender.

Nowhere is it specified that payment must be made in euros, except for interest.

Opposite of analog.

Virtual, expressed in numbers or converted from the analog state in numbers to digital signal or form.

Digital signals are more or less selected and/or "lossy" depending on the viewing mode.

The digital signal was invented to secure analog signals and to transport them quickly over long distances. The big advantage: the digital signals can always be reproduced with the same quality.

[Example: A bird chirps in the forest and sings its song.

1. nature always works analogously: The sound wave (signal) of the song reaches your ear and you hear the chirping. The signal covers many different frequencies, possibly even those that humans can hardly or not at all hear.

Now take out your smartphone and record the birdsong. This creates a digital recording. But your phone doesn't capture all the frequencies. For example, the MP3 format leaves out all the frequencies that people can't hear. That's one reason why the file size of an MP3 file is much smaller than a WAV file. Furthermore, the song is sampled at a specific frequency and only something is recorded every few fractions of a second. But these fractions are so fine that when strung together they sound (almost) like the bird's original song].

An analog signal represents a continuous, stepless curve. The digital signal, on the other hand, is "choppy" and lossy due to the way the digital signal works.

They are the characteristics and the goal of every sovereign. They are emotional states and cannot be defined by words. Like a compass, they guide the sovereign who lives by these values at all times, through constant and unexceptional striving for these highest, characteristic values. As a moral motivating force, they urge and guide him not to be satisfied with less, through the highest demands on himself. Honour is earned or lost by everyone, but in no case can honour be artificially built up by any titles on the outside. The pursuit of the highest and purest is the mission of the men and women living on Gaia, for from them Eden will grow up again.

Containing a damage or defect and thus not fully usable in one piece. Synonymous with broken or corrupt and thus invalidating.

Represents a fact and fact.

Free Space and Plane Ama-gi koru-E Kininigen, on Earth/Gaia/Ki for all sovereign, free, and from the Source of all Being, spiritual beings currently incarnated in a human form on the 3 D plane of Earth or awaiting their liberation from digital and archontic domination on all other planes of this matrix, for their highest good and for the good of Gaia.

This space and plane is outside of maritime and commercial and ecclesiastical and Vatican law, outside of the jurisdiction of states and countries and monarchies, hierarchies, archontic and digital dominion, their creations, servants, agents and contractors, and is made available to every spiritual and analog being as an exit from this matrix with the free exit from this matrix.

This level alone is subject to the supreme law and directives of the Source of all being and the principles based on purest love.

Nothing less has permanence and access in it.

It opens all the joining non-digital beings to free self-determination and sovereignty over their own spirit, soul, all etheric, immaterial and material bodies including quantum into the quantum level and beyond, DNA/DNS, energetic signature, time, freedom, will, abode, descendants, faith, property, possessions, creations, knowledge, ownership, and the original purpose of pure consciousness incarnated into the human body from the Source of all being as part and image thereof, to live in harmony, accord, and love on Gaia and to draw from the polarity of matter.

The spiritual and/or spiritually moral being, incarnated in a material form, enters it quite automatically through his declaration of will - not materially, but spiritually and mentally. Planes are like radio stations. All of them are on at the same time - one reaches them by "turning them on". The identity property deed or the mere pure will can be the switch and access to this plane, so to speak, if the prerequisites are fulfilled by the one entering.

A value or statement enclosed in square brackets is an indication to the reader, but does not constitute a value or part of the document or reference or statement.

Nobleness means "of noble mind" and is a virtue. Noble disposition of the pure mind, which lacks selfish and base motives and motives in its actions. A noble-minded person should be courageous, practice forgiveness, help those in need of protection, protect the old and the sick, not seek revenge. Nobleness is therefore also generosity.

The highest source of all being is the owner of the whole earth and therefore also of the individual properties! This opens up the next question: Did the source ever cede its own right to mankind? Just as one builds a house on solid ground so that it stands stable, this question must be answered in principle. Whether GOD is the owner of the earth is a question of truth and cannot be avoided by relying on worldly laws. Laws may have been passed to secure claims to power and dominion.

That GOD exists for the lawyers is a fact. It is obvious:

The oath with religious affirmation is taken in such a way that the judge recites the oath standard with the opening formula: "You swear by God the Almighty and Omniscient" and the person obliged to swear then speaks the words (oath formula): "I swear, so help me God." -If there were no omnipotent and omniscient GOD, this oath would be pure hypocrisy, completely superfluous and pure stupidity of the people! A judge committed to the truth, cannot possibly speak a lie to someone as an oath! That would be already a perjury.

The proprietor normally grants the right of use to the owner (exception: theft and equivalents).

Family from lat. famulus 'servant' (s. Famulus) derivative formed lat. familia originally means 'servants, slaves', then also 'the whole household' (freemen and slaves).

That is why Kininigen avoids the term famlie. We use the term "tribe".

Freedom is the natural original state of every spiritual moral being, given by the highest source of all being. It enables to be able to do from free will what you want, as long as he is not directed against the free will of another. Freedom is also the possibility of not having to do something you do not want. The liberty gives you the luxury differently thinking and acting men and women their liberty to live, without them immediately "defeat" or to have to convince, as long as they do not endanger your liberty.The free will and freedom of the other partner must be respected as being of equal value and must not be restricted by the other partner, even against his or her own free will.

I am not subject to anyone and no one is subject to me. I respect the spark of the highest source of all being in my counterpart and his free will and expect this also from him.

Als Geburt ist ganz klar der Austritt aus dem Leib der Mutter definiert und zwar eines lebendigen und lebensfähigen Wesens. Keine fiktive Erzeugung einer Obligation als Person, welches die gleichlautende Bennenung als NAME, trägt.

Mutter und Vater geben ihrem Nachkommen, einen Rufnamen und diese sind einer Sippe zugehörig, entspringen einem Stamm.

In der Fiktiven Parallelwelt der Personenschaft, geben Eltern ihrem Kind einen Namen, welches an einem Geburtsdatum erzeugt wurde. Das Geburtsdatum stellt den Marker auf der Zeitlinie als Markierungspunkt, dar. Ein Geburtsdatum wird vom System benötigt und nicht vom lebendigen, geistig sittlichen Vernunftwesen.

“Geburt – diejenige Verrichtung des weiblichen [Körpers], wodurch die Frucht mit den ihr zugehörigen Teilen mittels bestimmter Naturkräfte aus dem Mutterleib ausgetrieben wird.”

Zitat Mayers Konversations-lexikon 1876.

„Der natürliche Ausgang der Frucht, aus der Mutter Leibe.“

Zedler, Johann Heinrich - Large Complete Universal Encyclopedia 1732

Weitere Informationen und Bildnachweise zu diesem Thema, sind im Beitrag „die Allod Lüge“ zu finden.

A security, which is generated by the registration of the family and call name of the newborn by the producers at the office, on the same name+first name running, and is traded afterwards at the stock exchange. The basis and foundation of the natural person and all further, similarly denominated obligations, which is to suggest the alleged equality to the spiritually moral being in order to get him so into the net of the person and to achieve the assumption of liability for this.

Territorial area within which specific, tangible and intangible law is applicable and valid.

Paper that appears to be a banknote, covered only by general acceptance and belief in it and not by substantial values.

The sovereign who has the courage to judge himself, to strive for the highest values and to be a shining example - this and the consistent living of the values of honour, dignity and truth lay the foundation for his just actions. Right thinking allows the heart to guide him in goodness towards justice. In principle, justice is already inherent in nature and man must strive to recognize this justice.

A law is a set of rules for a right. A right can only lead to a regulation through the transfer of the right holder to a set of rules.

Example: Water (law) → Heating system (rules and regulations)

Without the water in the heating system nothing can be regulated!

A law needs a scope and a clear definition of who or what it regulates.

Credibility is created when words and deeds are in harmony. A sovereign always has positive credibility, which results from consistently living the lived values of honour, dignity and truth.

The Supreme Source of All Being. The hyperdimensional Original Source of All in Love. That which was first and foremost and from which all consciousness and EVERYTHING came forth, the most perfect, pure, non-polar or dual force that is the source of EVERYTHING on all levels and times and beyond.

When God is mentioned, it is expressly NOT the monotheistic God of the religions that is meant, not the God of Gnosticism and none of the polytheistic gods.

Kind, benevolent and lenient attitude towards others. Elements of kindness are doing good, exercising grace, benevolence and mercy. Just as the sun melts the ice, kindness makes misunderstandings, mistrust and hostility disappear. What a man puts out into the world in kindness works on people's hearts and minds.

"For this [goodness] arises in the end from the fact that the merely recognized suffering of others determines our actions more than our own will and its immediate satisfaction. ... The magnanimity, the clementia, the forgiving, the returning of evil with good, compels from us such unmeasured praise and admiration, because he who practices it recognizes his own nature even in him who in him misjudged his own: and at the same time brings him back from his error by the way which is the gentlest and at the same time the only safe one: for the latter is compelled to say to himself (in the inmost feeling): 'The being whom I injured was myself, for it treats me as itself.' - How little, on the other hand, is the uncertain way of reproach capable of." Arthur Schopenhauer

The reparation in the form of financial and/or non-material compensation and/or deed of damage suffered, within a limit set by the injured party, adequate in relation to the damage suffered.


I am that I am.

The eternal consciousness that is in the material human body inhabited by me and perceives itself as the I.

The holder is the one who has something at his disposal (holds rights for someone else). The holder is identified by his will to hold. →Personal identity card.

have their own definition, which is contrary to the divine creation:

HUMAN = monster according to Ballentine's Law Dictionary 1st Edition from 1930, enslaved by human rights from 1947


Definition human being: see MONSTER

Monster: A human being by birth, but in some part resembling a lower animal. A monster has no inheritable blood, and cannot be heir to any land.

(IN GERMAN : Monster: A human by birth, but in some parts similar to a lower animal. A monster has no inheritable blood and may not (cannot) be heir to any land (own land nor inherit!).

What is unequivocally expressed here is that lawyers are monsters. And the god of the lawyers is either the devil himself or is also a monster.

Example: A male lawyer is born in a cow barn. Is the lawyer

(a) a cow

(b) one bovine animal

(c) an ox; or

d) a spiritual-moral being, entity as a human being.

Contrary to the substance. A fictitious construct for men and women. To animate a legal person, you need the living. The legal person cannot be sued or held accountable. Lawyers, judges, notaries like to hide behind a legal person in order not to be held accountable for their deeds. But since a human being always animates the person, acts through it, the liability of the human being behind it can never lapse.

The legal interpretation of this term is excluded. By child is meant the offspring of a mother, as a woman, and of a father, as a man. An offspring as a living, spiritually moral being of reason, which has arisen from living, spiritually moral beings of reason.

The Collateral does not belong to man. The rights do not belong to us, but to the one who at that time secured the man, registered him as a company and deposited the unsuspecting man who "voluntarily" identifies himself with it, as a value-giver and pledge (under deception of this unsuspecting person).

A living being, not yet separated from its material body. Breathing, changing, subject to metabolic and energy changes.

Reason denotes a mental human capacity for insight determined by reflection, distinguishes [humans] from animals and represents the central element of the cognitive process.

Understanding is the ability to perceive visually and reason is the ability to perceive abstractly and discursively. Reason is specifically human, whereas understanding also belongs to (higher) animals, since they are partly able to grasp multi-level causal relationships intellectually, but cannot think rationally, since they lack abstract concepts and ideas.

A rational being, popularly called [man], is a living and moral being incarnated in the human body. It has the ability to infer generally valid connections through reasoning, to recognize their meaning and to establish rules as well as principles and to form its own will and uses reason to regulate the bodily drives and thus come to a balanced, virtuous life. Man] is part of nature and reason's task is to fit life into the cosmic order (logos). Reason cannot oppose the order of nature.

Thus Cicero asks, "Is anything natural that is against reason (ratio)?"

The strongest state of affection, appreciation and esteem in respect and the strongest power and creative energy of the purest form. The highest vibration and frequency, generally and man-made.

Targeted and covert exertion of influence, i.e. all processes that aim to control the experience and behaviour of individuals and groups and are intended to remain hidden from them. Manipulation of people is defined as the exertion of influence in which the acceptance of an opinion, good or service by the target person can lead to a disadvantage for that person. One speaks of immoral manipulation when the attempt to persuade or convince causes economic and/or moral damage to the person being influenced. People who have feelings of inferiority, lack self-confidence or fear are more easily deceived and manipulated. The manipulation of people pursues goals and serves to influence other people with regard to their behaviour. Manipulated people do not act out of their own insights or convictions, but are determined by others. The intended control through targeted influence from the outside usually generates negative emotions when recognised, since the manipulated person is more or less made into a mere performer of the manipulator and is only supposed to react according to the manipulator's ideas. The manipulation of people for the purpose of obtaining information without permission is called social engineering. It is possible to distinguish between practices aimed at influencing conscious decision-making (persuasion) and communicative practices aimed at exploiting weakness of will or limited decision-making capacity.

"No emotion so completely robs the mind of its capacity to act and think as fear." - Edmund Burke

"The absence of visible violence allows manipulation to masquerade as that freedom which it deprives." - Friedrich Hacker

Spiritually moral, living, of reason. The eternal, analogous consciousness incarnated into matter in a human form, which as a part of the Supreme Source of All Being, has sprung from it. Known in biological categorization as Homo sapiens sapiens.

The Ballentine's Law Dictionary definition.

((1930) human being - see: MONSTER. Monster: A human being by birth, but in some part resembling a lower animal. A monster has no inheritable blood, and cannot be heir to any land.)

as monsters and human-like animal beings, is excluded and explicitly rejected.

Further information and evidence can be found in our article on the terminology of Man and person can be read.

I AM that I AM

A name is, according to current scientific research, an access index to a set of information about an individual (spiritual moral being of flesh and blood). Names are thus information assigned to a person, an object, an organizational unit (for example, a company) or a term, which is intended to serve identification and individualization (function of name clarity).

The following options are available:

1. MÜLLER MAX (capitis deminutio maxima)

2. MÜLLER, Max (capitis deminutio media)

3. miller, max (capitis deminutio minima)

4. müller, max (capitis sin deminutio)

Each option indicates a corresponding status (capitis):

1. maximum status reduction

2. media status reduction

3. minimal status reduction

4. no status reduction

A further and exact execution, one can in our contribution "The name we bear", read.

A natural Person is, in the first place, an oxymoron. It was created to undermine the sovereignty of every man and woman, and to bring it into a lower legal circle, for the purpose of making trustees of the value-givers and true creditors, and beneficiaries of the servants of the people. The evidence of the natural person is the PERSON ID; not to be confused with the PERSONAL ID. "And God created man in His image, in the image of God created He him; and made them male and female." (Genesis verse 27) A person animates a person. However, this cannot be done the other way around, or a person cannot be "alive" and act without the person behind it. Part of the nature-given legal capacity of the sovereign, as a person, is the right to have a person. In slavery, man was deprived of personhood. In the Vatican system of the world, man nowadays receives a person from the Vatican, through the State as an obligation (bond), which keeps him in slavery for the rest of his life and binds him, since he was previously deprived of everything by the latter.

Is a number of universal and spiritual laws from the Supreme Source of All Being, according to which consciousness and action must be guided. Derived from the nature of the Reality of Truth and not man-made and not subject to (subjective) belief or perception. It is a binding fact that is universal and unchangeable.

"Nature, indeed, must be taken for a guide: she heeds reason (ratio), and the latter asks her advice." Seneca

Time of the exit of the biological body of the spiritual moral being in matter, from the body of its mother.

The present hierarchically ruling and operating and instructing system in the world in a pyramidal structure in the form of states, countries, the religions, the Vatican and all subsequent and underlying systems, people and beings and consciences on all levels that do not act in love for the benefit of all people, beings, Gaia and the highest source of all being.

A paraphrase is a name sign or a hand sign shortened to a few characters (initials). Such an abbreviation (in contrast to a signature) usually does not have enough features to serve as a secure authentication feature and thus cannot be considered a full-fledged signature.

One who uses a paraphrase is saying in plain language that he/she does not want to be liable for his/her own writing. The logical conclusion from this is that the writing on which the paraphe is affixed is without any commercial value.

In the legal system of the Federal Republic of Germany it is written: "The name of the person is subject to the law to which the person belongs." Lawyers claim we are natural persons. That means we belong to someone. It follows, this means Slaverywhich is forbidden.

Further information and evidence can be found in our article on the terminology of Man and person can be read.

Rights are something true. Law is not subject to subjective interpretation. Something that is right is also true. It can be derived from the nature of the reality of truth and is not man-made. Law is universal, binding and unchangeable on the basis of the foundation set by the Source of all Being. Right is therefore something right and wrong, something wrong.

is the inability of a legal system to provide justice to those subject to it. An institution, especially a legal institution, reveals legal bankruptcy, for example, when it lets liars get to the top, turns greasers into secretaries, fraudsters into cashiers, forgers into secretaries, impostors into assessors and blackmailers into legal supervisors.

In such circumstances, the only promise of improvement is a complete return to generally accepted values (e.g. truth, freedom and principles of law (e.g. pacta sunt servanda, prohibition of arbitrariness, competition, etc.)

Citizens of the German State as the German Reich.

Nowadays used as an insult to defame individuals who think differently from the operating system.

Use of this term is prohibited in "Law No. 1" by the Allies:

Law of 20 september 1945, issued in Berlin (COEL/P(45/40) of the CONTROL COUNCIL, REPEALING OF NAZI LAWs). This decree also covered (I) REICH CITIZENSHIP LAW of 15 september, 1935, RGBL.1/1146 Article III.

Legal dictionary by Heinrich Hevelke from 1804:

"Reichs-Bürger: Those members of the entire German Dtaat who are not Landes-Bürger."

Repertorium Reale Practium Iuris by Johann August Hellfeld from 1762:

"Reich citizen
Mean the citizens both in the imperial cities, and in the free imperial villages."

Legal dictionary by Ewald Köst:

"The right of citizenship of the Reich is acquired by the award of the Reich Citizenship Certificate, i.e. by an act of state sovereignty in an individual case."

Image credits in the knowledge article Reichsbürger.

is the totality of the inner behavioral norms related to the attitude. Moral conduct is the conduct directed toward good for its own sake. The orientation towards conscience and good distinguishes morality from law. In situations of conflict between conscience, morality and law, conscience must be respected. No one can be forced to act against his conscience.

is the willful and conscious affirmation with the free hand of the sovereign in writing, with "wet ink" (in the absence of this, other writing-producing means are also permitted as a substitute), which represents his sign and is valid as an expression of will. In general, the name by which the sovereign is known in the outside world, in the form of writing made by his own hand.

Freedom, autonomy, independence and self-determination of every man and woman is given as a sacred cosmic law from the highest source of all being, to every spiritually moral being as a basis and as a non-negotiable good, as part of its existence. Free from foreign domination, coercion, domination and subordination. It is the highest ultimate decision-making power.

Family name of the living rational being in blocking writing = meaning : alive, living descendant of the clan, from the family ....

"Normal" spelling = meaning: dead. Obligation and/or dead thing.

Status: The legal circle from which I operate and act based on my convictions.

Standing: Becoming aware of my abilities, talents and possibly what I have learned, which gives me the certainty that this knowledge is present in me and ready to be called up.

Capacity: My own knowledge of who I really am with my own experience, which I can call upon at any time, in any situation.

The laws issued by man under the guise of an institution, religion or state, which are to be regarded as law and usually do not meet the requirements of real law and thus are (must be) enforced by threat and/or force.

Those who possess the preceding qualities and consistently strive for them in their lives will live and experience faithfulness and loyalty every day. Fidelity and loyalty arise naturally from the lived values of honor, dignity, and truth, and enhance the splendor of the values lived by the Sovereign.

Ama-gi koru-E Kininigen Trust is a trust organization of purely private contract law for sovereign, spiritually moral beings who have discarded the person superimposed by the system because they fully realized WHAT they are. Thus, the Fiduciary League acts as a Faithful Hand for the values of Sovereigns.

A signature is a volitional avowal and at the same time an assumption of liability for a contractual agreement that has been set forth in writing. Among spiritual moral beings of honor, the spoken word carries more weight than writing. He who needs contracts already assumes a fraud and at the same time says to his contracting partner: "I do not trust you! And I want to minimize this deficit of trust by a contractual agreement!"

The UNDER-writing is the willing declaration to submit to an agreement, but at the same time something else must be given up for it!

The presumption is an assumption which must be proven and clearly substantiated by the person presuming.

Reason denotes a mental human capacity for insight determined by reflection, distinguishes [humans] from animals and represents the central element of the cognitive process.

Understanding is the ability to perceive visually and reason is the ability to perceive abstractly and discursively. Reason is specifically human, whereas understanding also belongs to (higher) animals, since they are partly able to grasp multi-level causal relationships intellectually, but cannot think rationally, since they lack abstract concepts and ideas.

A rational being, popularly called [man], is a living and moral being incarnated in the human body. It has the ability to infer generally valid connections through reasoning, to recognize their meaning and to establish rules as well as principles and to form its own will and uses reason to regulate the bodily drives and thus come to a balanced, virtuous life. Man] is part of nature and reason's task is to fit life into the cosmic order (logos). Reason cannot oppose the order of nature.

Thus Cicero asks, "Is anything natural that is against reason (ratio)?"

The power of representation of the interests and acts of one Sovereign by another Sovereign, established by a conscious and clear expression of will and given in word and/or in writing.

is the profound understanding of interrelationships in nature, life and society, as well as the ability to identify the most coherent and meaningful course of action in goodness and in truth, honour and dignity when faced with problems and challenges. Wisdom is when the right (see law) decisions and actions arise from knowledge.

our team of sovereigns

Free sovereigns who have discarded the treaties and foreign bonds.

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"Consider what you are:
Above all, a human being, that means a being who has no more essential task than his free will."

We are pleased that some "commercial grandmasters" are inspired by our knowledge and then incorporate it into their teachings. However, it would be honorable if you name the source for this and do not sell it as your own work, because otherwise it gives the appearance of unauthorized appropriation of other people's ideas. This has nothing to do with honor, dignity, truth, of which you speak in your courses.