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If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the contents of these pages, you are welcome Sovereign If you want to become a partner without being tied to external, hidden contracts, we would be happy to receive a few lines about this.

Even if you perceive yourself as a living, spiritually moral, rational being [human] and your rights have been violated and you are before the Kininigen Free Arbitration Court Lawsuit If you would like to submit, please feel free to send us an email.

We will then try to get in touch as quickly as possible and answer your request.

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    I accept and confirm the DVB'sfrom


    Before contacting us, we recommend reading the Knowledge section. Many questions are already answered there. Whether on the topic Man and person, dem collateral account, the Names, dem Kininigen Free Arbitration Court and its felled To judge.

    The fundamental judgments apply to the members and free sovereigns of Kininigen. Applications of the policy judgments for individuals who still hold the alien character of the operating system are not recommended.

    We also refer to the Soul contract termination for your own liberation from contracts on a material and higher level. Questions about this will also be in the posts Hidden Truth Part 1, Part 2 and part 3 and Hidden Truth Comments answered.

    "Justice gives to each his own,
    does not assume what is foreign
    and resets your own advantage,
    where it applies,
    to protect the good of the whole."

    Ambrose of Milan