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Other views Kininigen blog Reichsbürger? What is that? It is impossible for the living to discard the living and live the fiction at the same time. From the simpler minds of this planet, we have already been asked the question, "Do you belong to the Reichsbürger?" From the malicious

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The Roman Law

The Roman Law

Other views Kininigen Blog The Roman (in)law. Rome always wanted to rule, and when its legions fell, it sent dogmas to the provinces. Heinrich Heine As I wrote in the post Man/Person, when I finished the post about the collateral account, I thought that topic slavery and

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Man and person

Person and human being

Other Views Kininigen Blog A truth can only work when the recipient is ripe for it. Christian Morgenstern Human being or person? None of these at all, but we are living, spiritually moral beings of reason. Is it not all the same? Why did we choose this long and circumstantial

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Odyssey around the name and inalienable rights

My odyssey around birth names and inalienable rights.

Other views Kininigen Blog A little history of sovereignty Courage is at the beginning of action, happiness at the end Democritus Once upon a time there was a young man. He was heartbroken and wanted to have a good cry with his best friend. But this had other plans with the

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Allod Zygote the heresy

Allod movement

The world from another point of view Kininigen Blog Allod or The world of small unicellular This time we turn to a doctrine, which is propagated for some time ever more loudly in the commercial circles. First of all, I would like to say of course, I respect and honor anyone who

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Court - Court of Arbitration Kininigen

Just another dish

The world from a different perspective Kininigen Blog Just another court? The Kininigen Free Arbitration Court. But what for? Because if you look around, there are enough courts in this world. Or are there not? According to official statements, they may be overloaded,

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The name we bear

the name we bear

Andere Sichtweisen Kininigen Blog Der Name Unser Name ist nicht unser Name. Er wurde uns gestohlen und wir haben es nicht gemerkt. Wem gehört der Name? Bei vielen Lesern oder allgemein in Gesprächen, taucht immer wieder das Problem auf, daß unser Gegenüber nicht versteht, wie

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Collateral account is a debt

The collateral account is a debt and not a credit balance

Andere Sichtweisen Kininigen Blog Das Kollateralkonto ist eine Schuld und kein Guthaben Wer seine Augen nicht gebraucht, um zu sehen, wird sie brauchen, um zu weinen. Keine Millionen im Plus, zumindest nicht für uns, sondern im Minus. Es ist die Lizenzgebühr an den Papst, für

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