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Hidden Truth Part 1

hidden truth part 1

Other perspectives Kininigen Blog Hidden truth of this world "A truth can only work when the recipient is ready for it.." Christian Morgenstern Hidden truth about this world and its rulers Based on the announcement of the "Full Acceptances", we have decided that it is now time to write about the background of the whole system and its deception. These are the backgrounds of how the world in the invisible works and WHY our structure at Kininigen

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Soul contract resolution

Soul contract termination

Other Views Kininigen Blog Soul Contract Resolution As long as the mind is enslaved, the body can never be free. Martin Luther King Soul contracts? Yes, these are contracts that are either entered into unconsciously in this life, contracts from previous incarnations, contracts taken over from the ancestral line, oaths, curses - even those of self-cursing... all of these are contracts that could be summarized under the vague term of soul contracts. These influence our daily lives without

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how we are expropriated

how we are expropriated

Other points of view Kininigen Blog we own nothing and how we are dispossessed It is impossible for the living to discard the living and at the same time live the fiction. We are the owners of nothing and how we are deceived In the articles about "the collateral account is a debt" I have already tried to prove that we are slaves/serfs without knowing it. We wander our whole life, through our life - or rather

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