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"Recognize reality and realize that everything is connected to everything else."

Leonardo da Vinci

Announcement documents

Public announcement of the documents on the legal relations currently in force.

Announcement documents Kininigen
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This image denotes the events preceding the announcement in the background and on the energetic levels.

We have the target to make the public announcement of the documents to be found below by August 18, 2023 to manifest these energies more broadly on 3D.

Very few people will understand the following text. Even less will believe or be able to comprehend the content, because the connections, events and basis for the whole processes are unknown and simply too complex.

99.9% of readers will probably be among them.

"many are called, but only a few are chosen".


Everyone can check the contents and what is published here with his heart or in an energetic way, but it is important to check beforehand occupations and/or Influencewhich, unfortunately, is almost standard, to be excluded.

The aim of these lines is to bring the content at the 3D level to the "public" through this announcement of the documents.

We don't have to prove anything to anyone and we're not doing this to get credit of any kind on 3D - also because that's just not possible. As I said, the release has to happen now.

We are well aware of how incredible what follows here sounds. Most people will probably scream: “That’s not possible!”

Please keep in mind that only 4% of what is really there, is known by us, as "Human" manifested at this level, can be seen. In addition, there is the numerous, Manipulation across incarnations and the great oblivion (the amnesia to which we have been exposed in every single incarnation). All this was the great advantage of the beings who were here in dominion.

We know that we will not reach the masses, as with everything we do, it is about the invisible figures on the “playing field”. Quantity has never been synonymous with quality. Experience has shown that very few people have the capacity to grasp the whole and the scope. Those it will reach will probably be sufficient to bring about manifestation on the material plane.

Through the basis and requirements, which all preceded these steps, it was possible for us to take these steps at all, and there had to be certain people involved.

It would not be our task We definitely wouldn't have survived. Because only the protection that was given to us to fulfill this task, saved us from perishing due to the numerous attacks of the operating system. In the past it was the usual standard to mercilessly eliminate any insurgent who was on the right path. Without discussion, emotion, special attention. The individual, energetic signature serves as a navigation marker. There is no need for this “Erschießungskommando” or similar Stone Age means.

We strongly advise against copying and imitating the content, parts of it, compilations and the process. Because this will entail consequences of energetic as well as material nature, which would not be so nice, apart from that, it can not be repeated.

However, these documents in their entirety may be relied upon. 
The responsible persons of the highest authorities were informed about it.

The beings behind the institutions installed on the material plane were deprived of any basis, both material and immaterial. The old contracts, which make possible for them all that we were allowed to know in the past, were cancelled.

Informed was the Vatican /Holy See, the second “Holy See” in Mainz, (Russian Federation and the US for the first letter), the United Nations /UN, European Union /EU, the FEDERATION in the German countryside.

The letters attached to the acceptances will not be published.

All this for the benefit of all beings.

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bekanntgabe2 min

In order to understand why in the visible area of the material plane, in which we are, the manifestation is not yet to be seen, one must understand that the matter of the 3D is tough and the conversion from other planes (felt for us incarnates) takes place only slowly.

That which already works and is active on the energetic level, has not yet arrived on the level on which we are incarnated.

One can imagine it approximately like a running locomotive. The brakes are completely in, the sparks are flying, but this locomotive still seems to be running at full steam, precisely because the braking distance is long and the mass still keeps the thing running due to the buoyancy beforehand.

Anyone who can travel through the energetic levels will be able to confirm the “silence” there.

Announcement Kininigen


Bible Quote

Gospel of Luke

Chapter 4

5 Then the devil brought him up (to a mountain), and showed him in a single moment all the kingdoms of the earth. 6 And he said to him, All the power and glory of these kingdoms will I give to thee; for they are left to me, and I give them to whom I will. 7 If thou wilt bow down thyself before me, and worship me, all shall be thine.

It is hereby noted that all rights to everything listed herein are fully reserved at all times.

Everything found on this site is subject to the Determined Terms and Conditions of Ama-gi koru-É Kininigen. If someone distributes our knowledge, it would be honorable if he also names the source of this knowledge, which has never been found anywhere else, and does not bring it into the world as his own knowledge in order to enrich his status. Just because something is posted online by us doesn't mean it can be copied and used for ego or profit. This knowledge should serve “humanity” and not be torn apart by groups of individual cells. It is expressly forbidden to use this knowledge for personal gain. 
Actions from base motives will have energetic consequences and consequences.

Otherwise, we are grateful for the distribution of this knowledge in the interests of every being. For the highest good of all beings.