Ama-gi koru É Kininigen

Maxims and us at Kininigen

Who we are

The Kininigen path outlined here on this website is not easy. Simply understanding the things described here on this page will seem challenging even to experienced experts in private commerce.

This path requires a great deal of personal responsibility, self-knowledge, the ability to recognize who and what you are and the courage to admit that you have believed the wrong thing up to now. You have been deceived and cheated. And this realization of how deep and serious this betrayal of us is hurts at first, so much that most people prefer to reject it and continue to follow their usual thought pattern.

Maxime at Kininigen and who we are

Kininigen is a free association of living, free, spiritual and moral rational beings who are committed to and pursue the highest moral values and principles of honor, dignity, truth, love for the benefit of all spiritual beings and the earth, in the spirit of the Supreme Source of All Being.

We are trying to transform the chains of the system currently operating on all levels on Earth in love for freedom. This is also reflected in the Manifesto of Faith of Kininigen, in which we also focus on our non-negotiable, inalienable rights appointed.

The labyrinth set up on the different levels has become so complex that there seems to be no escape. So we are trying to open a door for all spiritual and analogue beings - the door to exit this matrix and return to the source.

This door is Kininigen's Identity Ownership Certificate, with the attached Declaration of Will, based on 25 years of study of the spiritual and material realms, the knowledge brought into this incarnation, and the countless forays into the morphogenetic field.

We have therefore incorporated all our knowledge in the spiritual, intellectual, private commercial and thus commercial law areas – in purity, truth and love for the benefit of all beings.

Our intention is neither to overthrow the system, as it has a right to exist for the individuals involved in it, nor do we want to gain access to the collateral capital linked to the natural person, the famous Collateral account.

We would like to emphasize this again clearly.

Our goal is not to fight, but to consciously accept our rights given to us by the Supreme Source of All Being.

Only purity, truth and love in peace can be the way out of a system based on lies, fighting and deceit. That is what Kininigen stands for.


What is the

Ama-gi koru-É
Kininigen Trust

Fiduciary League

Ama-gi koru-É Kininigen

The Kininigen Treuhandbund is a trust organization of purely private contract law, exclusively for sovereigns and outside of jus and lex.

Living, intellectual and moral beings of reason, who are able to Person because they fully recognized WHAT and WHO they are. The Kininigen Trust Association acts as a trustee for the values of sovereigns and offers them a protected space and a level for their being through Kininigen.

The Kininigen plain and the Autonomous Land Kininigen are subject only to the highest, the True Law, which is based on the cosmic principles and follows the guidelines of the Supreme Source of All Being and pure Love.

Nothing less has permanence and access therein.

It opens up free self-determination and sovereignty to all non-digital beings joining the Kininigen level.

The following guidelines, the maxim, are intended to be the verbal basis for actions for those people and beings who go there of their own free will.

Maxime are the highest rules of life to which one commits oneself voluntarily, based on one's inner striving.

Anyone who enters the Kininigen space and plane is directly subject to the protection of the Supreme Source of All Being and must orient themselves towards and continually strive for the highest moral values.

Dishonor, fraud or violation of our maxims will result in automatic exclusion from this level and a return to the legal system in which the person was previously.

On 09 September 2021 the Autonomous Land Kininigen proclaimed. It is the first and only country in a long time, free from maritime and commercial law.

Raised from the bottom of the sea Servitude discarded, free and sovereign for the benefit of all beings on this and all levels. Leading the earth back to its origins.

What does the name actually mean?

This question inevitably arises and thus we explain the origin.


The ancient Sumerian word ama-gi (𒂼𒂼), is today referred to as "freedom" or "public
Debt forgiveness". Literally, it can be translated as "return to the mother"(Mother Earth). This refers to the freedom that came to those in debt bondage due to a publicly proclaimed debt forgiveness. Often members of indebted families were returned to the creditor and his family, so to speak.
pledged and could after a debt forgiveness to her family, or mother,

Since Gaia is the "mother" earth for all beings living on it, it fits especially well for us.


koru/kuru: Sumerian for protect, shelter, protected


Sumerian for temple, house, piece of land


 In the Sumerian language the word would be broken down to:

Planet Earth, Location 𒂼
Queen, Mistress, Sovereign 𒂼𒂼
Door, Entrance, Passage
The time, mysterious/magical background/setting (enigmatic background)

Kininigen thus stands for a "shield". A shield to protect the people of this earth from the beings that do not act for the benefit of humans.

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Freedom In Peace And Love

The word Kininigen

is handed down in the "Emerald Tablets of Thoth", the Atlantean, and represents a protection for the people who are incarnated on Earth. To understand exactly, here is the quote from the book:

The Kingdom of Shadows was that vibrational octave into which were brought those who had come up from a lower cosmic cycle when the gate was opened by man. This was in the third or Polarian cycle, and those who delved into the darkness were men who loved material power rather than devote their lives to spiritual things. The entities they brought forth were formless as only consciousness was brought up and then bodies had to be formed on that plane.

Separated from their cosmic consciousness and its creative power - like the elementals - they could not connect with this cycle because they had not developed their primordial arcs. Only through the will of man and the withdrawal of life force from blood could they take form.

The masters drove most of them back through the lower gate, but there were some who remained in the place that had been built for them. They came out only when their name was called and a blood sacrifice was offered. They took the appearance of man, but their real appearance was the body of a man or woman with a serpent's head.
They could erect a mesmerizing glow around themselves, giving the appearance of looking human.

This is the reason for the belief in the hypnotic power of the snake.

They took on the forms of leaders who had been secretly killed, and gradually they and the people who had created them took control of the nations. They really looked quite like humans, but there was one word they could not utter.

This was taught to men by the masters, and it became the law that every man who held an office should be had to speak this word before the people once per lunar month. If he could not, he was killed. Thus they were driven from their places among the people and slowly forgotten, however, some still exist in their own place without being able to enter our world, because the people have forgotten the rites with which one can call them. The word was: KININIGEN.