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Allod or The world of the small Single celled

This time turn we join a doctrine, which has been propagated more and more loudly in commercial circles for some time.

First of all, of course, I would like to say that I respect and honor everyone who is looking for a way out of this madhouse with true intention and a pure heart. I don't think there's any other way to put it...

Two years ago, I already about this issue, discussed with a wise man, but he could not hear my words, because he said I am like behind a cloud wall for him, with the things I said.

At that time I would never have thought that there would be so many followers of this teaching.


Addendum and update 01.04.2021:
The article has been online less than 10 hours and we're already getting the wildest reactions to it.
The purpose of these words is not to offend anyone, but to point something out.
Those for whom these words trigger these reactions should go into themselves and ask themselves Why they react like that to what's written? What is it that is responding?

If all of this written here is bunk, then why this violent reaction that is being triggered?
We are all here in a construct designed to deceive the incarnate to remain in this illusion. I know the deception and the admission of being deceived hurts. But it is not a fault in oneself to have been deceived.

It is strength of character to admit and correct your mistake and part of the journey.
If there are any mistakes in my words, I ask for proof of what is wrong with the explanations. Otherwise, it only remains for me to say that we, the free organic beings, are here to find a solution together in order to be completely free again.

First of all I would like to ask the reader to forgive me my sarcasm, which now and then very clearly appears here in this contribution. However, my tolerance threshold for movements that, according to my findings, harm the living, spiritually moral beings of reason, is very low by now.

Firstly, because the world is full of them, and secondly, because time is running out. And when I see these beings marching like lemmings towards an abyss, it is hard for me to hold back. This movement has a few right elements, but a few essential points where it harms rather than helps the people who use it. Why, I hope will become clear to the worthy reader of these lines, at the end of the contribution.

I ask you to examine my words and use the precious gift of understanding and discernment that is ours to each of us and make up your own mind. The world is full of deceptions. That is what it lives on. Therefore, it is best to always question everything and always read all information with a "gut feeling". 

"No man is free who is not master of himself."

Mattihas Claudius

In commerce, which we already know to be a subverted doctrine... enttarnt there is a grouping that belongs to the doctrine of the unicellular organisms. It is about the allod which then refers to the zygote, as "the smallest material fact of incarnation", to the procreation and fertilization. NOT to conception, as a claim is made.

Because that "is an alleged red line for the snake", beyond which it cannot go, because it says "what the great Creator (? the English term Creator was probably untranslated into German) has created, I cannot get at it as a snake" because procreation/fertilization is a divine act.

Why, the one before is supposedly divine and the following is not, however, is not explained.

This single cell, the zygote, is... supposedly the "one true beginning."

So dear reader, we are going full speed ahead on a journey of reduction of divinely empowered beings incarnated as [human] beings and down into the fleshly matter of the 3D plane.

Through the act of birth, the snake can then supposedly lay claim to my genetic material because I left behind the afterbirth, the placenta.

This doctrine of the allod and the zygote was founded, as far as I know, by Kurtis Kallenbach - he is, so to speak, the head unicellularist of the unicellular fraction.

Well... What is the zygote? For this we take again the "good" Wikipedia to hand and read there first of all what the mainstream says about it.



Opinion mainstream

Quote from



"A zygote is a eukaryotic diploid Cell used in sexual reproduction by merging two haploid gametes (Gametes) arises - mostly from a Egg (female) and a Sperm (male). This union of the gametes, which also involves the two Nuclei merge with each other (Karyogamy), is referred to as Insemination. From the zygote develops in most living beings through multiple mitotic cell divisions, a diploid organism emerges. In the further course - sooner or later - occurs in some cells through Meiosis the transition from the diploid to the haploid state, in which gametes are eventually formed again."

Allod and zygote father Kurtis Kallenbach

Kurtis Kallenbach refers in his Allod teaching to the Golden Section and the Fibonacci sequence, the divine act of creation of conception. That may be all and after this pattern, the matrix of this world, in which we are here on the 3D plane, is also built so. Averything in it, also the zygote and every radish and also everything else that the flora and fauna has to offer, is subject to this mathematical structure. The numerical codes, however, and the "sacred" cut is nothing other than the construction manual of the matrix - the matrix that holds us captive.

Like the construction manual of a car or the architectural plan of a house.

No more, no less. So it is still no reason to proclaim oneself as a part of a blueprint just because the eternal consciousness has decided or is forced to dwell in the model following this blueprint.

So if we look at this clearly and relate the statement of the unicellular/zygote faction, it is like a car buyer pleading that he is the car.

He reduces himself to a material object which he later takes possession of and firmly believes that he is this collection of material atoms just because he has decided to drive it for a while.

So if we continue with our example. A zygote can be compared to the first nut and bolt, which are put together and form a connection, from which a complete vehicle gradually emerges, which the buyer, the later owner - (just as the consciousness in the soul can do with the body) can test-drive. He can also theoretically, without it being painted or the windows being in, test drive it and get out again until the vehicle is completed (just as it happens with the physical body through the consciousness, through the soul before birth).

But if at some point now the car buyer stands up and says I am the car because I own (occupy) it, then in normal life he would be diagnosed with a mental disorder. Because just because he drives it for a while, and then leaves, doesn't make him the car.

In various religions, the date of entry of the soul is considered to be on the body, an approx. 40 day period after the zygote/fertilization is called - what is also coherent, because the same period of time is valid for the death. A soul remains according to the legends, 40 days on the body until this then completely leaves the plane of the 3D in the normal case.

However, this factor is irrelevant for the being of things. A material cell comes into being IN time, it acts and works according to the rules ruling here on 3D - that the soul is not subject to the time ruling here makes no difference neither for the soul nor for the cell. The cell goes its way of development and the soul watches it, tries the product out of its development and accepts it... or not - which then leads to the abortion, if the consciousness in the soul, for some reason, does not incarnate.

It is exactly the same with the zygote. It is the laying of the foundation stone of a house, which the soul later inhabits for a time. After a certain time, the soul - the container of eternal and perfect consciousness, as a part of the Supreme Source of All Being, leaves this house. This material container, which it filled with life for a period of time, and at some point goes to another house, in which it then again dwells for a time.

A free-thinking person does not stop where chance pushes him.

Heinrich von Kleist

The zygote, strictly speaking, does not even belong to the consciousness that is making a journey here through the soul and which we are. For this plane in which we find ourselves is subject to a dominion of beings with whom we enter into contracts to be here. Contracts of use. Whether this domination is legitimate or not is another issue.

So we get a vehicle on their level called a body and move in the system installed on 3D. We use it and through the creations of our mind and the drawing of energy out of us, we pay the price for this good, which we are allowed to use down here according to the contracts that have been made.

The question is asked in the allod, "Who do I belong to? Do I belong to myself?"

One can only ask this question if one is in the belief that one is matter. For it would be important to define beforehand what this "I" is.

I, for example, can only say what I am, and most likely you, dear reader of these lines, are also the same (unless you belong to the other side, which is not completely organic, or connected to it by contracts):

I, am NOT my body.

I, am NOT matter.

I AM the I AM. The eternal perfect spark, the eternal consciousness, from the perfect Supreme Source of All Being.

And just because I dive down into the depths of the matter of the 3D and put on a diving suit in the form of a body for this purpose, I am NOT the diving suit.

I am and remain, this eternal perfect spark of the original source. Who was merely made forgotten down here.

So, if one clearly reflects and is conscious of being an eternal, perfect and immortal part of the Supreme Source of All Being, can one be a single-celled organism on the 3D material plane? Can he reduce himself in such a way? It is in his free will to do so yes, however the 3D plane has been manipulated and when a perfect part of the Supreme Source is made to reduce itself to something single and discard its divinity, the principle happens:


"Thy will be done"


The being behind it, in the fervor of believing in it, puts its power down.... and that is exactly the goal, of the beings ruling the matrix. Not just forgetting who and what we are, confusing us. No. They want us to reduce ourselves and to think of ourselves as matter, unimportant and low.

In their statement, the single-celled organisms say: "They are one with God and at the same time they say they're the one who Zygote."

They say you are the undivided one, because you cannot be undivided. As far as I know, our problem is not that we are divided, but rather that several people (masks) are put on us.

The explanation here is that the serpent offers us a second beginning - the date of birth.

And this is where we get to the crux of the matter. This is exactly what happens with the zygote. Once again, a reversal happens. The serpent offers a second beginning! One that reduces consciousness into matter and takes away legal capacity.

The zygote date Sync and corrections by n17t01 the offer of the snake and to which the "snake" can then refer.

Offer and willing, implied acceptance of contract to discard actual divinity.

Of course, the system surrounding us need the date of birth. They need the name and the date of birth. They work with it because they have taken it from us, through the registration of the baby by the parents at the office and booking the license for the use of the name.

Birth and time

Date of birth and the Time

The date of birth does not tell anything other than the marker on the timeline about the exit from the mother's body.

A date of birth on the date of the zygote - As the fertilization, is not possible. A zygote is not and cannot be a birth. A zygote is the coming together of two physical blueprints into one.

Nothing else.

Birth is clearly defined as the exit from the womb of the mother as a living and viable being. No fertilization, no conception.

A birth is a birth.

Note: The following picture credits of the sources, were taken from old encyclopedias and books. Since very many can no longer read the old German script, I have taken the trouble and typed them. And in fact in exactly the spelling, which was led in the book in the original to preserve the authenticity.

This note is provided as an instruction manual, so to speak, regarding reports of "funny spelling" or "spelling errors" contained therein.

"Birth - that performance of the female body by which the fruit, with the parts belonging to it, is expelled from the womb by means of certain natural forces."

Mayer's Encyclopedia of Conversation

Zedler, Johann Heinrich - Large Complete Universal Encyclopedia 1732
Dictionary Köbler Gerhard

Source: Germanic dictionary and the Gothic dictionary to a new unit for the time before 500, with 17742 approaches.

*burdi-, *burdiz, germ., st. m. (i), st. f. (i): nhd. carrying (N.), birth; ne. pregnancy, birth; RB.: an., ae., afries., as., ahd.; Vw.: s. *ga-; E.: s. idg. *bʰer- (1), V., to carry, bring, Pokorny 128; W.: an. bur-ð-r, st. m. (i), burden, birth, offspring; W.: ae. byr-d (1), st. F. (i), st. N. (a), birth; W.: afries. berd-e* (1) 30, berth-e (1), F., birth, fruit; W.: afries. ber-th-e (2) 11, ber-d-e (2), st. F. (i), burden, load; W.: as. *bur-d?, st. F. (i); W.: ahd. burt* (1) 2, st. F. (i), shape, being, birth; mhd. burt, F., descent, birth, the born; fnhd. burt, F., birth, DW 2, 552; L.: Falk/Torp 261, Seebold 105, EWAhd 2, 472 *burþi-, *burþiz, germ. st. f. (i): nhd. borne, birth, child; ne. birth, child; RB.: got., an., ae.; E.: cf. idg. *bʰer- (1), v., to carry, bring, Pokorny 128; w.: got. *baúr-þ-s (2), st. f. (i); W.: an. byr-ð, st. f. (i), birth, sex, status; W.: ae. beor-þor, st. n. (a), birth, child; L.: Seebold 105. *gaburdi-, *gaburdiz, germ. st. m. (i), st. f. (i): nhd. to bear, birth; ne. birth; RB.: ae., as, ahd.; E.: s. *ga-, *burdi-; W.: ae. ge-byr-d (1), st. F. (i), st. N. (a), birth; W.: as. gi-bur-d 7, st. F. (i), birth, origin; mnd. gebort, birth, F., N.?, birth; W.: ahd. giburt (1) 143, st. F. (i), birth, generation, creation, origination; mhd. geburt, st. F., birth, delivery, born, offspring; nhd. birth, F., birth, giving birth, being born, DW 4, 1902; L.: Seebold 105, Kluge s. u. Geburt"

Subsequently, the allod is passionately invoked. Believing that the beings and their acting hand on 3D - the actor Vatican, left something unoccupied here. The Vatican explainedas already mentioned in the article The collateral account is a debt and not a credit balancealready centuries ago everything to his possession. It is claimed that in daily life everything is maritime and commercial law, that you only have to go back to land law.

Well... EVERYTHING, just about everything that (was) to be found here on Gaia was occupied - including the land.

Does anyone seriously believe, in view of the perfection in which the system surrounding us has been worked out - and it has been brought with us here to this planet, that a law of the land has been overlooked?

Really Now?

The Germanic word Alod


The old Germanic word, Alod, denotes a loss, and is closely related in meaning to the word, sors (sors barbarica), which we have found again among the Germanic peoples in the Roman provinces; and if we find Alod as the designation of perfect property, which exercised the highest influence on the difference between free and non-free people, this already indicates that that word itself, like the difference between free and non-free, is only a consequence of conquest.

Allod, Zygote

Jacob Venedey in his book "Romanism and Germanism Transformation of Slavery" 1840


"Allodium from the old German Od, Gut and All) originally a common property or Volksgut, i.e. a property which has been handed over by the entire Volksgemeinschaft to the individual citizen and is possessed by him according to the Volksgesetze with certain rights and duties..."


"The Germanic peoples distributed or lost the land and soil of the countries they had conquered and taken possession of among their free men. The leaders and kings received larger, the remaining freemen smaller shares..."


Mayer's Encyclopedia of Conversation


"Allodification, the case of what is called feudal appropriation (transfer of the rights of the feudal lord to the vassal). in which the feudal lord gives the vassal transfers the feudal estate to full ownership. The rights of the agnate cannot be violated by the allodification; rather, they are thereby renewed in the form of fideicommissarial succession rights."

"Allodification, by the way, can occur, legally considered, only when, besides the vassal, there is a lack of entitled persons or when their consent has been given. It is customary against payment of a quantum of compensation or of a annual canonwhich shall be based on the assessed value of the property."

Mayer's Encyclopedia of Conversation


Doesn't sound very desirable to become a vassal.

Allode, Allodium, is an old German and Celtic word, which with them meant so much as a paternal hereditary estate.

Zedler, Johann Heinrich - Large Complete Universal Encyclopedia 1732
Alod - Allod
Hübner, Johann - Hand dictionary 1825

Allodium, hereditary property free from feudal obligations and succession.

Right there is the magic word - it's REAL!

Roman law impresses me again and again in the respect that with those everything is defined most exactly. Even who can actually inherit. A zygote, however, according to Roman law and the exact definitions there, is nothing that can inherit. Thus also no allodization of something can take place.

Gn accordance with Roman law, only those are capable of inheritance who were brought into the world alive and mature - who could make a sound and are capable of life. For without this precisely defined vitality, there is also no legal capacity. Ohre legal capacity no inheritance. For the capacity to inherit falls under the legal capacity.

No ifs, ands, or buts.

Here follows some evidence.

There is a certain period of pregnancy before the expiration of which a live birth sometimes occurs, but in such a way that a child can live at most a few hours or days. Because of this incapacity to continue life for a longer period of time all legal capacity must be completely denied to it, even for the short time in which it actually lives.

...A child may be born alive as early as the 182nd day after its conception....

Several passages of Roman law say quite definitely that in this state the child is not yet a human being, that it has no existence in itself, but is to be regarded only as a part of the mother's body.

The beginning of natural legal capacity is conditioned by birth, that is, by the complete separation of a living human being from its mother.

Only after this preparation is it possible to break down the above concept of true birth into its elements:

  1. Separation from the mother
  2. Complete separation
  3. Life of the born after complete separation
  4. Human nature of the same

These four conditions of natural legal capacity are the only ones that can be asserted under our positive law.

...that a child born alive but earlier than usual has no legal capacity if it dies immediately after birth....

... has its reason, and on the contrary, every child born alive must be ascribed full legal capacity....

The natural beginning of legal capacity has been determined to be the time of completed birth.

... in that it can have neither property, nor claims, nor debts; since it is therefore not a person....

Friedrich Carl von Savigny - History of Roman Law in the Middle Ages 1840
Rudolf von Holzschuher - Theory and Casuistry of Common Civil Law Handbook for Practitioners 1857

3) What is required for an individual to be considered legally competent?

Being with human form, at least with human head, born of the female, by complete separation from the mother, brought to independent life.

4) How is the concept of monstrum distinguished from what one is wont to call a freak?

Only a being created contra formam humani generis (monstrum) has no legal capacity....

Rudolf von Holzschuher - Theory and Casuistry of Common Civil Law e. Handbook for Practitioners 1857

5) In order to attribute legal capacity to the partus, is its vitality also required?

... denies legal capacity only to the abortus. The abortus, however, or the foetus displaced from the uterus by harmful influences before its maturity, is, in distinction from premature and precocious birth, such a foetus which, separated from the mother as immature, is not able to live at all.

Exactly the same as our zygote...

Matthiae, C. - Controversial Dictionary of Roman Law 1856

Roman law now accepted, in favorem partus et matrimonii, the opinion of physicians and naturalists favorable to the woman and the child as the correct one, and based the law on it. It thus fixed the date of 182 days for the recognition of viable premature births. Every child born on and after the 182nd day since the wedding, which is born alive, is therefore considered a viable child. In the same way, every viable child who remains alive and is born after the 181st day and before the end of the tenth month is considered a premature child.

Rudolf von Holzschuher - Theory and Casuistry of Common Civil Law e. Handbook for Practitioners 1857

...reckoned from the time of the marriage, as having been produced in that marriage. These provisions must therefore apply as authoritative even now in all cases where inheritance rights, paternity, and the legitimacy of the child are to be decided....

...Therefore, if a woman gives birth to a viable, surviving child on the 182nd day after her marriage, it is considered a legitimate child by legal presumption....

The Prussian land law is quite different. It sets the shortest term at 210 days after the first married cohabitation, and discharges the child born on the 210th day after the marriage as legitimate....


...this is to be understood from the beginning of the seventh month, and as thirty days are reckoned for a month; so it takes 180 days for the earliest period from the birth to the birth of the child....

Rudolf von Holzschuher - Theory and Casuistry of Common Civil Law e. Handbook for Practitioners 1857
Rudolf von Holzschuher - Theory and Casuistry of Common Civil Law e. Handbook for Practitioners 1857

So, when people refer to the date of the zygote, which is clearly NOT viable without the womb of the mother and also does not make a sound canLet alone that it could ripen in the womb of the mother for 182 days, which is quite clearly a requirement that was put forward even by Hippocrates, those who claim to be allod zygotes can definitely not claim anything. Under Roman law.which is still undisputed today and is also scrupulously observed - without telling us, these people are deliberately depriving themselves of their heritage.

Because what allod does someone want to claim, if he is clearly not capable of inheriting ANYTHING at all. So, in my opinion, the serpent really comes on the scene here and brings people through this act, to weave themselves even deeper into this material matrix, into this prison.

But back to allod. There is no longer any land that is free of feud, which can be inherited or inherited.

Apart from the fact that Slaveswhose status has been assigned to us anyway can not inherit anything.

Thus, the action of the allod on Zygote is also just another Imkrice run. Again.

The Vatican exclaimed that the whole earth, everything on it, the human being, his body, his belongings and his soul, that all this belongs to him. Our system is based on the "silence is consent" principle. If I don't revoke it, it holds. For several hundred years.

And now please don't anyone come to me with the argument - "Yes then I also proclaim something and then it applies."

The Vatican has acquired a different position in the past than a little hobo whose conceptual capacity is incapable of grasping the scope of this unchallenged proclamation, which is thus still valid today. And whoever claims "Roman law no longer applies to us..."I can only recommend the study of ancient Roman law. You will be amazed at what still applies exactly as it did back then.

I am sorry to be the bearer of this news.

But there is no longer any free land law for you to invoke.

All the laws and statutes or any rights. Forget it. None of this is in the interest of [man] and never has been.

We have been declared slaves by the Vatican and what keeps us in that slave status?

It's the name we use.

As long as we use the name we've thought of as our own all our lives...we remain the Vatican's declared serfs and slaves.

Also, the people who make the Allod Proclamation invoke that one is the Authorized representative of the name? Really? From the name that is considered property of the Vatican/state to which one belongs and which is subject to its law. How does it work? When did the system give the person-using entity behind it, that authority? Because the name does not belong to us, the system has copyrighted this name of the NP in the form of the birth certificate. So which copyright wants to be claimed there and on what basis?

There also the hair-splitting of Urhab and Urheb is of no use anymore or the I-connect-now-everything-I-have-to-connect-somehow-with-binding-lines-so-that-it-becomes-true-according-to-someone's-statement tactic.

It will never save you the form or the knowledge of every word down to the smallest detail (which is of course really good, because words are magic with which we are manipulated), it is the attitude of the sovereign behind it and that he has recognized what he really is - so not a single-celled organism from which a collection of further cells emerges that sees its beginning in a cell. It is the cancellation of certain contracts and also of the soul contracts, which influence us whether we like it or not in our further incarnations. In addition, there are the burdens of the ancestral lines, because out of love we take on tasks that are not ours. As I said, this system what is practiced here on earth is very well thought out and effective. The form supports.

I don't like to judge, but after seeing some of these proclamations, I'm honestly not surprised anymore that so-called authorities who receive these confused letters don't take anyone who comes from a similar background seriously and consider them to be lunatics. People? Have you looked at your letters yourselves? Because of all the capitals, colons and hyphens you don't even know where to look. Honestly, would you take something like that seriously? Didn't you ever have doubts?


Matthiae, C. - Controversial Dictionary of Roman Law 1856

Also, the placenta, is clearly not the property of the new man. It is a component necessary for the pregnancy, out of the mother. From her and her body this was formed, from her absorbed and created energy, which she also makes available to the offspring in love.

Through the act of birth, the snake can then supposedly lay claim to my genetic material because I am left with the afterbirth, the placenta, and therefore I must lay claim to the zygote, it is said.

However, it is not quite right. The placenta consists not only of my genetic material, but also of the genetic material of the mother. Actually the genetic material mixes of the child even with the mother, consequently the allod would then also have to be extended to the mother?


The placenta is not an organ of the mother, as the name would suggest. The placenta and the membranes are 98 percent child tissue and of child origin. Both placenta and embryo develop on the genetic basis of both parents. But while in the child quite diverse structures, different tissues and organs and especially inner spaces differentiate, the placenta develops outside the child's womb into a uniform organ oriented towards its environment. As a universal organ, so to speak, the placenta assumes a variety of functions: those of the lungs, the kidneys, the liver, the endocrine glands, the formation of heat and the child's digestive system - functions, in other words, that are later fulfilled by the child's internal organs. At the same time, the placenta mediates in this task - both connecting and delimiting - between the maternal and the child's organism. In this way it makes a very decisive contribution to the success of the child's development and growth.


Here one could philosophize, which energy made it possible to create the placenta? The energy from and through the mother, forms the embryo and the shell, the placenta around it out of her body. So how can I claim that the placenta, which my mother's womb formed, belongs to me, when I did not create it, but it was created at the same time as me?

She and her energy created it, in her body, with her energy with the addition of the father's genetics. Isn't it more like the mother's property? Just because I lived in a house for a while doesn't automatically make it mine after ten months, just because I gave them the blueprint for it. But we don't want to get lost in it.

This circumstance is explained by the unconsciousness of the mother, because she did not make the claim.


Thibaut - System of the Pandecte Law 1823
Thibaut - System of the Pandecte Law 1823



Whose is it anyway?

Chronos/Saturn. The god who ate his children.

There is also the claim of time. Let it be our time, my time! This can often be heard in the arguments.

Well, as I said, this plane has been hijacked and so has time. It is a part of this plane, a part of this construct, a part of this matrix, which is built this way, whether you like it or not.

One is subject to it just as one is subject to gravity. It thus belongs to the beings who have the present dominion over it. They "allow" us to use this time given to us in the contract in the body which is also based on the hijacked principles, since it consists of the hijacked substance of this matrix. Recall again the example of the car.

It's sort of the loaner car that we took under contract, drive it for a while and leave it at some point - to take a trip. The duration of the contract was fixed beforehand. The price is our creative power and the generated energy - for 4 D and so - the life energy, for 3D - the money or other material things.

The allod/zygote approach is like (you'll notice I like to work with visual examples to help you understand) a house with a plot of land, on it a few cows, a dog, trees, shrubs, flowers..... imagine all of that as your imagination takes you.

After you've imagined it beautifully and colored it in with lots of detail,'s taken away from you.

This is the status we are all currently in our personal bondage to.

And so, according to the Allod/Zygote procedure. there and demands the door of the house and the cup with the pink flower back there in the kitchen cupboard. What about the rest? But at the same time you affirm your submissive covenant with the very being who took all this from you, or whose henchman was supposed to do it on his behalf.

The Allod followers say that claiming the hereditary property, is the simple thing that no one has thought of and done before. It isn't. We did that as Kininigen Sovereigns and even more.

And we are not only asking for the said "door and the cup". So only the hereditary property. No. We proclaim who and what we are and demand ALLES back - the entire property with everything on it (as far as possible on 3D) and overlapping to the other levels, our entire energetic belongings down to the smallest detail.

This is what distinguishes the way of Kininigen from the way of Allod, and this is the way of Kininigen.

Ah yes... the "dear" God and his covenant.

Dhe bible lets something slip through now and then. One could say that the church has overlooked this, but I think it is rather because it was left standing. In order to preserve and apply the sacred cosmic law of free will, which these beings stretch beyond recognition, this passage was left standing.

Because that's how these beings can always relate to it, to the species:

"Hey, we told you so! It was in "your holy" book the whole time! We can't help it that you didn't understand that".

This is the way they work.



Bible Quote

Gospel of Luke

Chapter 4

5 Then the devil brought him up (to a mountain), and showed him in a single moment all the kingdoms of the earth. 6 And he said to him, All the power and glory of these kingdoms will I give to thee; for they are left to me, and I give them to whom I will. 7 If thou wilt bow down thyself before me, and worship me, all shall be thine.

Has any reader of this chapter ever wondered how the devil could have made this offer to Jesus in the first place, unless this 3D world belongs to him?

HE is the God of this earth and plain.

He came to this dominion through deception, but he is still the ruler. For this reason, the Catholic Church also exterminated the Gnostics. Because they named it clearly, what or who is the God of this plane.

Thus, if I, as an allodial claimant, refer in my expression of will to the covenant with this GodCALLI legitimize this being and all its contracting parties and vicarious agents to do what they do here on earth and with me. It is then free will - manipulated indeed, but nevertheless. So they escape the consequences, the consequences of their doing. They are then taken over by the one who legitimizes them. You take over by implied consent, the "karmic" consequences for this doing which they are doing here with us.

These beings thus get rid of themselves through your free will, the consequences which they normally would have had to bear themselves (at some point). This is how they work - and exactly this is the drive of the teaching of karma and the eso scene with the motto "We are here to learn". If you agree to this, then you have accepted their consequences. For "Thy will be done".

Because to refer to the fact that one could not know that, you can not. It is even, as I said, quite openly readable in the Bible, the most printed and best-selling book in the world.

This is also the reason why we at Kininigen only refer to the Highest Source of All Being and do not use the term "God" and if we do, then only according to our definition, which excludes this/these being(s).

The Supreme Source of All Being, this is the True Origin of the perfect spark that we are. There is no being, which the Gnostics called a freak, which lives here from the torments produced, because at some point it split off from the Supreme Source of All Being, no longer had access to this infinite energy and thus needed another. She and her entourage, or the already enslaved and therefore working for her races, found it in us. And we're not the first planet and first race they've practiced this on. That's why they're so effective.

We are their source of energy from which they live (Disney's Monster AG illustrates it wonderfully, for example - here, too, no one can claim not to have known about it).

The stewards of this earth, had woven everything tightly together. There was no way out. Until a new level was opened. This was also confirmed by various sources independently of each other, without knowledge of it, again and again since September 2020.

Somit lieber Leser entscheide Dich, hier sind wir nun am Ende dieses Beitrages und ich bitte nochmals um Verzeihung, für meinen leidenschaftlichen Sarkasmus oder die Rechtschreibfehler die mir sicherlich durchgerutscht sind.

We are all in a turning point. Everyone will have to decide which path and which timeline they will choose.

So make up your mind.

What do you want to be?

Remember that you are perfect and perfect, just as a part of the perfect and perfect, Highest Source of All Being, and now you are just spending a little while in the material, low density?

Recognize your true greatness and perfection and your inherent creative power?

Or a single-celled organism bound to 3D and haunted by decay, but with its allod on it? Who is eternally doomed not to be able to leave the Samsara wheel.

Who has an interest in so reducing the divine beings that inhabit the bodies here on 3D? Who is served by this train of thought? Who is served by this allod doctrine?

The Supreme Source of All Being and you and I, as a part of it, certainly do not.

So what do you want to be?

One cell or the perfect and immortal part of what you are that simply inhabits many cells sometime and somewhere?

Remember your origin and your true being.

Addendum and update 03.04.2021:

We now KNOW that the Allod Movement, even in its root to the "inventor" Kurtis Kallenbach, who received this information - knowingly or unknowingly - from a being who has the interest and objective of keeping beings on Earth in captivity and sending them in the direction opposite to freedom.

You could say the snake - to stay with the terminology of this movement.

One picks up in this way, so to speak, the awakened and directs them and their energy and direction in the desired, channeled direction. Also, we are now aware of some extremely dishonorable things that have been done to get our information, which are not only unworthy of any man, woman, even persons and especially private commerce, who always scream for honor, in the highest degree and thus dishonorable!

Every living, spiritually moral being of reason, which has already drawn up this deed, can use its free will and its inherent creator power to remedy this error. You do not need anyone but yourselves to do this either. Use your own creative power.


Just listen deep inside yourself.

Ask your ego to be still in love, even if it only wants to protect you from its point of view and dive into your inner knowing.

Do not listen to us, do not listen to the "salesmen" of this movement, listen only to your inner knowing.

This will show you the way.


Our intention is not to "poach" anyone, or "take business away" or whatever.

Our driving force and advantage is truth and purity. 

When I see my human brothers and sisters walking into a trap, it is my duty and my honorable allegiance to the truth to at least point out that trap to them.

So that they can then decide for themselves.
The decision then made or not made, is their free will and choice of path.

Also the attacks on our web page and the "interest" which we experience by remote viewers and other "visitors", honor and confirm us in our doing, however, we point out that these actions, as announced and recorded, have consequences.


Update 07.04.2021

We had to mirror and relink the article, because otherwise these strange "errors" in the article could not be fixed, which made this article disappear again and again, as well as links, pictures and text passages there, due to the attacks on our website.


Freedom is the right to tell others what they don't want to hear.

In order to be truly free in this world with its system, one must discard the borrowed person and cancel the contracts.

It is hereby noted that all rights are reserved to everything found on this site and subject to the order of the Decided Terms of Ama-gi koru-E Kininigen. If someone distributes our knowledge, it would be honourable if he also names the source of this knowledge, which has not been found anywhere else, and does not bring it into the world as his own knowledge in order to enrich his status with it.

Otherwise, we are grateful for the distribution of this knowledge, in the sense of every being.